The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 4

Before we knew it we both kiss each other like our lives depended on it. We forget we were onstage or we had camara on us.

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 4

Episode 4

      (Three years later) 

Erica pov
I sat in my residence with my glass of pink wine in my hands. I let out both smiled and tears. I can’t consider that I’m gonna dance on Mason concert. I’m scared he may push me. I’m scared he would possibly no longer prefer me again. I’m scared he already move on. I know that I hurt him but I love him so much. Imagine he rejecting me , gosh , it’s so disgusting. MA , in three hours time your exhibit will begin my assistant said. Is OK , I don’t even know if I have proper to attend his show. I imply , I left except calling him. Though he didn’t call too , however I was the one that left.

I stroll in my room and lay on the bed. I took my pill and log in to Instagram. Lydia, tell me who is this girl? I asks my assistant. Her title is Rena Grande. She’s one of Victoria Secret model. Her wealth is 15 millions$ she has 5 houses right here in the Philippines, two houses in America, 4 homes in Italy, two in India. She’s the 1/3 richest mannequin of Victoria Secret. She has cooperation in and put of the Philippines. She’s also contesting to be Philippines first H &M model. She began famous when she save the popular model, singer and dancer Massie. Paparazzi claimed that they are a couple Lydia said and drank a bottle of water.

What?!!! I said. Don’t worry ma, she’s not close to your smallest finger. She’s not a competitor for you. Her wealth and famous can never reach your link. The ones you get and the ones you ignore . So in this game, she’s just a kid Lydia said. I’m not talking about her wealth or famous . did you just said paparazzi claim she and Mason are lovers? I asks her and she nodded. She scroll on her tablet and show me pictures of she and Mason. Why is he smiling? I said. MA , she’s his girlfriend, lydia replied . I was mute and eyesless cuz my eyes wanted to pop out of the socket. Oh , I was mouthless also if there is something like that. 

Did… you …. just say.. what? I asks her. I just said your show is in three hours time she said going out. Mason , damn you. You’re mine alone. I don’t regret dancing with you. You have to tell me if you really love her or not. You can’t love anybody except me idiot. I told you that I will come back. I wanted your mom to love me without you begging her to do so. I left because of you. I’m here for you. You better start breaking up with her because I’m back for you. I am back and back for good. Nothing will come between us again. I sigh as I drop my tablet. My phone begin to ring.

**Hi mom , I said.
Hi honey. Were you successful in dancing for the show? She asks me.
Yeah mom. I’m gonna dance with Mason.
I don’t know how he will feel since he never share a stage with a lady before.
Babe , this is your chance. you suffered for his sake. You got sick many days thinking about him. You ignored food because you missed him so much. You did a lot of crazy things for his sake. The last thing you should do is tell him how much you love him in front of the whole world.
Yes mom , I’m will do that. I know he loves and misses me too. Mom , he’s mine, I said wiping my tears.
Make mommy proud. Show me that your efforts to have him is not a waste time.
Sure mom , I’m will do just that I said.
OK , your daddy and I will be watching the show. Oh , by the way he want to speak to you, she said.
Hi princess, he said. Hi world best daddy , I replied, chuckling. Oh , I’m pleased but I take that as a complement he said. How are you doing? My father questilned.
I’m fine daddy. OK take care princess. I’m gonna see you in three hours time. Make daddy proud like you always did he said.
OK bye dad , I’m gonna have my beauty sleep now.
OK bye princess , mommy and daddy love you he said.
Love you both daddy , I said hanging up.***

I’m so sleepy. I didn’t sleep last night as I had lots of things on hand. I had been here in the Philippines for one week now. Lydia please come I said. Yes ma, she said walking into my room. Please take this suitcases to this location I said handing over the restaurant address to her. Give this to Sharon and Ellen. And also , give them this tickets. Tell them to be on the show , I said. OK ma, she said going out. I sigh as I lay  on my bed.

Mason pov
Stop that I told Rena. Come on Mason she said pouting her lips. OK fine, you can come I replied her. Thanks . she said leaving me. Get ready she said . OK hon , I said getting in my shower. Alicia, you were the one that left me. It been two years now without hearing from you. I loved you but I have to move on. Rena have been here for me. Though I chased her away many times but she didn’t quit for three years. She made me alive today. Try killing myself but she was there to save me. After tonight I’m gonna propose to her after my show. I got out of the shower and she was already dress. My model , I said and she smiled. I have something to tell you tonight I informed her. I just dress casually and wore my shoes. Shall we? I said and she nodded. We got in my car and the driver drove to the venue.

After some minutes we were already there. I grab my face mask bit damn, paparazzi can’t give way. We finally confirm Massie and famous model Rena relationship. Gosh, they are cute together. Victoria Secret and Massie cooperation gonna be a family soon. Massie, do you have anything to say? Is it true that Rena is the love of your life? Oh , we hear that you’re performing today since you left the public. Is it true that you’re dedicating this dance to Rena? You guys made a cute couple. Excuse us guys , my body guards said blocking their way. Phew, I sigh in relief. are you OK? I asks her. Yeah I’m good she said smiling. Sit here. I said putting her to the VVIP area. I walk to the rehearsal room. I breathe in and out. You get this Mason.

I walk in the makeup room. Do a light makeup, I told the makeup artist. The makeup was done. I need a moment alone I told them and they got outside. Alicia, I’m giving up on you today. hope you’re happy wherever you are. I heard my name been announced on the speakers. I run onstage and the crowd went wild.

Massie……Massie……Woooooooo , Massie, the crowd started to cheer. I smiled and blow kisses to the crowd. they got wild again. The Dj played the song and they all started to cheer as I start to dance. 
The Mc took the mic. Give it up for Philippines most sexy , best model , best dancer, best singer and the list goes on and on. ALICIA  MARCOS, he said and my heart beat. This is not her. She’s Alicia Valencia not Marcos. She’s not who the Mc called. The place became smoky and she walked on to the stage. My heart beat. Gosh , it’s her. I have heard about her but didn’t see her. She had her same smile on her face. I smiled. All my anger fade away. She walk towards me and I did the same. Before we knew it we both kiss each other like our lives depended on it. We forget we were onstage or we had camara on us. For three years I’m happy again. we pull back to catch our breath. I look at her and she look at me without uttering anything. We crush our lips on each other and engage in another section. We withdraw and I hug her. I missed and I love you she said. I love you more . I told her. I’m gonna tie you so you can’t run again, I told her and she chuckled. I’m not going anywhere she said. We pull apart and the crowd went wild.

ALIMAS, ALIMAS! ALIMAS, ALIMAS! Wow , that’s good she said and I nodded. Let’s do something crazy tonight she said. She begin to dance. Gosh she’s so good. We both dance together.

To be continued...............
This is true LOVE.