My Secret Angel-Episode 10

Christina? That’s impossible. I know how Christina loves herself and she can not risk her life for anyone.

My Secret Angel-Episode 10

Episode 10

Kim’s POV

Should I go on with the surgery? But Christina will be the one to take all the glory.I don’t care about the fame, Tyler’s life is more important and I have to safe him. If I try to argue, she might punish my dad and even the doctor because I heard her threatening him.

I slightly nodded and she smiled wryly.
I was taken to the ICU and Tyler was brought there too. He was still unconscious or maybe they have given him anesthesia. The doctor injected me with anesthesia and soon everywhere was dark, I slept off.

Christina’s POV

Tyler and Kim are in the ICU right now. I just pray Tyler survives. If that Kim dies then it’s good. After a long hours, the doctor came out. “it was successful ” he said and I smiled. “I will get somebody  to take the girl home and I will dress as the donor and I will be on the bed like I was operated on” I said and he nodded. “but please make sure the girl is well taken care of because she is not supposed to go home now” he said and I agreed. 

I called two of our guards and told them to take her home. I gave them her address and they went.
Well since the day I knew that Kim had a golden voice, I did some investigation about her. I wore a patient gown and laid down in the bed in a ward close to Tyler’s Ward.  

I heard sniffing and then somebody  yelling “where’s my son” Oh Tyler’s mom is here. The door to my ward flew opened and Tyler’s mom came in. I breathed slowly like somebody  who is in pain. “oh Christina, thank you so much for saving my son’s life, I will forever be indebted to you” she said holding my hand. I just smiled like talking was very hard for me. “recover soon so you, me and Tyler can have a get together soon OK ” she said and I nodded then she went out of the ward.

Kim’s POV

I felt a very sharp pain in my abdomen as I slightly blinked my eyes open. I looked around and I was in a car. OMG are they kidnapping me? Did Christina send them? I wanted to sit up and talk but I could not, because I do not have the strength.  I did not even get to see Tyler.

The car stopped at the front of our house and two guys came to the back seat and carried me out. They put me on the floor but my leg could not carry me so I sat on the bare floor. I stared at them and they just jumped in their car and drove off. I held the gate and slowly got up. I opened the gate and went in. 

My dad rushed to me immediately he saw me. ”O my Kim, dad was worried ” he said holding me in his arms. “but what happened to you” he asked but I did not say anything as he took me inside the house . I laid on my bed and told dad everything that happened. “what if I had lost you” he shouted at me. “ah appa, this is me here, I’m not dead ” I said and smiled. ” aigoo, we have to pack out of here, when you are fully recovered ” he said and I nodded. 

I might love Tyler but that doesn’t mean I should involve my dear father. He’s the best dad ever and I can not afford to loose him. I felt sleepy so I slept off.

Christina’s POV

Because of my pretense, I could not know if Tyler is conscious or not. I have to act like somebody  who has been operated on. Once I get out of here, I will give Kim and her poor father some money so they can relocate. So Kim do not get to attend the same school with Tyler.

Tyler’s POV

My eyes was still heavy as I slowly opened them.
My mom was by my side and she smiled when I opened my eyes. “thank God sweetie, you are finally awake ” she said smiling. “who is the donor” I asked because I know I was operated on. “it’s Christina ” she replied, still smiling. Christina? That’s impossible. I know how Christina loves herself and she can not risk her life for anyone, I mean nobody so how is it possible. “are you sure ” I asked still doubting. “yes and she is in her ward” she said and I nodded slightly. 

Whoever it is, even if it is Christina, the person has just gave me a second chance to live. All I want now is to recover and find my goddess. I must find the person who sang with me coz I know for sure it is not Christina. I know exactly who I will ask.  It is my principal of course and if he does not tell me the real singer then I am going to use a forceful way because I feel like they are making me look like a fool. I wonder what they are hiding.

To be continued...............