My Secret Angel-Episode 11

How do I get to Kim now. Kim I’m certainly sorry please forgive me, I want you now.

My Secret Angel-Episode 11

Episode 11

Tyler’s POV

It’s been a week that Christina and I have been in the clinic and today we get to go home. I already dressed up in the garments mom brought for me. Christina, mom and I went home together. I just choose the next day to come so I can spill the beans out of my principal. Mom decorated the residence for our welcome, we ate dinner collectively and I went upstairs to my room to rest. I laid on my mattress imagining how the lady with the sweet voice would look like. I want to know her.

Kim’s POV

We are at the frontage of our house proper now. Saying bye to this residence kinda hurts. I looked at dad and he smiled and held my shoulder. I smiled back at him and we hailed a cab to the new residence we got. We did all the packing the previous day and today is the day we said appropriate bye to the historical house.

Dad used almost all his savings to buy this house although it’s small however it’s comfortable. Dad spoke with my aunt, my mom’s solely sister that lives in Seoul. I would be journeying to Seoul the next day to stay with her. Dad insisted I continue to be there coz he doesn’t want loose me so I agreed.

I’ve done sufficient for Tyler anyway so let me not to be the one to tear he and Christina apart. I can go away knowing thoroughly that my Tyler is safe. I love you Tyler. We reached new house which is a far away from our former one. We entered the house and I head straight to my room.

I started out unpacking my stuffs and I saw Tyler’s picture. I looked at it for a while and remembered what he said. “his name is too expensive and one-of-a-kind to be referred to through me cuz I ain’t worth it and no man would take a second look at me ” I remembered those phrases and laughed to myself as tears kept streaming down my cheeks. I’m not to well worth calling your title but I’m in love with you. I’ve been so stupid you know?

Falling in love with everybody  who will by no means take a second  look at me. Going to Seoul is the exceptional thing. I’ll know someone better  than you Tyler. “haha haha, who am I kidding, I can in no way locate any person better  than you coz you are my first love ” I stated referring to the picture. But don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get over this feelings. I wiped my tears and laid flat on my mattress looking  upward at the ceiling. I just kept on smiling to myself knowing that I did some thing appropriate in my life
* saving someone’s life and not just any person however my first Love’s life*
I kept smiling until I eventually drifted to sleep.

Tyler’s POV

I woke up the next day, freshened up, wore my garments and went downstairs. I was surprised to see Christina downstairs. “hey” I stated smiling. “hi, I got here so we ought to go to faculty together” she stated smiling. I took a seat and ate my breakfast then Christina and I drove to school. “thanks ” I said as we got down from the car. “for what ” she asked. “for giving me a second  chance ” I said and she was “oh it’s nothing ” “yeah it’s something, seeing that you couldn’t switch just blood to your mother when she was ailing however you donated your kidney to me” I said sarcastically.

“Tyler you are different, I love you and that’s why I’m prepared to danger whatever for you ” she stated keeping my left arm. “oh and you don’t love your mom” I said and laughed. “Tyler it’s not like that I ” “it’s OK Christina, you and I comprehend how a lot you love your self and I comprehend you aren’t my donor, how can someone who couldn’t transfer blood to her mother when she needed it donate a kidney to someone who’s now not related to her” I stated smiling. 

“Tyler ” “it’s OK Christina, no grudges but thanks ” I said and left. Christina is my childhood friend and I be aware of everything about her. She’s egocentric and only thinks about her properly being alone. When her mother was sick, the doctor requested Christina to switch blood to her mother however she refused pronouncing she doesn’t have a lot of blood and that she may die. They had to buy the blood transfused to the mom whereas their daughter has the blood needed. So inform me, how can that man or woman that refused to assist her personal mom hazard her life for me. I headed straight to the principal’s office.

Christina’s POV

Tyler didn’t trust something I did or say. I have to make sure Kim lives the city earlier than Tyler finds out. I referred to my guards, you recognize my dad is the minister of schooling right? So he’s got guards. I called two of them that dropped Kim home the day she was operated on. I despatched them to kidnap both Kim and the father.

Tyler’s POV

I barged into the principal’s office barring  knocking. “Tyler ” he said smiling. “who was the character who sang with me at the president daughter’s birthday ” I asked and hit my palm on his desk. “Christina of course ” he said. “don’t you dare lie to me, who is it” I yelled. “it’s Christina ” he stated again. “oh certainly ” I asked. 

I went out and dragged one of the instructors to his office. He looks close to this specific teacher. I held the trainer via her throat and she was gasping for air. “tell me the singer and I’ll let her go however if you don’t, she dies and you die too and I’ll find every other means to find the real singer ” I said breathing  heavily. “le… Let me….. go” the teacher struggled hitting my hand. I looked at the principal  and tightened my grip on her neck. “OK OK let her go I’ll tell you ” he stated however I nodded negatively. “tell me first ” I said. “it’s… It’s Kim, Kim Sertori ” he blurted out. I was shocked up at the name and didn’t even understand when I let go of the teacher. “why do you hold on lying to me ” I yelled. “it's not to lie Tyler, it was Kim who sang behind the scenes ” the instructor stated coughing and keeping her neck. “yes Christina threatened me and instructed me not to let all of us recognize ” the principal  stated and I ran out of the office.

So Kim was the goddess I’ve been looking for? How ought to I’ve been so blind? The character I was looking  for was near to me all along. But do I certainly love Kim? I get concerned  if I don’t see her in school, I steal glances at her in class  and I’m continually completely happy when she’s around. That’s love, I love her. I’ve seen her cry so many instances and some of the tears she shed had been induced by way of me. How do I face the character I humiliated and told she’s not worth calling my name that I love her, will she even hear me?

I sighted Christina and walked up to her. I held her by using the arm and dragged her by the arm to the hall. The corridor is the solely place the whole school will watch. I want to humiliate Christina like I did to Kim. Christina is so evil. I pushed her and she fell to the floor and everybody  gasped. ” I should have acknowledged Christina that you are a satan in sheep clothing, how can you declare another individual else’s voice to be yours ” I asked loud to everyone’s hearing. “you made absolutely everyone believe you sang with me on stage whereas Kim Sertori was the actual singer behind the scenes ” I said and everybody gasped once more then there had been murmurings.

” you didn’t provide her the risk to exhibit the world her stunning voice rather you took all the compliments ” I said and dragged her up. I dug my fingers deeply into her palms and she flinched. ” I curse the day I ever met you and took you as a friend, you are not to well worth being called a friend nor a daughter, you are shameless ” I said and left.

I entered my auto and drove to the clinic where I was operated on. I just hope Kim is not my donor cause if she is then I don’t be know of what I’ll do to myself. I’ve certainly harm Kim a lot. I reached the health facility and went straight to the doctor’s office. “who is my donor ” I requested and he stood up from his seat. ” it it’s Christina Perri ” he said and I jerked him by means of the collar ” I’ll call the law enforcement officials and file a case towards you and Christina already informed me” I yelled and shaked him vigorously. “But Christina was the one who told me to put her name as the donor” he said. “it’s correct you confessed coz I’ve got a recorder in my pocket so just end the confessions and I’ll spare you ” I lied. “well the real donor is Kim Sertori ” he said and I slowly let go of him.

I let the tears pour down my cheeks coz I couldn’t keep them in anymore. I ignore the humans asking me if I was ok as I walked to my car. I got in and sat down.
“why Christina why” I cried and hit my palm on the seat. Kim has been saving me, defending me however I was too egocentric to recognize it. How do I get to Kim now. Kim I’m certainly sorry please forgive me, I want you now.

Kim’s POV

I’m already at the train station and I’m simply waiting for them to move then I’ll say top bye to everything which include Tyler without my dad who will always be in my heart.

To be continued...............