The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 13

Stop , please cease I beg Raymond. I was so weak. He was trying to pull my legs open when I saw him on the ground.

The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 13

Episode 13

Erica pov
Stop , please cease I beg Raymond. I was so weak. He was trying to pull my legs open when I saw him on the ground. my vision and prescient was little blur, because of the cries. I ought to hear Raymond screams as someone was beating him. Mason, I stated silently. I was going to fall when he grab me. He put his sweater round me and hug me. Sharon came in and earlier before I knew it, she hit bottle on Raymond head as if the one mason did was not enough. You bastard, she stated hitting him hard. Mason wipe my tears. He raise me in a bridal fashion in his car. I’m so sorry babe. I didn’t come on time please forgive me. He said and I smiled. I’m scare babe , I said. Don’t be I’m here he said. He hug me. I seem to the  back and noticed Raymond in handcuffs with police carrying him. I will protect you OK. I promise to be there for you. I promise to protect you when you want me. Raymond was bleeding from his head and mouth. Mason ruin his mouth as Sharon hit his head. Thanks babe. He drive the automobile and we reach a lovely white mansion.

Where are we? I asks him. one of my houses he said. He elevate me interior and lay me on the bed gently. He introduced a tablets with water in a glass. He make a cellphone call and came back to me. He took a clothes out and made me put on it . He didn’t say a phrase he just hug me. He saved hugging me. Umm, Mason, I can’t breath I instructed him. I’m sorry babe. I’m sorry I was not there earlier, he stated blinking a tears out of his eyes. I just seem at him and lay my head in his chest. Don’t blame yourself. it’s not your fault. I instructed him. He smiled a little. Just then his bell ring and he got up. He got here in with a doctor. Please check her he instructed the man. He run some check on me. She will be coming for therapy. Here is some drugs you have to take before you go through physiological truma. The doctor said. Thanks sir, I told him. You’re most welcome madam he said.

Mason walk him out and he came back. I’m sorry but you will have to spend the night time right here considering that your mother will be coming back tomorrow he said. You can’t sleep in your residence alone he added. I look at him and smiled. I don’t be aware of what was going to manifest if you were not going to show up. Is good enough he said. But why you came back? I asks him.

Mason pov
But why you came back? She ask me. I truely came home. I miss you so much. I took my telephone with the intention of calling you. But then my cellphone fell from my hands. I knew it was not a appropriate sign. I quickly run in my car. I attempt checking on you but you left your cellphone in the kitchen. Yeah he throw my telephone in the kitchen she said. Yeah , I was afraid so I called sharon and she said she can’t get you. I drive quickly and acquired to the restaurant. we search for you however we couldn’t find you. I was going loopy that’s how i got here throughout you crying silently. The guy is so fortunate that he’s not dead this minutes I told her. Thanks she said. You can shower I will locate pejamas for you. I’m going to make some thing for you to eat I instructed her. I went in the kitchen. I call the chief officer of the police. Don’t permit any body to bail him out. I want him there for 3 years. You understand rape case is not a effortless case here. I prefer him suffer just how he made her suffer. I prefer him cry just how she cry. I prefer him beg just how she beg. In quick , don’t put him out until I say so . I informed him and hug him. 

I made sandwich for her. I put it in a tray and elevate it in the room. She was laying down on the bed. Wake up babe , I told her. She rose up and smiled. Eat some thing than you can take the capsule the medical doctor prescribed . I told her she consume silently. I simply take a seat and watch her eat. Here ,drink a glass of juice , I stated placing it to her mouth. She was through. I raise the plate and tray in the kitchen. Can I hear to your song , can’t love you less? She asks and I nodded. I plug my earpiece in my smartphone and plug it to the both of us ear. She lay down while I lay behind her. We left listening to the track till she was sleeping. Good night time princess, I stated kissing her forehead. I pull the devuet up and cover the both of us with it.


I rose up the subsequent morning and couldn’t discover Alicia on the bed. Where are you babe? I asks getting up from on the bed. I’m right here in the kitchen she said. I stroll in the kitchen and saw her smiling. What are you doing? I asks her. Boiling water , she said. OK , we are not going to school today ,because you get an appointment with doctor. No problem she said. I stroll to her and returned hug her. You’re beautiful. I told her. Babe , the water is hot. She stated and I chuckled. Yeah , I can tell. I told her. Bring the tea cup and spoon. She said. Fine wifey. I said. Hey , you’re not married to me yet she said. I can marry you now if you’re ready. I instructed her. I’m not she said chuckling. I put the cup on the table and she put the water in it. I introduced green tea into the water with small milk and sugar. She put bam in the bread. Babe , breakfast is ready she said shouting. I’m right before you I said. Yeah I know. She answer. She sat down and start to chow on the bread. We have our breakfast quietly. 

When we were through, we both carry the matters to the kitchen and wash them off. You can shower, I will be ready for you due to the fact that I bathe already she said. OK , no problem. I said. I enter in my room and hit the shower. After twenty minutes of showering, I was out. I wore my gray shirt and blue jeans. I came outside and met her sitting down. Let’s go I informed her. I hot back and bought in the car. We are passing to my house first she said. No problem, I told her. After few minutes we were outdoor her house. Wait for me right here she stated and I smiled. she acquired down and went to her house. She came out few minutes with light pink blouse and deep blue jeans. You desired to change? I asks her and she nodded. She got in and I drove to the hospital. we obtained down and enter physician James office. Good morning sir, he greeted me and Alicia. You can sit down he said. We sat down and he pulled Alicia close to him and begin to check her.

Erica pov
After my checkup section, we obtained outside. I wanna go to the park , I told him, Fine, he said. We received in the automobile and he drove to the park. We get down and I made a infant face. What is it?he asks me. I desire for you to elevate me on your back I told him. OK , he stated smiling. climb he said. I climbed on his back. I forget my milk in your automobile I advised him. He raise me on his back to the vehicle and I took the milk out. We open it and we begin to returned to the park. How are you feeling? He asks me. I’m higher I instructed him. Thanks for everything I told him. It’s my duty as your boyfriend he said. People start to look at us . He find a spot to sit and I got down. Haven’t kiss you since that day he said. Before I knew it he was feasting on my lips.

To be continued.............................