Mad In Love-Episode 6

The dream scared me and I had no other idea but Call the priest.  I doubted he would answer at that hour.......

Mad In Love-Episode 6


" What!  Whatever you cant!"  I shouted, am sure when he was seeing my face he would examine my displeasure." You can not come here dear brother because am not going to be about this whole week.  We haveA workshop in Livingstone and that I left this morning" I went on explaining to my elder brother that Called to let me know he would be seeing with me . " Just lodge at Aunty's place in Matero brother,'m not going to be home"I heard him sigh disappointed.  He called to ask if he can lodge in my location as heWould be working from Lusaka.  When I knew he never liked going to spend, I could not let it Where he grew up from days in our aunty's.

Him unlike me had one home to live in.  Following our parents died leaving the three of us Brother and young sister who died in a road accident that I completed mystudies at CBU.I never really had one place to stay.  I moved from 1 house to another.  Thankfully ourParents left cash and so was a house And our relatives.  Me and my sister went to remain with our uncle in Kapiri.  The moreReason I visited my aunty in Kabwe.My brother went to stay with the sister and he did his research at The University of Zambia, where she studied Economics.

My kid sister do her grade 12 the year she died.  She traveled from Kapiri to go see Our aunty at Matero when she met with her death.Much like I'm complaining, however, our family had not always been that close.  It was largely 1 manFor people and himself never really paid visits to one another except through other and funerals Family gatherings.I had hopped I'd get someone to stick with after I started working but it was difficult to haveAnyone stay with me.  Most of my cousins and nieces chosen to stay closer to their parents and I Finally decided to give up trying to get people live together with me.Only my brother paid me visits the majority of the instances, but this time around I was not ready to sponsor him. Knowing just how controlling he was I wasn't prepared for him to come over especially the room he Slept in was for my Benjamin.  What with the fact that I lived with a stranger,There was no way I would let him see him and wind up taking away the source of my pleasure Per month." Am sorry Brother.  I wish I knew you were coming I could have left the keys to you" I sighedBuilding a tone." lt's okey sis, take care of your self.  I wager I will just lodge at some resort then" he reasoned beforeCutting on the line.

Staying with Benjamin for over 4 weeks actually got .  The medication had Finished and now that I knew the names like before.  I went to some pronounced Chemist and bought them even when it cost me half a thousand.  My Benjamin surprisingly gained some weight and that I could not help admire him."Sleeping?"  As l stood in his bedroom I murmered to myself.  He had not moved out of his roomThat afternoon and that I got worried.It was a weekend and he came out by himself.  I slid from the and drew on the mattress cover Blankets besides him.I felt his body mine that was hot is shifted slightly by him.  I saw him open his eyes and glance." Hey!"  I smiled hoping he'd answer like he did.  But he was.When I felt something rub my leg, I shifted sharply.  I'd wore a skirt and a vest.

" Oh Benjamin! "  I laughed realising he did not have any clothing on that I had noticed was his wayOf sleeping.He turned and looked in my lips smiling slightly."  What?"  I asked looking in his white that was profound Eyes."  Do not tell me you can also be h*rny?"  I laughed not carrying my eyes from his.That I watched him slightly making me and I pushed my hands inside his thighs giggle like I felt himStand harder.I felt the urge to help myself but then I realise I couldn't do that to him especially that he Would know about that later on. My plan didn't work I withdrew my hands but today he had been the one now as me amazed Rubbing his hand.

" Oh Jezz!"  I moaned amazed." We must stop Benjamin" I held his hand but it seemed I had actuated him enough.  He pushedMe back and jumped on top of me." Cease!"  I cried attempting to push him away, but he did not, he pushed his legs apart roughly andPushed himself inside which makes me scream, it was supposed to hurt cause he had been Rough but , I held on to him not wanting him to cease.Like a man he was, he went on thrusting and for a moment I was lost in pleasure." He cried loudly and fall on me as he outdid himself leaving me so powerless my interior felt Sore but great." Oh my God, Benjamin" I sighed my eyes closed because he lay motionless on top of me I could sense his Heart racing.  With my hands I pushed him down and he fall asleep.

" Jen, this is insanity to its center" I whispered as I pulled myself out on the bed pulling downMy small skirt.I sat at the tab as I relived the moment, filled with water.  He surely had everything I had termed a"flawless Tool" and if only he was ordinary, that will make him earn points in love making.I felt guilty.  Like I took advantage of his ailment.  When I talked to, I recalled Some buddy who told me if people had feelings, when I inquired." Yes they have" she'd responded." Have not you heard of tales where mad men and women give birth to some infants.  Meaning they too getH--y and may have sex also."" Well that's humorous" I sighed shaking my head.  I had not believed Benjaimn would feel like performing it with me.  I never had that planned.  All I knew was so maybe was that I loved him Worried about him, but it wasn't my aim to use him for my own personal gain.

What I'd experienced that afternoon, made me realise there was expectation for Benjamin and I had to. Find a means of helping him.I changed my clothes, now lest I tempt, wearing a chitenge and finalised taking my long bath my Benjamin again.I sat in front of the TV and I nearly changed to see some other station whenMy attention was grabbed by something." There will be 21 days of prayer and deliverance in Chelstone Parish.  Come and experience a Signature of God's anointing with dad Lumba" came the ad and I felt fantastic." This is it!"  I whispered loudly." Yes !  God forgive me for my sins and please allow this happen" I prayed loudly as I tookDown the line around the screen.Later that day, I called the priest and partially explained him my situation.  He asked me to proceed and. See him the next day." Thank you so much Father", I told him before hanging out.

This morning I covered my kink hair in and dressed in a skirt and blouse that is Adequate Silk material that is black, liking beautiful although the acceptable look it gave me.Following Mass that I enjoyed as much as it was about committing to love others without conditionLoves us." So young lady, Tell me everything about this man you told me about yesterday" Father LumbaAsked me with a face.I was quiet for a second not knowing where to begin from."  Lt's fine, you can tell everything to me And remember only God will answer your prayers'm only here to help guide you through" hesmiledHe told him everything in the funeral, to the kidnap and everything else in between.  For Another I Thought the guy was thinking I was mad." You are an exceptional girl, I don't know how to describe you.  I can't seem to know What actually compels one to go this way to get a man you hardly know" he sighed seriously." You have a big heart and for that I am certain God will see you through" he included " Amen father" I reacted." Now tell me, what happens if this guy is prayed for and delivered afterward he remembers who he's And leaves you"  He asked and it frightened me. 

To get a Moment I thought possibly having him the way paid off but I thought how greedy IWould be if I allowed these thoughts." All am concerned about is that he gets delivered and treated Father, if he will leave me then I Guess it was intended to be that way" I sighed restraining the tears which threatened to spill. For me and that I cried through the prayer, the priest prayed.  I felt relieved when he was finished and heAsked to deliver Benjamin within the day impossible with God.He told me most of those sicknesses where spiritual and that Benjamin's can be changed by God story.

I got home that afternoon feeling optimistic.  After I unlocked the door, I discovered Benjamin seated murmuring something.  I sat next to him and he looked at me What occurred the day got him to believe he could get romantic with me whenever." No Benjamin not today that was a mistake and we should never do this again, at least until youAre treated, Okey?"  I looked in his face.I could not take the risk of him coming on me again especially after just confessing my sins, so IAdditional valium to his or her food.  

After ingestion he slept." Am not coming for work Kegan, tell the manager for me tommorow.  Something came up and ICan not get the job done."  I asked Kegan to get a favour." Whatever it is I hope shortly it comes to an end result You're always busy with anything it is andAm becoming fade up of you position all my efforts to have some time outside."  He complained." I know my buddy and'm sorry.  However, I know one day I will tell you what's been happening.  Only That I can not at this point"" Sure whatever you say Jen just take care of yourself" he added before hanging out.I began having creepy fantasies of some people needing to Benjamin and kill Me, as I slept.I was scared by the sight of strange looking people.  They were pursuing us and I stood Between Benjamin who had been shaking and these.They scolded me for attempting to stand in their way and I was sure They'll chop me withThe woman who came on me had, but thank God I although a woke up before that occurred.I looked at my telephone panting and sweating.  

The dream scared me and I had no other idea but Call the priest.  I doubted he would answer at that hour, but to my surprise he picked the call Immediately telling me I was having an attack before I could explain to him exactly what I'd dreamt." How did you know Father?"  I inquired " Don't worry my child.  Only bring Benjamin tommorow, the enemy can't succeed.  He knows heis lossing.  Those are just the kicks of a dying horse" he invited and prayed for me.I felt calmer and moved to sleep after checking Benjamin who had been asleep." Let this be over my God" I whispered softly in my own bed.

To be continued...