My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 11

Han Jie nodded her head in agreement. She honestly felt horrible and desired to make things right.

My Naughty Fake Bride-chapter 11

(Never Lie Again) 

Han Jie felt like she was dreaming; like time froze suddenly. She blinked a couple of times to make positive that the man standing via the door was not an illusion.

'He is smiling at me?' She asked herself before a shiny smile looked on her face in return to his. Han Jie noticed his enchanting eyes twitch slightly.

At this time, Bai Min was able to free his neck from Han Jie's legs. His face, pink with embarrassment was presently included with his hands, just like Jonah at that moment.

They each sense like burying themselves in the ground to cover from the contemporary situation.

'Why is he even here?' Bai Min asked himself. 'Did Han Jie owe him something? Or plans to sue her for harassment?'

Bai Min glared at Han Jie who was nonetheless in her very own world, blatantly ogling Suzuki Kyou. He just wanted to choke her tiny neck for her being shameless. Or cowl her with something to conceal her crazy, infatuated fan female look.

Probably, if not because of her previous motion of leaping on Suzuki Kyou, would the man bother to drop through in the infirmary?

Bai Min tried to disguise his nervousness. Aside from the reality that they have been caught in a very awkward position, and that it may want to be a stain on his popularity once it spread around, Suzuki Kyou was a shareholder of the resort that he was currently working with.

'I hope I do not lose my job due to the fact of this…' He then released a deep tired sigh as Bai Min should not surely blame Han Jie for appearing dumb and goofy sometimes.

If not due to the fact of her fascination with Suzuki Kyou, would he be capable to enjoy her current manga work? She was additionally capable to assist herself financially due to the fact of it.

'He is also the purpose why Han Jie recovered from her humiliation all through university days…' Bai Min thought to himself, sadly. 'At least, she is not screaming like a youngster right now.'

Clearing his throat, Bai Min tried to talk like nothing happened, "Ahm…Good afternoon right sirs. Please forgive us. My pal is simply joking around. Are all and sundry of you not feeling well?" He asked as a doctor.

"Really? Is she simply joking around?" Suzuki Kyou asked curiously.

"Yes, sir." Bai Min replied, earlier than whispering softly, "Han Jie apologize,"

"Huh? Why?"

"What do you mean why? Just do it." Bai Min insisted via clenched teeth. "Damn you. It is my job that is at stake." He murmured slowly underneath his breath, before taking a rapid glance at Suzuki Kyou to make sure he did not hear it.


The second he did, the door fell on the ground, which startled them.

"Your door is of low quality. With simply one tough push it's already broken.

The lodge must not fee cut on this type of aspect it is too dangerous!" Han Jie commented disapprovingly.

"Ah… Hehe…" Those who noticed how Suzuki Kyou kicked the door chuckled nervously.

"You appear exceptional now, Ms. Han. This is my only warning to you. Do not lie again, or you will get what you deserve." Suzuki Kyou said significantly before leaving her dumbfounded.

'Oh no! She was caught again!' Han Jie realized dejectedly.

"Wah! That hurts!" Han Jie exclaimed after Bai Min pulled her ear. "What do you imply by this?" She requested after she seen that a blanket was around her top body, preserving her from shifting her arms.

"Really?" Bai Min asked with mock fear before pulling both of her ears, intentionally with force to let her feel the pain. "You absolutely need to be disciplined!"

Han Jie, unable to battle returned should only give up. "Enough! Enough! I am sorry!" Tears already ran down her eyes, appearing out was a way for her beg for mercy.

Even Jonah ends up begging Bai Min to stop. He did stop, even though he was aware that her tears were fake. "Stop it. I already instructed you. There are obstacles for everything. Especially your wild imagination." He stated with arms crossed over his chest.

Then he continued, "Now what? It is your first time assembly Suzuki Kyou this close, and you already offended him. He even got here here to check on you and see if you are alright, but it was all a sham. So do the proper element and apologize if you have a risk to see him. And please! Do not act like a stalker!"

Han Jie nodded her head in agreement. She honestly felt horrible and desired to make things right. How ought she let her idol proceed closing upset with her? 'At least, he was not aware of my drawings of him are kinda kinky...'

She was additionally decided to make it up to him even even though undecided of when she would see him again. 'Since he hates lying, then I will continually inform the reality as soon as we meet again. I will simply tell him onset if I want a hug or a kiss.' Han Jie vowed to herself, unaware that she would once more want to lie…