The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 1

My head hurts. Where I’m I? I seem round and saw a beautiful woman laying beside me. She looks so a whole lot like me.

The Untouchable Lovers(season 2)-Episode 1

Episode 1

Felicia pov
I used to be walking round the medical institution when my husband came. Babe , are you OK? He asks and I smiled. Yeah, I’m high-quality babe. Aurora is back I instructed him. Don’t be too certain about that he said. Shut up she’s back. Your mom necklace is nevertheless on her neck. He hug me. Just than the physician came out. How is my daughter doing? I asks him. She’s satisfactory má. She’s outta hazard now. The only element she needs is blood because she lost adequate he said. OK, we will be with you in a minute I said. He left our presence and I look at my husband.
This is the time for me to prove it to you , I stated and we follow the doctor. We are going to donate we instructed him. My husband donate and it match his blood type. I hug him tightly. I can’t consider all this year’s that I’m going to see my daughter again. She’s going to wake up in the subsequent six hours the doctor said. James wiped the tears from my eyes. You deserve it. You deserve to be joyful dear. You go through a lot. We are going to make it up to our daughter. He kiss my tears and I hug him. Please honey , please forgive me for what I did. He said. Is OK , our daughter is again so we gonna be one completely happy family, I told him. We enter in her room. She’s our baby he said. Look ,she has the identical birth mark as me he stated pointing to her neck. I smiled and lend in him. Our Aurora is back. I tucked her hair in the back of her ear. She’s so beautiful. Yeah , simply like you her dad said. We gonna make all her dreams come true. I advised him and he nodded.

Mason pov
I run on the street and couldn’t discover her. I strive calling her telephone but it ring on the floor inside. I choose up the smartphone and found traces of blood on the floor. Gosh babe , I said strolling again to get in my car. I searched each health center but couldn’t locate her. I went to her house and met her mother and brother home. Good nighttime ma. Please I’m looking for Alicia, I said. I’m sorry but I haven’t considered her given that we got here again she said. OK ma , thanks . I stated going out. Alicia the place are you babe? I sat in my car to think. God ,I’m going loopy here. I went home  and met my mom and Lisa talking . Before I open my eyes, you ought to get out of here. And oh , you continue to be can for all I care. I went in my room and took all my things out. Mason the place do you suppose you are going? My mother asks. Anywhere some distance from you mom. You simply misplaced a son. You can have her as your daughter for all I care. I roll my suitcase out of her house. Mason come again right here she stated shouting in the back of me.
You just damage your son life due to the fact of a low priced whore. Lisa is a cheat and a prostitute. She slept with kelvin in order to exhibit his new bikini. Yeah , I caught her in the act. Gucci sign her as his nice model due to the fact she slept with him. She slept with countless men to be to where she is. You know what? I caught her in all the act. She slept with my rival. they each was planning to bring me down when I stroll on them having sex. You thinks she’s best huh? Now the solely woman who simply love me , you make her disappear. The only innocent woman I have come across you chase her away for some slut.

Sweetheart I’m sorry . But come to suppose of it the lady can’t represent you anywhere. You’re a star. You don’t prefer the media to be saying all kind of things about you. Mom , I was planning to marry her. I was planning to give her 75%of all I own. If you favor type I was planning to do that. She’s very smart and can research real quick. But you be aware of what? I plan on doing that however no longer due to the fact she’s not classic. I love her for who she is. Mom , I will solely forgive you until she tell me to. I will forgive you the day you beg her. You recognize why?because she didn’t do a element to you or to your son standing here. All she did was love me the exceptional way she could. She offers me all that I lack for. I can’t exchange her for anything. Don’t worry, you’re my mom however that’s it. The day you get to that poor girl knees, I’m going to forgive you. With your proud, I don’t think it’s something you can do now. Don’t locate me. Don’t come to my house. Don’t come to my show. Don’t come to my school. Don’t come somewhere near me. And you Lisa , I don’t wanna see you anywhere near me. 

With that , I acquired in my vehicle leaving them shock. I drove to my residence and clutch the laptop. I attempt searching for her but couldn’t discover her. Tears slide from my eyes. You can’t do this to me now babe. Please come back. I posted her image on each and every website. I hope I’m going to discover you actual quick. I took her pictures and commence to seem to be at it. I smiled as tears drop my eyes. I login the college website and saw the photographs of the first day we meet. The way she maintain me used to be so sweet. I can’t love everyone than you babe. I will locate you. Remember we made a vow? You’re tied to me. We are destined to be with each other. I went in my shower. I could feel her presence. Rememberanceof her start to flash before me. I love you so much.

Clara pov
Where is that dull girl?I asks myself. I went in my room to have my rest. I noticed my husband smiling. please don’t kill me. I beg him. I’m not here to for that. I’m here to inform you that Alicia locate her real mother and father and I’m free. With that he disappeared. I obtained was. Leo, pack up we are leaving now to cebu. But mom why?he asks me. Shut up , and let’s go. In fact, leave the whole thing behind . I pull him and we went outside to get a cab. Mom what’s going on?he asks me. Nothing expensive . I just wanna visit my relatives in cebu. I advised him. But mom we are coming from on a trip. Leo pricey , I favor to see my household and we are going there now. You won’t say any other phrase here again. I informed him. Gosh , if Felicia locate her daughter it won’t be convenient for me. She’s desirable but she’s bad. She doesn’t forgive. She’s dangerous. she won’t let it slide. She can pay returned . She’s accurate but you don’t want to mess with her. If she finds out that I’m the one? She’s gonna make sure I lose my own child. She’s gonna make me cry. She’s gonna make me suffer. I can’t enable that. She’s very evil . The lady is the satan itself. When she finds out how I handled her daughter? God , I might now not even live. She’s no longer any one you wanna mess up with. If you wanna hit her make exhibit she doesn’t finds out. Man , if she do .it’s your end. Your suffering begins that very second with these that are connected with you. She can’t damage my Leo. he’s the solely issue Leonardo left for me. I won’t come back to Singapore. My stopping point will be Manila. I will exchange my identity and stay a new life. You don’t mess with Felicia and go free. It’s impossible.

Erica pov
My head hurts. Where I’m I? I seem round and saw a beautiful woman laying beside me. She looks so a whole lot like me. Wait , she was sporting the identical necklace like me. Mom? I discover myself pronouncing those words. You’re wide awake my babe. I promise in no way to let you out of my sight again. Trust me they are going to pay for taking you away . Gosh, Mason. How is he doing? I miss him already. The beautiful lady pull me into a hug. Who are you? I asks her. I’m Felicia Marcos, your mom she said. What? But my mother name is Clara Valencie. Wait , did you say Clara Valencie? She asks and I nodded. She simply smiled. Seems Clara don’t be aware of who to mess with. She simply mess with the incorrect bitch. with that the woman step outside. I was not wondering about them. My center of attention was on Mason. I miss you babe.

To be continued..................