The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 2

I just got here to inform you guys I’m traveling. I will miss you so much. It’s a long story however I’m going to inform you when I reach there. 

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 2

Chapter two

Felicia pov
I walk out of my daughter presence. That Clara. I surely love her no longer after I discovered out she was  slumbering with my husband. I reduce ties with her but she doesn’t deserve that. She even had the guts to take my baby from me. I comprehend Aurora will now not desire me to harm her mother so she won’t comprehend about this. Clara you suffer me a lot. When you were dozing with James it was  challenging for me. I bear it. But you took away my solely happiness. You made me cry for properly eighteen years. I’m gonna make you pay my pricey friend. You also gonna cry. Yeah. 

Search for Clara Valencia, I instructed my investigator. Clara you gonna spend half of your existence in jail. I won’t damage you because you preserve my baby alive. For making her suffered in poverty, you gonna suffered for that. I concept you have been a precise girl. I didn’t care about your status, I help you. You had been my only friend. People bully you however I stood up for you. I assist you with money each and every week for your needs. The solely aspect you could do was sleep with my husband knowing I’m your first-class friend. I manage my anger due to the fact I didn’t desired to harm you. I didn’t desired James to come in the way of our friendship. I stay away from you in other to not hurt you. You really want for me to harm you. Because if you didn’t wouldn't do what you did. With all that I did for you , you by no means paid me again with good. You constantly amazed me with your evil plots . Now it’s my turn. I’m going to do just what you did to me. 

I went in my daughter room and met her sitting down. How are you feeling sweetheart? I asks her. I’m nice she said. But I don’t apprehend when you stated I’m your infant she said. Yeah , you’re my baby and your different mom Clara stole you away from me. I decided to let her know. Clara was once my pal when I was growing up. Though we were not in the identical category however I cherished her. It was not lengthy when I delivered your father to her. She start to sleep with your father at the back of me I located out and decided to remain away from her without pronouncing a word. I didn’t know she will come again to take you away from me. She stole you the very day you was born. Sweetheart, we have a prove, I said showing her the DNA test. That necklace was given to me through your father mom. I put the other half round your neck when you were born.

Sweetheart, I searched for you but couldn’t. I didn’t give up as many investigators claim you’re dead. I took out many files and exhibit it to her. Mom , she said hugging me. I’m sorry you went through all that she said. Is OK , honey . The best possible thing is you are here. I’m now not going to lose you again. I’m going to make it up to you. Just then James stroll in. Babe you are unsleeping he stated hugging her.

Hi dad , she said almost crying. we are sorry we lost you when you were simply little. We are sorry that you had to suffered he said. We didn’t lost her however your lovingly girlfriend Clara stole her . I informed him. What!!!! Clara what? He stated in anger. Where is she now? He shouted. How I’m I consider to understand huh? I asks him. Sweetheart, where is Clara? He asks our daughter. She offers them their address and he walks out angrily. What he’s gonna do to her mom? She asks me. I don’t recognize honey. She’s his female friend so I don’t think he’s gonna damage her , I informed my babe. The doctor walk in. She’s gonna be discharge now he said. OK thanks . I told him.

Erica pov
Wow , I was  speechless at the lovely mansion I’m seeing here.. It just click to my idea that the Marcos are the second richest family. And wow , I’m a Marcos. We went in. She carfy me upstairs. This is your room. I seem at the toys and smiled. Mom , I’m no longer a kid anymore, I informed her. OK , we can trade that she said. She elevate me to another room. You like this one?she asks and I nodded. My dad got here in angrily. what happened? My mother asks him.nThe neighbors stated they saw she and her son jogging away he said. Their door was  lock he said. OK , my mother said. So sweetheart, you like this place? He asks. Like is an understatement, I love the area . I informed him. OK , we wanna have a little dialogue with you. I suggest your mom and I he said. Is OK , I said . OK , you can sit down he informed me and I did.
They each sat down close to me while my mom dangle her hand on my shoulder.

Dear , we simply wanna know what you wanna do or which college you wanna find out about in or which united states you wanna journey to he asks me. Wow , this is not real . I stated to myself. I thought about what I informed Mason mom. It’s time I act to that in order to fulfill my words. She likes Lisa due to the fact she’s a celebrity. I wanna learn about modeling. I find myself saying. OK , if that’s what you desire ,we gonna take you to American tomorrow. Yeah , your mommy gonna lift you, my mom added. Really? I asks them. Yeah sweetheart. and I know you gonna be the best.  Thanks dad. thanks mom . I said and they hug me. You can sleep now she said. OK mom , good night , I said. I went in my room and fall asleep.


The next morning I got up and met garments on the bed. I look at it . wow , fashion designer clothes. I stare at the time and it was 10 am. I got up and noticed a pen and paper. I took it and write a note. I’m gonna skip it to Sharon to give it to Mason. I went in the shower and took my warm bath. I got here out and wore the pink barbie body blouse with the black jeans and black jacket over it. I rub red lipstick on my lip. When I stare into the mirror I couldn’t trust myself. I’m so beautiful. gosh. 

I got here out and met my dad and mom eating. Come have breakfast dear. We will be leaving in the subsequent 20 minutes my mother said. And oh , you look beautiful. she said and I smiled. You’re candy babe , my dad said. Thanks daddy. I took the fork and commence to eat.we finished eating  and the maid came for the dishes and elevate it to the kitchen. Shall we?my mom asks and I nodded. Come here my babe. Make daddy proud and do what you want. Enjoy life to the fullest. Do what you want. Explore the world. you have wealth. You have the entirety human wanna have. With that he hand over a financial institution account card to me. You have homes , industries, schools etc waiting for you. Don’t fear dear. Nobody gonna look down at you again.
The complete world is in your arms . Enjoy existence my dear. I will await you in three years time. Nevertheless, I will also visit you. when you’re back . I will take you to your grandmother to pour her wealth on you. Like your mom , your grandmother additionally ready for you to ruin you. Thanks daddy , I said and we withdraw from our hug. Bye , he said kissing my cheeks.

I waited for this day. To get anybody to love me like this. I wasn’t Clara infant so she didn’t care. We got back and the guys open the door of the car. My mother and I enter and the driver enter too.
The driver begin to drive. Mom , please gradual down to my working area. I wanna inform my pals bye. Do you work? She asks. Yeah , I had five part times job in the past I instructed her. Oh OK, she said. We got to the restaurant and I get down. Sharon and Ellen run to me. They each hug me. Thank God you’re keep they said. Yeah , I just got here to inform you guys I’m traveling. I will miss you so much. It’s a long story however I’m going to inform you when I reach there. 

Please supply this notice to Mason , I’m gonna call you I stated going for walks returned to the car. I hold back my tears as I was  leaving my friends.

Felicia pov
When my daughter got down. I received a call. We capture her ma. she was once in cebu . OK fine. Put her in reformatory alongside with her son. Don’t put them in the equal cell. Separate him from her. Let her feels how it’s to lose a child. Don’t torture her. Release her in three years time.The day I’m lower back in the day you need to release them . Till then, bye . I said striking up. Just then she came back. I’m done she stated and inform driver continue.

To be continued..................