King Of My Heart-Episode 9

“Please don’t kill him “she begged, her voice sounded so much as Priscilla’s no doubt it’s Priscilla I let go of the bastard and slowly turned around to face her…..

King Of My Heart-Episode 9

Episode 9

Priscilla’s p.o.v
Right now my buddy Ragina has been on my neck on the grounds that this morning I should to go to a club with her, I’ve been pronouncing no but she’s the hard one who doesn’t take no for an answer

You all might be wondering the place I am currently, properly I simply moved back to America from London some months ago…………
After I completed my college I determined to come again to America and face life, I prefer to work and supply for myself. my dad is still over there in London and his still working but my dad by can’t be taking care of me for the rest of his life right?

Am 23 now, and I seem to be greater lovely and elegant than my high school days argnnn…. thinking about that has made me to think about the one person who stole my heart and broke it into million pieces, i thought he loved me but he only used me for a egocentric bet…… I would lie if I say I didn’t miss him, I certainly do however I must bear in mind what he did to me, properly if you prefer to know I don’t have a boyfriend reason guys were on my neck in London but Mystic was better than all of them, I attempt to give one a Chance when he confessed he loves me, though i don’t feel the same for him but I just desired to see if I may want to go on, at a point I started calling my new boyfriend Mystic, he always ask questions and I always keep away from it cuz I don’t know why I kept Making mistake calling him by that name, however I broke up with him due to the fact he  was eager to sleep with me, and each time i ask him to give me time he becomes livid even if mystic had a bet over me, he was not eager to sleep
with me right?. And he doesn’t force me into things, he showed me love and I believed what I noticed and no nothing about the actual deed behind it he was solely pretending and I was willing to give him my virginity.

If I hadn’t find out the truth that night, am positive I would have given him Myself like I promise, i miss him so lots but I must remember he broke my heart, he harm my emotions beyond repair if this was my fate…. I desire I had in no way knew Mystic in the first area cus my heart nonetheless choose him whilst my brain preserve screaming *never* but I am aware the heart doesn’t lie……

He must have even forgotten about me perhaps his even married or engaged to someone, God I all of sudden feel angry at my thought what if his genuinely married, what if his forgotten about me. You fool what, do you think, that he will wait for you? of course his playing himself  so just face your business…..”My idea judged”…..But why do I experience sadness questioning his with another woman? You idiot that’s due to the fact a part of you still love him but your intelligence is telling you no,no no, Prissy you don’t love him anymore…….

My thought screamed at me..I shook my head. “No you're lying..I don’t love him anymore”I said. 
“Hello female friend what are you talking about I asked you to come to a club with me this nighttime but you're saying…*i don’t love him anymore* perhaps is there ghost dwelling in this house with us? Or you’re having a intellectual issue?… Ragina asked.. I all of sudden began laughing, i didn’t recognize i said that out loud “Sorry Ra …I was just in a deep concept by the way about the club, I don’t wanna go ” I said getting up and heading to the kitchen she followed me .

“Common Priscilla,why are you so stubborn because since we cross into America you haven’t attempt to step out except when you're looking for jobs we ought to usually do that right later right?? Let’s go sit back out first”……Ragina begged…….I rolled my eyes she will never give up. “Umm okay ..but I in reality don’t have any club dress” I stated … “Oh frequent Prissy that shouldn’t be a problem, I got the entirety arranged” she said grinning I Chuckled “So umm is that a yes? She asked…. “Do I have a choice? I asked.. “Yeahhhhhh” she jumped up fortunately and I Chuckled. So sincerely she got to force me into this club hmmm Ragina never give up, I assume she’s even right, I certainly must kick back and
forget this latest thought in my head .

I and ragina walked into the club, gosh so many people are here, some are busy dancing while some ladies are straddling some guys, some are making out….. Ragina pulled me to the bartender and order drinks. .. “Whiskey” she shouted for him to hear seeing that the room was crammed with music…. “Isn’t whiskey too strong? I said aloud for her to hear me . “Common prissy you’re so harmless it won’t kill it’s a club, feel free” she said and they gave us the drink…..

Soon we were seated and the music modified gosh I’ve been consuming and I assume am seeing double . “Let’s go dance girl” ragina pulled me up and dragged me to the stage the place the music modified to *tonight by means of usher* and everyone started leaping and screaming as they dance and I and ragina too were dancing so tough nicely I sort of assume am already inebriated bcos am seeing double ragina, let me just drink and dance and overlook my sorrows at least for today…..

Mystic’s p.o.v
Mystic in America, I and my pals walked into the club as everyone was busy dancing *tonight by using usher* the music sincerely lighting fixtures the club. I went to seat down at one of the club couches the fool guys were already gathered by one of a kind women, I started out taking sip from my drink and a lady seductively walked to me . “Hello…” She stated sitting beside me, and pushing her breast out for me to see, i simply chuckled……. All this club women are something else. 

“Handsome why don’t we dance and we can enjoy later if you want” she said when I looked at her face she winked….. I raised an eyebrow at her and smirk, it seem all the women desire Mystic Hensmith how nice, however am no longer in the temper for them Tonight….. “Not tonight lady, you can go away now “I said drinking…. She looks upset . “Okay ” she got up and left…. I Chuckled and began looking at the dancers on dance floor, they had been all dancing to the tune .

Suddenly my eyes caught a lady, she’s dressed with a purple slim equipped gown a little above her knee and her costume is off shoulder her lengthy black hair included her shoulders and she was dancing and swaying her waist like a snake with the music….. Who could this girl be? I strive to see her face well however she’s busy dancing and taking part in her self with a lady as they each moved their hips specifically the lady in red she was moving her hips, god she’s so accurate at it, then a man walked up to her and she turned to him …..and……and …Wait!….what the fuck,! isn’t this Priscilla?..wait! I try to look well…..She’s busy smiling at the man and she seem inebriated bcos she was attempting to steady herself and she laughed when the guy caught her from falling. Her smile it’s like Priscilla am no longer mistaken This is Priscilla…

Then I noticed the man holding her waist and pulling her out of the club, I shortly dropped my glass and accompanied them however when I got to the passage room near to the washroom i couldn’t see them anymore. How can I just loss them, but they got here right ? Am positive the girl I noticed was Priscilla she have to be Priscilla . Maybe am just hallucinating, I turned back to walk into the club when I heard a woman’s voice “No…stop it ” she stated . I turned to follow the voice and I discovered it was the washroom, however I didn’t open it I stood by the door waiting to hear another voice….

“What are you doing….? She asked” Common fantastically girl ,am positive you came right here to enjoy” the man said . “No you have to depart from me” she sounded scared . “No one is Going to hear you here even if you shout princess” the guy said. “No let go off me “she sounded like shes gonna cry… That’s it am going interior . I banged the door open and noticed the bastard foolishly kissing her neck and everywhere why she was attempting to push him away.

I angrily pulled him away and punched his face, and I kept punching him as he fell to the floor, she started out pulling me away… “Please don’t kill him “she begged, her voice sounded so much as Priscilla’s no doubt it’s Priscilla I let go of the bastard and slowly turned around to face her…..

She looked so shocked,her mouth was huge open same goes to her eyes , even though I myself is still started up she’s the one right here, but I had to pretend like am not taken aback or surprised. “Mystic? She whispered. I smirked “Nice to meet you again Priscilla” I stated smirking at her….. She fainted, however I caught her earlier before she fell. Well I bet you will wake up in my house child lady .

To be continued...............