My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 19

It did not take lengthy for Han Jie to get out of the room. "Guys! Check me out!" she stated immediately.

(Blessings In Disguise) 

"This will take you thousands to clean up!" Han Jie added while she wiped a finger on the messy counter top.

Bai Min at least managed to open all the windows, and let the smoke out of the room gradually.

"Quiet! I can have enough money thousands!" Bai Min glared as he tapped his smartphone with all the frustration that he currently had at that moment.

If viable he desired to choke Han Jie as a substitute of questioning him further. However, that would be murder and unfair and she was correct.

Han Jie was also correct that he wanted to end making an attempt on things in his kitchen. 'At least I can fry eggs…' Bai Min idea dejectedly as he glanced at the recent mess he had created.

Hiring a cleaner would be highly-priced and with how the mess was at that moment, it might purpose a lot.

Flour was all over the place. On the countertop and the floor. There was also flour on the wall. How that passed off would leave all people baffled.

Different ingredients were scattered all over the place. The smoke was mostly from the oven.

"Doctor Bai, what were you cooking?" Jonah asked curiously. There was nonetheless a tray inner the oven and Jonah has no idea what sort of meals was there.

"Oh wait! Bai Min this is perfect!" Han Jie all of sudden stated as she hopped excitedly to the over.

Bai Min paused some thing he was about to say to the telephone and stare at her like she was crazy. While Jonah did not have a properly feeling about this.

Han Jie made sure to wear mittens earlier than she took out what was interior the oven. It was charred and still smoking. "Ah! This cake will save my life!"


(Back in the hotel…) 

Jonah was still having a terrible feeling about this. Han Jie had wanted Bai Min with her. More like she desired to make positive he was there in case something came about to her due to the fact of what Bai Min had cooked.

By the way, it was not a cake; it was supposed to be lasagna. Well, it was before it turned into a lump of coal.

It was a blessing in conceal that Bai Min's residence would take time to be cleaned. It was a desirable excuse to deliver him to the hotel.

'I ought to file this… Just in case right?' Jonah thinking to himself but did not make any strive to call his real boss.

At this time, he and Bai Min were in the living room ready for Han Jie to get out of the room. She refused to have the stylist and the makeup artist that her father had organized to help her.

How did she control to convince her father? Han Jie threatened him, of course, to purpose hassle immediately.

Han Feng just let her be and left the inn suite. Probably to avoid getting his blood strain from rising due to the fact of his anger in the to his daughter.

It did not take lengthy for Han Jie to get out of the room. "Guys! Check me out!" she stated immediately.

Jonah and Bai Min turned their heads in the direction of her path and they were surprised.

Bai Min could not help but laugh. "You seem smoking hot. Like you will be smoking when your father burned you later!"

Han Jie snorted, "He can't. There is no time to substitute me. It will also take years to make some other daughter." She stated after a glance at the wall clock in the living room.

Then Han Jie walked barefeet confidently in the direction of them. Han Jie even turned around like she was showing off herself.

"Not bad, right?" Han Jie asked as she was pulled down her dress.

Bai Min gave her thumbs up. She appeared lovely in her knee-length white tight dress, to which Jonah should agree. It was a high neck type of gown that looks demure with sheer lace as its long sleeves.

It surely appeared proper on her and gave her the air of mystery of class and innocence.

'Heh. With her work? Innocent is the last word to describe her.' Bai Min snickered to himself. Why? Because Han Jie dyed her hair red, which also gave a specific vibe of hidden seductress for some reason.

Bai Min would appear ahead to how Han Feng will react to this.

"Why do you keep pulling the gown down?" Bai Min asked.

"But it's too short!" she wailed quietly.

"You call that short? That what was long for you?"

"Miss, that was how Miss Mei wore her clothes…" Jonah in the end managed to speak. He was more involved certainly for the incoming tournament later.

"Mei Mei wore them. I don't," she snapped returned in reply. Her response gave away that Han Jie was nervous.

"Oh! You are anxious with father's wrath?!" Bai Min poked precisely where it hurt.

"Shut it!" that was the case. Han Jie did make positive although that apart from the pink hair, her father won't be aware some thing amiss.

Bai Min laughed more hard this time. As they were all having fun they failed to notice that some humans had already entered the room.

"Han Jie!"