The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 14

If you don’t speak now, remain away from my son I’m gonna make your existence depressing and you gonna be apologetic about meeting him.

The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 14


Alicia pov
I pick up my ringing phone. I answer the call. Morning babe , I said. How are you? Hope you slept fine? Mason asks.bYeah , I did ,I advised him. OK, you ready? For what?I asks him. School he said. Oh no , I forget I informed him. Well , in right in the front your house he said. Just give me a few minutes I advised him. OK however come for something first he said. I run outdoor and gathered the bundle from him. No kiss?he asks however I didn’t reply instead. I run in the bathroom and took my bath quickly. I came out and decided to open the package. I smiled and put the shirt and trause on. I put my black socks on and slide my ft in the shoes. I got here out and he was smiling. why are you smiling for? I asks him. Just wondering about how to feast on your lips for rejecting me he said. I smile and enter the car. Mason, we are getting late for school. I instructed him. No problem he stated driving. we received to a spot and he stops driving. What is it? I asks him. Nothing , the auto broke down and won’t go until you kiss me. Seriously? I asks him. Yeah I’m very serious, he advised me . OK then we can walk together, I told him. No babe , you will get tired and I don’t desire that. Just give me a simple kiss he said. OK , just a easy kiss . I told him. He culp my chain in his hands and appear Mr in the eyes. Just kiss me already I instructed hi.. loosen up babe he said. He run his fingers in my hair and pack it with hair band. He rub my cheeks gently with his fingers and held me by way of the waist. I has the urge of kissing him however used to be ready for him to make the move first. Can you kiss me now? I asks sexyly. beg me he said smiling. Dam you Mason , I stated . He smile again. Just end smiling and fucking kiss me now!!! I shouted. Easy babe , all you need to do is beg me he said. I swollen spit. OK babe , can you please kiss me purpose I’m dying for your lips. I stated sexily again. OK no problem babe he said coming closer to my face. The sounds of our lips may could be held. He run his palms on the open part of my returned and I moan. I run my arms in his hair. We kiss like about ten minutes earlier before we pull back. I love you he stated hugging me. I love you too , I instructed him. We obtained again in the auto and he drive to campus.

We got down and he hug me again. We intertwined our arms together. So , you locate me for the duration of lunch hour. I wanna exhibit you something. I will miss you due to the fact we don’t have training together nowadays he said. Yeah , I be aware of I informed him. OK bye love he stated kissing my cheeks. He took his street to his class whilst I watch him walk. He’s so handsome. You guys again? I asks the faculty queen. You bitch, I don’t understand what spells you used on Mason, however he will quickly get over it.she said Look selena, it’s not my fault when you can’t make him to love you. We each recognize he can’t choose you over me. You’re so fake. Just get your petty as from before me , I stated walking in. This is not over yet she said . some thing I said. Class was amazing . Dammit, some other presentation. Too proper I won’t be going to the restaurant today as Mr Williams asks me to take a break. As for Raymond, he’s going to suffer for what he did to me. I can’t consider he will even think about doing such issue to me. We all grew up together. I took him as my brother. I by no means predicted some thing from him like that. The bell long past for lunch. I put my books in my locker.

Hi Erica, Liam said. How are you dude?I asks him. I’m OK and you? He asks me. Not bad , I informed him. You’re heading for lunch right?he asks. No , I’m looking for Mason , I informed him.
OK , he’s at the backyard Liam said. I don’t be aware of the place . I informed him Let’s go he stated maintaining my hands. There he stated , pointing at Mason . Thanks . I informed him and he left my hands. I walk in the back of Mason and used my arms to cover his eyes. Erica, I be aware of it’s you he stated and I release him. How you know? I asks him. Because I understand you babe he said. Fine , you win. So , what you wanna show me?I asks him. Here he stated pointing at our surrounding. Wow, it’s lovely I said. He put his palms around my neck and I held it from front. Let me tour you around he said. Thanks hubby I told him. I’m questioning about displaying you to my mother he said. Do you suppose she gonna like me? I ask him. It’s her choice to like you or not. The most essential component is that I love you very a great deal he said. OK , I reply him. So, I’m very hungry I informed him. I be aware of that’s why I have biscuits right here with me he said. 

What? Biscuits? You must be kidding me. I’m no longer babe. This biscuits is also one of my products he said. Just like the phone?I asks him and he nodded. You gonna try the biscuits out and tell me how it style he said. Whether it’s excellent or not you gonna say that. Fine , I told him. He open the biscuits. wow chocolate taste I said. Open up he informed me. I open my mouth and he slide the biscuits in my mouth. Wow, this is delicious. not because it’s your’s, but this is simply delicious I advised him. Wait, did they drop a mint and strewberry taste in it? Yeah , they did he said. How a good deal it cost? I ask him It’s not on sale but however if you like it I can convey you entire cool animated film he said. I appear at him sheeplessly. thanks honey , I stated kissing him. Two cool animated film he said and I kiss him again but deep this time.

Mrs Dela Cruz pov
Is OK my dear. Don’t worry he will come domestic now to you I instructed Lisa. I took my smartphone and dail Mason number. Son, I want you here now. I stated and hung up. Every girl deserve a second cbance dear. It’s OK don’t cry. You’re the solely appropriate person for Mason. You’re the solely one who apprehend him. You’re the only one he loves considering 6 years now. No body can take your place , have confidence me . 

Just than Mason got here in with a girl. Hi mother , he stated greeting me. Hi ma, the female greeted me. I ignore her. Hi babe , haven’t seen you recently I instructed Mason. Mom , she’s greeting you Mason cut me short. Oh sweetie how are you? I asks her. Hope you’re cooking top meals for my son , I added. Mom , she’s not my maid rather she’s the girl I intend to marry he said. This is not time for your petty jokes. Besides, your girlfriend is right here . I said pointing at Lisa. Oh I’m sorry Lisa. I was too busy to catch up with my lady so I didn’t had the chance to tell you we are over he said.

Shut up Mas. You can’t do that to her not when I’m alive I told him. I’m sorry mom it occur already and there’s nothing you can do about it he said. Little girl, how much do you need to stay away from my son? Speak. It appear like your parents didn’t show you your limits. Poor human beings like you continually like good things . You be aware of what ? If you don’t speak now, remain away from my son I’m gonna make your existence depressing and you gonna be apologetic about meeting him. Stop mom!!!!!! Mason shouted at me. Take that back or you gonna lose me. Shut up Mason. I replied him. The woman smile with tears in her eyes. I hand over a check to her but she tore it. She stroll over to mason and kiss him passionately in our presence and Lisa gasp. He returned the kiss. Lisa rush over to the lady however the girl push Lisa and she falls. They pull from their kiss. She smiled. I love you so a whole lot babe. She informed him. And you ma, I’m going to be profitable and you’re going to need me for your son. Thanks for your phrases today. I’m not harm of it. You simply made me strong. She kiss Mason again. I will be back babe she said and run out of the house. Alicia! !!!!! Mason shouted. He wanted to run behind her but I preserve him back. Let go of me mom he said. Don’t you dare stroll out right here Mason I told him. He pull his arms off my hands and stroll out .

Felicia pov
Wake up babe , I said shaking my daughter. I just run her over. Gosh, it’s my Aurora. she’s my babe. The necklace that I put on her neck. That’s my babe . I cry tears of joy. Somebody assist I shouted. A guy got here and assist me and put her in the car. Babe , continue to be alive for mommy please . After what look forever I later discover you. I took my cellphone and call my husband.nYeah , I’m taking her to the clinic now. I knew it babe. I knew that my daughter is still alive. I grasp up and smiled. Her eyes was nevertheless close but she was breathing. I’m gonna love you with my all babe.

The end. 
Watch out for season two...............
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