My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 13

Han Jie was deep in thought, therefore, appearing solemn however she could immediately bet what Jonah wanted to say.

My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 13

(I will scream rape (2)

Manager Shirizawa sputtered and turned red. But the seem on Chu Fan's face brokered no arguments. He turned to go pack his things immediately.

They watched the manager go in a hurry barring a word. If any one could not even treat an unknown girl pretty if he was supposed to be in a high ranking position, what extra with better clients in the future who may want to be a girl as well.

'Damn! That is why some female select to date the same sex despite the male ratio greater in some countries.' Chu Fan idea to himself while questioning about his personal mother and how proud she would be if she discovered about what he just did.

"Thank you," Han Jie said bowing her head respectfully.

"Don't mention it," Chu Fan said seriously. He sincerely hoped if she met Suzuki Kyou once more she would not mention it or do something stupid.

His friend had already been performing differently with Han Jie. Since he was not certain what was their real connection, he may as properly not discuss about the incident again.

However, in reality, he was not scared of his friend, he was extra worried for Shirizawa for being concerned with such a girl who looked to have an eccentric personality.

Chu Fan abruptly remembered something, "Ah! You are a Han right? Are you possibly closely associated to Han Feng?" he asked with a brilliant smile on his face like he had figured something out.

Han Jie felt suspicious of the unexpected question. With the seem to be on Chu Fan's face as well, he appeared so interested in their household making her sense similarly uncomfortable to answer his question.

"No way! Do you assume I should be related to such a grumpy perverted old man?" Han Jie answered with mock denial. "I need to depart now CEO Chu. Thank you once more and it was quality meeting you!" she said before grabbing Jonah to leave immediately.

The poor protect was nonetheless trying to determine out how Han Jie may want to insult her very own father like that. He was so amazed by Han Jie's declaration that Jonah simply let her drag him out of the parking lot.

Chu Fan watched them go and simply let them be. Han Jie clearly made a precise point. There was no way Han Feng would have a very shut relative with Han Jie's personality. He only knew that the old man had two daughters. Both had been not that into the limelight so he never had an opportunity to meet them for my part before.

'I want to take a look at this out some more,' He walked away from her and called his assistant to begin recruiting for a new supervisor and to supply him all the details involving Han Feng's daughters.

Han Jie discreetly grew to become her head around to take a look at if Chu Fan had surely left. Then she launched a deep breath when he finally did.

She released his hold to Jonah and started out to stroll slowly in the direction of the hotel.

"Miss-" Jonah commenced to ask as she quickly followed her.

Han Jie was deep in thought, therefore, appearing solemn however she could immediately bet what Jonah wanted to say.

"Ah. I was simply defending father. Did you see his face? He looks weird. What if he is into guys and has a diagram to be with father? Are you aware of these gay sorts that are into old men?" Han Jie referred to seriously. It was her sincere opinion however if Chu Fan would have recognised about this, he would in all likelihood cough blood from anger.

"Huh? How should you say that miss?" Jonah knew what Han Jie's work was. However, it was nonetheless an unacceptable element to say in particular when touching on to CEOs.

"Hmm! I have the gaydar, okay? Didn't you see how he smiled when he requested about father?" She asked which made Jonah think. Han Jie was thrilled when Jonah subconsciously nodded with a deep frown on his face.

"See?! You also suppose something was wrong right? So yeah, let us make certain to keep him away from father," Han Jie declared.

Jonah was nevertheless skeptical but could solely agree to make Han Jie get out of trouble.

He think that as long as Han Jie was completely happy she would be behaved and simply observe her father's wishes transferring forward.

How incorrect should he be? At that moment, Han Jie was still questioning about escape routes.

After meeting Master Shu she was sidetracked and for a second forgot why she wished to be in the hotel

Firstly, Han Jie did not prefer her sister to have a loveless marriage. Second, the charade that her father wanted should backfire. What if the wedding ceremony was so near but Han Mei was nonetheless not found?

Lastly, it was not good karma to fool people even if there was a way to make matters work.

At this time, she additionally couldn't sabotage the engagement, she loved her sister too a great deal to do that to her. The scandal that they would caused for canceling could cost a lot.

There had to be a way. She would suppose of a way to persuade her father to smash the engagement or persuade her future brother-in-law to ruin it himself. She simply had to meet him first before formulating a plan. 'I bet I have to get extra small print from father first…'