The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 15

My moans was loud because nobody could perhaps hear me. He slide my top off my pores and skin together with my trauser.

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 15

Episode 15

Mason pov
Babe , Alicia stated walking towards me. Umhh, how’s my babe mommy doing? I asks kissing her cheeks. I’m doing okay, simply curving for your lips she said tipping toe to kiss me. Short woman , I stated and she chuckle. I love you . Are you ready? I asks her. Sure I’m she said. How was your interview? I asks her. Gosh , it was okay. the best interview ever. I speak with the kids. They were amazing. the smile I’m carrying on my face is due to the fact of them. Imagine the eggs on my hair? She stated smiling. We want to get you easy up. Oh , our outing is nowadays she said excitedly. Yep, I said and she kiss me again. Let’s go , I said carrying her to the car. Can’t believe I’m having a break. she said leaping in the car. Yeah, and you will be having a lot because you’re carrying our little one you know? Yeah , yeah , I get this complete being pregnant element she said sounding excitedly. I’m so happy. I’m just imagining me conserving our little one in my arms. I’m extra excited she said chuckling. I’m greater excited. I said. I’m morest excited she said. Wow, which dictionary is that? I asks her. My very own , she stated and I Chuckled. 

We’re right here Mrs Dela Cruz , I said.
Wow, thanks honey she said . I came down and open the door of the car. I raise her in a bridal fashion to our room. Hope my rooster breast is geared up she said. A complete bucket. I said. Okay, I think I will want your help right here she said. Wow, I said going to the lavatory with her. I became on the hand shower and put the water in her hair. Ohhh, she stated at the touch of the water. I Chuckled. Mason Stop chuckling , she stated and I chuckled again. Sorry babe , but we want to get these eggs from your hair. Okay…. she stated stressing on the okay. I wash the eggs out and apply her sweet scented shampoo on her hair. Feel like ingesting these hair. Wow, why the hair? Because it’s wowww, I said. I wash her hair gently. Should I deep conditioner in it? No , she said. Okay, Mrs , Dela Cruz. I got via with her hair.
I applied the shower gel on her skin with her favorite dove liquid soap. So soft. Man , it’s correct to have woman. I imply the one you love. Gosh, you’re beautiful. I stated brushing my lips on hers. Thanks honey , she said responding to the kiss. I rub my hands on her physique gently. I took the hand bathe and pour the water on her to wash her clean. Done. Thanks babe , she said. You’re most welcome . I informed her. I went in the room to wait for her.

She came with her green bathe jacket and white sneakers. The black colors will simply make you kill that shit. I stated throwing it to her. You’re so thoughtful she said. I comprehend . Her hair nonetheless wrapped in the white towel .
Mason , I need you right here in the bathe . Coming. I said getting out. I went in the loo to her. I need a shot. you should be aware of the grams she said. Get it ma, I said. Gosh , I’m going gaga. I consider myself the most lucky man. Having her in my life is like I received a outing to heaven. Thanks . she said taking my cellphone from my hands. She went in the living room. How lengthy to our flight? I asks her. Thirty minutes from now , I told her. Okay, she said. Come over she stated and I did. I sat on the couch and she lay her head on my lap. She took the remote and play barbie and the 12 dancing princesses while she devour her chicken. Their aunt looks like 1990 Witch she said. 2000 will likely do . I said. Babe , you want to watch the movie in full. She’s damm wicked. Alicia said. Gosh , I hate that monkey she said hitting my hard. Ouch, this is not the monkey though. I said.
I be aware of babe. I’m sorry. It’s simply I hate the monkey to the core.

Few minutes later , Alicia commenced crying. Gosh. What is it? I asks her. Babe , seem to be the poor king is unwell she stated crying harder. Babe , it’s just a films and cool animated film to be presides. I comprehend babe. It stills hurt. Imagine how he have confidence in her so badly. Alicia brust into a serious cries. Okay, pregnancy hormone. Read about that for a complete night. Is okay, I said wiping those tears. I hate to see her cry. And when their wicked aunt block their secret passage. gosh. I’m so gonna kill that woman. Alicia said protecting my shirt tight . You actually gonna kill me earlier than achieving to her I said. I’m sorry babe. I’m just mad she said ingesting her juice. Time up. I said. But my chicken? She said pouting like a child . Already in the jet though. I stated and she smiled. She just trade into something and got here out. Since our luggage used to be already in the car, we simply walk together. 

The driver drove us to her personal airport. yeah , she personal two though. She’s so beneficiant so it was a gift. a airports which includes jets. We got down and enter the jet. Feel like listening I can’t end loving you. You know, you obtained me wondering who you delicated the music for? My songs are constantly dedicated to you. You forget? I’m sorry she stated laying her head on my shoulder. I took my earlice and put it into her ear. She commence to sing with the song. Before I knew it. The plate of chicken falls from her hands. She’s sleeping. She slept for the duration of the trip.

***Fast forward***

We are home babe. What? I asked how we obtained down and I’m here? Well, you slept all through and didn’t desired to disturbed your sleep. I told her. I’m hot she said. How about a boat ride? I asks .

Alicia pov
I’m so excited about this entire trip. I feels like we were continually busy to creates moments. The solely moment is when we work together. Mason is so considerate. He doesn’t whinge because I’m the most busy one here. I’m glad we have this time by myself and we are some distance from home. We gonna create a lot of excellent moments for our little one . I said rubbing my fingers on my nevertheless flat tummy. Sure , boat ride I said smiling. White? I asks him Yep, he said kissing me. I grab a white top and a free white trauser. He wore his white shirt and white trauser . This colorings seem terrific cool on you he said sliding the colors on my face. Thanks . I said. Anything for the queen. Imagine marrying the queen he said and I chuckled.

We got in the car and he drove to the beach. OMG, it’s sooo lovable I stated snapping images of the boat. He assist me in and I took a photo of each of us. Thanks so a whole lot . I stated kissing him. You’re one of a kind. You’re my uncommon gem. I now not letting you go these days and forever. You inventory with me I stated and he pull me in his arms. I’m the one who suppose to inform you thanks. He said and I smiled. We sat down and the bloodless breeze from the sea commence to hit us. So cool I said. He stirs into my eyes. I drew closer and kiss him. He returned back the kiss . I moan because of his tender touches on my lips. I revel in making the kiss sweeter than honey. Mason groan. His palms tip my pores and skin gently. I smiled. he’s just a naughty boy. Babe , he said lifting me up. Uhhh, he said again He raise me inside the room in the boat. Pure white roses petals used to be on the white bed sheet. Red win with crimson candle light. Seems he plan it all. He put me on the mattress and we continue from where we stop.

My moans was loud because nobody could perhaps hear me. He slide my top off my pores and skin together with my trauser. He lick my skin from head to toe. The moment of delusion used to be I don’t recognize what to call it. I moan softly. I love you for eternity he said. I love you for eternity too boo I said.

To be continued.............