The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 12

What are you talking about? I asks him. Shut up he said undressing my blause from on me. What are you doing?

The Untouchable Lovers-Episode 12

Episode 12

Erica pov
The kiss was so long like never before. I love you he said maintaining my waist. I love you too, I informed him. The students begin to clap as some roll their eyes. Selena and her meme walk out of the hall shamelessly. I too felt her Shame however that’s the final factor I’m going to give up.. So you have finally determined in your heart your actual love. You finally realized you love her? Liam asks . Yeah dude. I love her Mason said. I assume it will be first-rate if you kill each and every feeling you have for her Mason added. Come on man , Liam said taking walks from before us.

Congratulations my friend, Kim said hugging Mason. He simply smile and wink at me. Congratulations sis, Kim stated hugging me too. Owen and Jeff congratulate the both of us. See , you’re all mine now he said. Yeah , you’re mine too I replied  him. He intertwined his palms with mine and we walk to class together. I suppose we have swimming class collectively he said. He I suppose . I answer him. We enter class and have our seats. The trainer came in class and lectures us. After that he supply a pop quiz. I was the first to end, followed by Mason. The bell was rung and we had to separate for our second class. I enter the English class and he simply went over speech writing and letter writing.

Finally, his class was over. It was time for our swimming class and I was going to see Mason. I rush outside and we both rush into each other's  arms. I missed you . we said it collectively and chuckled. Let’s go he said. We went to the faculty large pool and met students already there. We will be swimming here?I asks him. No over there he pointed at the inexperienced water pool. Why? I asks him. Nothing, it’s just that we don’t like to combined among others he said. But I will be swimming in the blue water pool right? I asks him again. No , he said kissing me. You will be my accomplice in each and every activities he said. That’s cool , I said and we pool back. Everyone was already in their swimsuit. The roll was called . Kim was to Owen , I was to Mason . the different guys swim along. It was enjoyable as Mason instruct me how to swim better. I can tell you that he’s good. He’s the nice so far. And in the end the swimming duration  here end. We came out of the pool and Mason took a white clean dry towel and dry my hair with it. 

Follow me he said. I followed him to a location that seem greater like a house. Where is this? I asks him again. my personal house he said. You have a private residence right here in the school? I asks and he nodded. We enter and he took up his shirt leaving his shorts on him. You can take your shower he said. I smiled as I enter the shower. This will be my very first time bathing in a jacuzzi. I fill the jacuzzi with heated water and dip the bathe gel in it. I sat in the bath and did my beauty bath. Babe you’re staying too long. Can I joined you?he shouted. Don’t you dare cone here pervert, I said and heard him chuckle. After more than forty minutes, I was out ,wrap in a white towel . You can put on my tracksuit he said. Oh , you can put my white shirt below it if you like he said kissing my forehead and heading in the shower. I smiled at his cuteness and seem to be at his tracksuit. Cute, I said carrying it. He didn’t nevertheless too lengthy unlike me. He put on his clothes and follow some of his candy scented perfume on me. He plug the hair dryer and dry my hair with it. He took his personal time and dry it area with the aid of section. He then applied grapeseed oil to my hair area by means of section. When he was through. he provide my scalp a massage. He scent my hair and smiled. Your hair smell sweet he said. He took my hair into sections and braided my hair. You’re so accurate at what you do , I told him. Yeah, you’re second girl I do that for he said and my smile fade. That was my mom and now it’s you he stated and my smiled make bigger to 360° It’s lunch time he stated looking at his wrist watch. He pull me nearer and kiss my forehead and start to walk to their restaurant.

Hey guys , I said speaking to the boys. Hi Mrs DE LA Cruz they all chorus. Beautiful, I said while Mason pull chair for me to sit. He fill my plate with fish and a lot of vegetables. I smiled. he took my plate and remove all the bones from it. Open up babe , he said plugging his fork in my fish. I opened up and he gently slide the fish into my mouth. How is it? He asks me. Yummy, I stated chewing it. I feed him back. The guys put their forks and spoon down. Mason flip around. what is it? He asks them. Nothing they stated with their mouth large open. Don’t thought them Mason said. OK , I said and we continue eating. We was through. Mason open a bottle of water and asks me to open my mouth and I did. He put the bottle to my mouth and a drink a content. The guys was nevertheless mute. We stood up and stroll out of their presence.

Mason pov
I experience so joyful being with my woman. We stroll out on these idiots. My smartphone blink and it was texts from my friends. I didn’t be aware that you are romantic Owen said. Gosh , man you make me wanna get a girlfriend Jeff said. Dude you guys are the most beautiful couple ever . Liam said and I smiled. Wow, my brother in law and pal is so caring. Kim said. She’s the only girl pal we have and she’s hell of a problem. I smiled and walk Alicia to her class. See you after faculty babe , I stated kissing her forehead. I went into my own class and commence to look at her picture that I took when she was sleeping. She’s so beautiful. The fundamental wanna see you Mason , a student said. I got up and enter her office. I haven’t viewed you in view that you got here Mr DE LA Cruz , she said. Go straight to the factor Mrs pinkie, I said. Mr Philip had been on a smash given that one week now she said. I understand you’re no longer that kind of kid to do that she added. I didn’t do some thing wrong. Mr Philip hasn’t gotten a wreck and he deserves one so I give it to him. He will nonetheless receive 100%of his earnings and others stuff. I’m now not harming him. I just prefer him to rest like each and every teacher. If you may excuse me , I’m going to class, I informed her. 

I text Mr Philip to return to work if he wants. I simply wanted him to go for leave like each other's  teachers since he in no way getting one before. I enter class and it was boring . I sit down and plug my headset to my phone. I have a big exhibit coming up next month. I left the class and went to my practice ground. I was distracted because I was lacking my woman. Couldn’t pay attention on what I was doing.

Finally the bell long gone and college was dismissed. I quickly got here out and met her standing alone. Hey babe missed me? I ask her. Nah, she said strolling but I pull her returned to me. I brush her lips with mine and she let out a moan. Tell me you miss me. I whispered in her ears. Oh fuck you. You recognize I missed you a lot she said and I Chuckled. Let’s go . I informed her. I opened the door and she enter. You see me to the restaurant she said. OK ma, I answered her. How was your day? I asks her. Fine , she said. How was yours? Fine but miss you. I informed her. Put me right here she said. I stop the automobile and lay back. Babe , take care she said. Won’t you at least hug and kiss me? I asks her. Come on. we kiss for I don’t understand how many times she said. I chuckle due to the fact of the way she made her face. OK just a hug and peck. Fine, she said hugging me. She was about to kiss my cheeks when I turned and kiss her lips instead. I chuckled below the kiss. we pull and she hit my chest playfully. You’re a cheat she said. Tell me you didn’t revel in it ? I asks her and she put her lips in her mouth. See you she said getting down. I love you. I shouted from at the back of her.

Erica pov
I smiled as I come down from the car. I enter and met Raymond at the door. hello Ray. I spoke to him but he ignore me. Who is he?he asks greater than a shout. How are asking about? I asks him. Stop enjoying dumb with me. There’s a guy that drop you off simply now he said. Oh that’s Mason my boyfriend I informed him. Alicia quit playing dumb with me. Are you simply pretending that you don’t see it? See what?I asks him. Stop enjoying dumb with me he said pining me to the wall. Raymond come down I replied  him. Alicia, I fucking love you. Can’t you see how an awful lot I  pay fucking attention to you? We been pals when you consider that we were small. I love you but didn’t discuss due to the fact I felt you were innocent. I continue to be around due to the fact I idea you will pick me when you’re ready. I didn’t understand you will provide your self to that bastard.

My mouth was full. I was shock because I didn’t expect him to do that. He can do it better than me huh? He asks me. What are you talking about? I asks him. Shut up he said undressing my blause from on me. What are you doing? Stop it Raymond, I said however he kept removing my clothes. I begin to battle him however he was too strong. He removed his shirt and I kick him. He slap me and eliminate his trauser. Stop Raymond, please stop. I stated crying. Trust me you are going to revel in mine better than his. Please Raymond please stop it. What has getting into you. Somebody please help me. I begin to shout. Nobody gonna hear you love. He carry his face closer to kiss me but I preserve turning my face around. Behave, you slut he said. I couldn’t fight. My power lost because I didn’t anticipate him. He commence to force my legs open but I close it tight. Only Mason gonna touch me , I stated to myself. I cry silently. Raymond please stop. I pleaded with him. I won’t babe. Now open up before I hit you he said. Hit me for all you can however I can’t and will never opened up. I won’t enable you to have your way. You gonna pay for this huge time. I told him. Who cares? He asks. Oh you gonna care when your ass is lock up in the back of bars. You gonna care when you realize that you was the solely individual taking care of your family. You gonna care when your ass see your family suffering. Your fucking ass gonna rot in penitentiary weather you touch me or not. You gonna pay for what you are doing now. I’m gonna make sure your family pay along with you. 

Shut up and simply open up bitch he said. Your mamma is a bitch. You can sex her if you prefer for all I care. Stop talking he said. I won’t you pussy head.

To be continued...........................