The Clumsy Maid-Episode 3

“Arrgh!” I heard Anderson scream and I rushed to his bathroom. He was fighting with the water. “I can’t see” he screamed more.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 3




I woke up early and shortly head to the bathroom. I took a speedy bathtub and took my enamel paste and utilized on my toothbrush. Within minutes, I was done. I went to the sitting room to easy it. I went to the sitting room and met Anderson and Peter. They didn’t appear to be in a playful mode. I was dusting the chairs when Anderson called me.

“Amanda” he called. “Yes?” I replied.

“Come sit” Peter stated and I went and sat down.“We’ve established you to be our maid” Anderson began. “You’ll have to pay attention to us and do as we say” he said. “Alright. Then. .. that’s not a problem” I said. “Alright. When you’re done, we nevertheless have clothes to be laundered.. and my room desires some serious arranging” Anderson said.

“Mine too. My room also wants to be arranged” Peter introduced and I looked at him. How can it desires to be arranged? The room that was neat yesterday. Let it now not be that they’re taking part in games with me. I went to the kitchen and saw Anderson’s Phone. He must have left it last night when they went to steal the food.

O. M. G! I’m nonetheless with their keys. First things first. I want to know what’s in the phone. ‘please have no password’ I stated persistently to myself. I checked it and lucky, it had no password. I went to the file manager I checked the videos and saw n*ked girls and men. He came in and took the cellphone from me. ‘It’s as short as yours’ I whispered and began mopping. I seen that he has been staring at me. “What?” I questioned. “What is as small as mine?” I asked. “Nothing” I stated and giggled.

He stare at me. “I need a cup of coffee” he stated and left. I had to abandon the mopping and make the espresso for him. I took the espresso to him. He took it and drew a sip from it. I made to leave. 

“Can I get a cup of coffe too?” Peter requested. “Sure” I said and went to his. I came back and gave him the coffee. 

“The espresso is bitter add some sugar to it.” Anderson said. “Ok” I stated and took the cup if espresso from Him. What’s their problem? Gosh! This is frustrating. I added back the cup of espresso for Anderson. “Prepare a heat water for me.” Anderson said. “ok” I replied.

I’ll now educate him a lesson. I went to the kitchen and took a teaspoon of pepper. I went to the lavatory and poured the pepper into the bathtub. I turned on the hot and cold water faucet to make a heat water. He thinks he can frustrate me. Let’s wait and watch. I went back to the sitting room. “I’ve despatched it” I said.

“Alright” he stated and stood up. He wore his slippers and went to his bathroom. I went again to the kitchen. I was mopping and whistling ready for his screams. “Arrgh!” I heard Anderson scream and I rushed to his bathroom. He was fighting with the water. “I can’t see” he screamed more.

Peter ran in. “What Happened?!” Peter asked. “I can’t see… Chilli (pepper)” “What did you do to him?!” Peter yelled at me. Oops! I looked at him. I can see it” I whispered to myself and giggled. “See what?” Peter asked “Nothing” I replied. “Close your eyes Amanda” Peter said and used the towel to wrap his brother. He turned the cold faucet water and washed his face.

“What did you do to me?” Anderson asked. “Add some pepper to your water, it was cold” I said. Anderson came out from the bathtub and groaned. “I’ll deal with you” he stated and ran after me.

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