The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 10

No ooo, don't disturb me again with your hmm I said locking the door, I took my shower and came out. Help me rub my lotion on my body, I told Mason. 

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 10

Season two

Chapter ten

Alicia pov I got up the next morning by the ring of my phone. 

Hello, is this Alicia Marcos? The caller asks. 

Yeah I am, I answer her. 

OK, we are calling you from H&M. 

Please we will like to have some conversation with you about something, if you’re OK with it. 

Okay you can, I reply. 

OK, I will text you the location, she said and I hang up the call. 

What is it? My dear Mason asks. 

H&M wanna discuss something with me. 

I heard that they don’t have any Philippino brand ambassador. Rena was wishing to be the one. 

Hope she be one Mason said. 

Wow, love, when did you start to lecture me about girls ooo? I asks him and he laugh. 

Babe, it’s you and only you he said. 

Fine, I said going to the shower. And last night was the best cold night ever, I told him. 

Should I come? he asks. 

No ooo, don't disturb me again with your hmm I said locking the door, I took my shower and came out. Help me rub my lotion on my body, I told Mason. 

I’m thinking about lunching my liquor. 

Have you pick a name for it? I asks him. 

Yeah, I took Emperador hotshot, he answered me. 

Oh that's amazing, I will like to taste it, I told him. Don’t, it will make you very drunk sooner than you think he said. How many percentage? I asks him. 

30% he said. 

Gosh , it’s so hot, I told him. Yeah , it’s he said. 

Samsung Galaxy want me to be their brand ambassador and want me to perform on their opening. I told him. 

You’re lucky babe, Skechers want you to be their brand ambassador for both their watch and sneakers, he added. 

Oh my, you’re kidding right? I asks him, 

I’m not my dear, I actually pick up your call yesterday he said. I so much like their sneakers. I can see, he said pointing to them. Moreso dear LV, want me showcase their belt he said. 

Babe, I hope we get to finish work early today. I want us to go out today, something like a date he said. 

OK, when I’m through I’m gonna let you know, I told him. That reminds me hubby, I’m doing Queens gangs and Revolution shoot today, I told him and he smiled. I wore my glitters blouse and trauser with my shades and white sneakers. 

Babe, you will have to branch at skechers later to sign your contract he said and I smiled. You’re he didn’t end his statement he just kiss me. I love you he said going to the shower,when I’m through with mine own work I’m gonna pick you up he said. 

OK hus (love), I said going in to the car, the driver drove to H&M first, they all were happy to see me . 

How are you miss Alicia? A female ask and I replied her, can we talk in my office? She asks. 

Yeah sure....I said walking behind her, a bottle of what please? She asks me. 

A bottle of red wine, I told her. She brought it and I put some in my glass. 

You have a very sexy body. H&M will like you to be its first philippino ambassador and we want you miss Alicia to be the first. You have a perfect body structure for the job more so you will be the highest paid model. We are begging you miss Alicia, we need you so badly. 

Nobody is suitable for this job than you she said. 

I am, Rena said walking in. 

Seriously? Must you steal my spotlight everytime? She asks. 

MA, you can wait outside Lauren said, security take her out she order. 

Bitch, you can’t have it all she said going outside. 

I’m sorry about the disturbances Lauren said. 

It’s fine, I told her. 

Please we can’t used anyone besides you even if you let us down, that means there won’t be a philippino ambassador for our brand. 

Okay, I said sipping my wine. 

Is that an yes? she exclaimed. 

Yeah, it’s a yes, I told her. 

She brought the contract out and I signed it. 

I’m so happy, she added that imagine you wearing our bikini, gosh. She said hugging me. 

OK, you’re welcome I told her. 

_____________________________________________ I got to Queens and they all rush on me with hug. 

We all knew you were going to come. 

We are so happy you agreed in doing our shoot. 

Easy girls, I’m not just doing it but doing it for free. 

They all jump on me. 

And the only thing you gotta do is hurry up with it before I charge you half a million. 

I said and they quickly left me. 

Good girls, I said and they chuckled. 

She’s so friendly they begin to whispered. 

Imagine it’s free, not just that but she’s the best model. If she do our cover you know how many millions will come popping to us? Than she’s doing it free. More so, it’s just like she’s giving us free money the other one said and they all gasp and look at me. 

Don’t you dare come ruin my makeup girls, I said and they backup.

I sat down in their royal chair all dress like their queen and sat for the pose. The camera guy captured me good. 

______________________________________ Look who we have here. 

The multimedia princess, Revolution Ceo said. 

I smiled at his flattering words. 

I thought you were going to turned our offer down he said. 

Imagine me getting a million rich for just a shoot, I said and he chuckle. 

We both know that you turned millions of dollars down he said. 

Nah, you’re my own philippino brother, I said. 

OK , our princess he said. 

What are you doing by looking at her huh? Do you think we’re the only people she got to attend to? If I just lose her he said and I chuckled. 

come on Kim. 

He smiled and follow me in the makeup room. 

MA, can we take a snap with you? They ask and I nodded. 

Don’t you dare take her picture with you guys he said. 

It’s OK Kim, I told him. They take their snap and continue with the makeup. 




I was dress in a white slippery rob with black heels and a simple but expensive necklace. I sat in the white chair to match with the rob and my pictures was taken. 

Seriously, I love the pictures from QUEENS GANGS. Those girlfriends are so funny and I’m also thinking about joining them. 

MA, lift her head up a little bit hard up, the photographer said. 

I did as he said finally the shoot was over and I was kinda tired. 

Thanks princess, Kim said hugging me. 

Just send my dollars to my account. I said and he chuckled. I quickly left their area and enter my car. 

Are you OK MA? Thee driver asks. 




Yeah I’m ok, I told him. I later took my phone and begin to watch Mason live showcasing Louis vitton belt. Dam babe, you’re so hot in that, wish I was there to give you a kiss. 

We are here ma, the driver said; I got down and catwalk inside. 

My princess, John said hugging me. 

Aww bestie, I said hugging him back. 

He’s actually a gay and my good friend since I love their products. 

Imagine when Mason tell me that you wanted me to be the brand ambassador for both skechers watch and sneakers, I was like you’re kidding right? He was no babe , I’m not at all. 

Tell me John, you better tell me you guys are just pulling my legs....I said . 

He asked; Besides you, Who is capable of being skechers ambassador huh? Nobody but me . 

I said giving him a high five. 

Come on , let’s sign your 10millions contract. 

Wow, I can’t believe I will be wearing my favorite sneakers for freeeee, I said and he chuckled. 

How is Mason? 

He’s fine. 

Kindly call me when you’re getting marry to the handsome dude. I wanna be the one to fixed your wedding dress he said. 

Aww, that so thoughtful of you, I said hugging him. 

You’re draining the life outta me princess. 

I’m sorry hon.. 

Tell me have you guys, hmm... you know. Shut up John, I said signing the paper. 

We have plans for late dinner, I’m here he said. 

Aww, Mr lover guy is here John said. 

Babe , are you through with your show? I asks Mason. 

Yeah, I am he said kissing me. 

I think you guys should leave my place now John said and Mason chuckled. 

Shut up John, Mason said and he excuse us. 

Why you change your clothes? He asks. 

Nothing, I told him. 

And while did you change your’s? I asks him. 

Nothing he said. Here, he said giving me a flower. 

Wow, they’re pretty I said. 

OK , let’s go he said and take my hands while the guards follow behind us. 

: : To be continue.....