My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 20

Han Jie was proud of herself for thinking this earlier. In truth, she had organized something worse for later but no need to mention that to her father.

(Test for the Worse) 

Han Feng's yell startled Han Jie. She without delay seemed to the place her father was standing and found that his face was pink with anger whilst looking at her.

His hand was on the wall like he was depending on it for support, whilst the other was on his chest.

"Father! What's wrong? Are you alright?!" Han Jie runs towards him with worry. Her father was properly dressed as standard and in the back of him had been his bodyguards. He was carrying his ordinary pair of costume footwear and a tuxedo, Han Jie mentioned to herself.

"You are going to be the death of me!" Han Feng hissed as he calmed himself down. He was feeling better as his daughter looked stunning just like her mother. "Why do you need to shade your hair?!" He brought via clenched tooth as he tried to assume of some thing positive.

"Woooh! Not bad!" Han Jun commented at the back of Han Feng when he noticed Han Jie's appearance. He was wearing formal attire and looked to be becoming a member of the dinner as well. "Isn't this convenient? I hope I have a double too." He introduced jokingly.

"Hmph! Don't speak to me! Be thankful Snout is not here!" Han Jie snapped right away at Han Jun who simply whistled with each fingers in the air.

Han Jie then looked at her father, "This is not the worse-"

"There is something that could be worse than this?!" Han Feng reduce her off, appalled.

His respiration was extra relaxed now, and he was capable to stand up good without any aid as his tall body seemed down on his daughter, ready for her to drop another bomb.

Ignoring this, "Father! I was supposed to say that if the future husband could not accept Mei Mei like this alone, what do you think will show up to my sister at her worst?" Han Jie declared with fingers crossed over her chest.

Han Jie was proud of herself for thinking this earlier. In truth, she had organized something worse for later but no need to mention that to her father.

Then she added, sounding stubborn, "I agreed to faux to be my sister for tonight. However, I also prefer to test the man and make positive that he will take care of my sister!"

"Do you not have faith in me that I will pick out the fine husbands for both of you?" Han Fen requested amusingly. He silently agreed to her daughter but he was additionally a exact judge of character. After all, a man like that who would personally deal with him before marrying his daughter was someone he prefered as a son-in-law.

Han Jie chuckled nervously. "Why did that sound like you already have a candidate husband for me?" Han Jie requested suspiciously as she followed her father toward the residing room.

"Good evening, Master Han," Bai Min stated bowing when he saw Han Feng. "Thank you for permitting me to remain here."

Han Feng waved his hand to Bai Min like Han Jie did not simply ask him some thing , "Good evening Dr. Bai I hope all is well."

"Father! I was asking you something!" Han Jie reminded while discreetly giving a glare at Bai Min who hid his chuckle. She was standing behind her father like a brat asking for attention.

"The residence will be constant tomorrow, sir. I might not bother you guys by way of then…" Bai Min said respectfully.

In reality, it was Han Jie who was insisting him to stay and he did not want to after all. If he ought to come up with the money for to pay for luxurious cleaning, then getting a inn room of his own to avoid drama was easy. It was nerve-wracking to deal with Han Jie later if he refused to cooperate.

She was like a buddy who would get jealous and complain about not being invited to a party. Then if a pal considerately replied, 'I comprehend you are busy, so I did not bother you.' Han Jie would really reply like this, 'You need to invite me first so I can say no!'

"Doctor Bai, I hope that you did not hear whatever tonight related to our household affairs. You are our visitor and non-public medical doctor for the night, understood?" Han Feng stated severely from the sofa he was sitting. He was looking straight at Bai Min who may want to solely nod in agreement.

"Good. Please watch out for any emergency. I do not choose to have another accident as my daughter tends to have air internal her head." Han Feng commented as if his daughter was not there.

This made the others laugh. Han Jie felt like she was being bullied at that moment.

"Father! Don't ignore me!" She yelled.

Han Feng launched a deep breath, "We will talk about that later. Wear your shoes so we can leave. The dinner will begin in 30 minutes. The company will not wait." Han Feng stated as he stood up and walked first to go out of the room.

To be continued