The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 9

They stare at each other and Mason couldn’t waste time in kissing Alicia. The crowd went wild. Pictures of them were taken.

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 9

Episode 9

Mason pov
I acquired up and snap pix of her. Gosh, I’m so lucky to have her. I kiss her forehead and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I put up her pictures on IG. Caption: the female she's my little world. I love you lot Erica . I put my smartphone down and fry the egg quickly. I make tomatoes souce and fry egg. After few minutes it was ready. I checked the submit and it has reached 10millions likes and 10millions comments. Imagine posting my own pictures, it can’t reach this far. See how you beat me into the recreation huh?

I serve the meals on and lift it to the room. I’m glad the room is sound proof. I kiss her and went to the fridge to take a park of milk out. I put it in the glass and carry it to the room. She opened her eyes lightly and close it back. Hey honey wake up . I said. Arrgh, I just choose to have you in my arms. But you have to consume up . I informed her. Fine , just one minute she said. OK , I lay on the bed and she kinda hug me. I hug her returned and kiss her. She got up. Your shower first , I informed her. Did you bathe before me?she asks and I nodded. But , I’m gonna bath you . I told her and she smiled. 

I raise her to the bathroom and lay her in the tub and soak her with warm water and went back to the room. I modified the bed cover and the sheet. I went back and met her smiling. Still ready for you she stated winking at me. OK , I said. I put the shower gel on her slippery body and start to use my fingers to wash her body. She chuckled and I shake my head. Tell me. I like your touch she said. You’re very naughty. I informed her. Onlyh around you she stated kissing me leaving foam on my mouth. You seem to be like a Santa she said chuckling. She took the foam and put it on my mouth. Gosh, I consume foam , I stated and she commenced to chortle the hell outta herself. Oh no , you didn’t simply do that , I stated inserting it on her hair. She gasped and looked at me. Before I knew it . the shower gel was on me. She laugh. I guess you’re going to have a heat bathe with me. I smiled mischievously as I enter and start to roam my arms on her naked body making her to moan.

Mason, she called. Yeah love. I answered her.
You comprehend that I love you right?she asks and I nodded. OK…… she replied. I kiss her lightly and she deepened the kiss. I desired to withdraw when she pull me by using the neck. I chuckled below my kiss. You can’t depart me like that Hon. Fine , you win, I said. She climb on me and made me raise her out of the tub and made us stand beneath the shower. She turned the shower on nonetheless hork on me . The water begin to fall on us. She wrapped her arms round my neck and start to kiss me deep. The kiss used to be sooooo, I don’t know. The bathroom was fill with moans and groans. 

Mr Dela Cruz has already stand up. Her palms made way to him. She rub her fingers on it smoothly. I groaned. I kiss her nipples .
She moan. I lifted her up and pin her to the wall. Mr Dela Cruz, has already made his way through making her to scream the loudest.


After having breakfast, we went into the studio to rehearsal. You’re desirable without even rehearsing. Your voice is very great, I informed her. She smiled. My cellphone ring and I pick it up. OK , I said putting up. What is it?she asks me.
The backup dancer is prepared . I told her. OK , she said shaking up.


She was already gown up so was I. Umm, let’s go she said. I intertwined her palms with mine like I was not letting her go. I like your trend experience . I told her. She smiled and I opened the door. She obtained in the auto and I followed at the back of her. The driver enter so as the guard who drives in the back of us. She squeeze her arms in mine and kiss my cheeks. So , you’re simply going to kiss my cheek only? I asks her. Yep , she said popping the p. I look out aspect of the car. Looks like it gonna rain tonight, I said chuckling. She gasped. Mason? Yeah babe , I answered her. What are you planning on doing tonight? She asks me. Nothing Hon. OK , she stated . I assume we need to try sound asleep in separate room tonight, I said. She gasped again. Babe , she called. What are you trying to say?she asks. Just tben the driver stop .

I got down and start to run away from her. Babe , come here . she said strolling after me. We each neglect that we was once surrounded by way of paparazzi. When we cease we noticed alllll of the shock. I suggest they freeze with their mouth open. She look at me and I look at her. Run!!!! I shouted walking with her in the hall. Gosh, you’re lifeless meat she stated hitting me playfully. Awww, they are so cute. See how she hit him. On my ,see how he smiled with her. Look ,see the way he seem to be at her. With ardour and love. The pleasant love crew ever. They’re soooooo sweet. How they managed to enter? I whispered and she sruggle her arm. Run , I said pulling her into the resting room until we are called on stage. So inform me she said. Nothing. I’m just imagining the cold tonight, I stated chuckling lightly. Babe…… Yeah hon , I said and chuckled again. Can you cease chuckling for a sec?she asks and I nodded. Fine, she stated forming angry. Give it up for ALIMAS, we hear it from over the speakers.

Writer pov
Mason run on stage and the backup dancers were already set.

from the moment I set my eyes on you….
I knew you were the one my heart beat for.
Can you imagine?
This feeling continues killing me.
Your love is like a magic, that sparks my
You’re the one I in no way dreamed of letting goo…

Alicia run up stage with her sexy dance and she begin to sing.

I can’t believe I’m loss of life for you.
I can’t agree with I’m breathing for your sake….
Can you imagine?
This feeling maintains killing me..
Your love is like a magic filling my heart….
Oh , you filling my heart…..
You’re the one I by no means dreamed of letting goo…

Keys to my heart.
You’re the keys to my heart. ..
The way you seem at me…
I can’t not tell it out..
The way you kiss me?
I just can’t give an explanation for the taste.
Can you imagine?
This feeling keeps killing me..
Alicia : Your love is like a magic filling my heart
Mason : sparking my heart. … .
You’re the one I in no way dreamed of letting goo…
I never dreamed of letting you goo.
Never dreamed of letting you goo.

They stare at each other and Mason couldn’t waste time in kissing Alicia. The crowd went wild. Pictures of them were taken. Imagine the way the multimedia princess was dancing, some followers said. They were perfect. Perfect pass perfect. People admire the both of them. He was perfect. His voice was as cold as ice. He didn’t waste time by carrying his woman in his arms.

To be continued....................