King Of My Heart-Episode 7

when I think about it , it makes me Want to hate her. If you're asking me if I nevertheless love her” nicely I don’t know”......

King Of My Heart-Episode 7

Episode 7


Mystic’s p.o.v
“Hi baby you're awake” I heard the most traumatic voice as I got out of bed staring down at the lady laying on my hotel bed, I thought she had left why is she nonetheless here? “Get your cloths on and get out of here” I said. Walking into the rest room to freshing up I wrapped my towel spherical my waist as I got out, this blonde is nevertheless sitted on my bed, however she’s only in her pant and bra. I gave her a stressful look. “Patra I concept I requested you to leave already? I asked her .

She walked sexily to where I stood and ran her hand on my chest seductively. “Baby why are you so mad this morning, last-night you wouldn’t let me rest” she stated kissing my chest… I pushed her away . “Patra am in no temper for this, just get dressed and go,you nicely understand that we only had sex there’s nothing mutual between us so you can leave now “I said Walking to get my cloths on. “Mystic need you to always remind me am just one of your flings…? Am trying to make you happy.” She stated coming near to me but I used my hand to give up her. “Look Patra you agreed right from the start that we will just be pals with benefits,if you ever assume I will fall in love with you then you're wrong” I stated putting on my shirt .

She frowned. “Look k …I am aware am simply nobody to fulfill your taste, however Mystic just give us a chance and I promise in no way to hurt you” she said . God! Why is this lady so hard . Patra mears is one of my flings I just picked her up from a club one night cause of my hard time making an attempt to get over Priscilla, we slept together and since then she clung to me, we agreed that the solely issue that will be between us is *sex* but currently she started confessing love to me and am no longer into that at all.

My life when I lost Priscilla used to be hell, when I had gotten the information she left I had rushed to the airport that day to see if I could still locate her, I am not even aware of the place she went, when I got there it was stated the airplane already left , so many plane’s left that day so I didn’t understand which one she took I even confirmed her image to the people in case they noticed any one like her, however they all said no, that was when I drove to the club
and wasted myself before my pals got here to pick me. each night, In my desires I see her, she just grew to be something I couldn’t get rid of and if u’re asking,well I don’t comprehend however I bet Priscilla is the solely lady I’ve ever cherished and I haven’t gotten over her yet,it just appear as if all my efforts to forget
her is useless…….Even my family asked me to forget her and go on but I can’t, all I prefer is Priscilla possibly she had forgotten what I told her in the basketball area that day, I had told her anywhere she goes I will locate her even if she runs away, and I bet she ran away so I had to find her but even before I could do that, some thing happened, when I think about it , it makes me Want to hate her.

If you're asking me if I nevertheless love her” nicely I don’t know” however I prefer her again ,and am no longer sure I will be able to forgive her for what she did to me 6yrs ago. “Mystic just give us a chance” Patras voice brought me  back to earth . “Just leave… I can’t provide you what you favor it’s better we stop this now… I don’t want to ever have sex with you again…. let’s just be friends…” I said…… “But I don’t desire to” she said. “Then am sorry… I don’t favor to ever see you again… please go away from my room or better nonetheless the guards will escort you” I said sounding upset now .

She looked at me angrily and started wearing her cloths . “You're so heartless you female whore” she spat angrily. “At least i didn’t beg, you constantly throw your self at me begging for sex” I said…. “You're pervert ” she shouted. “At least i pay you ” I said back..nShe angrily walked out and I sighed. At least that’s felt with ,I got dressed and head to work my private driver Alex, I guess you nevertheless remember him, drove me to my company…..

Am the C.E.O of AHM co-operation,my father passed the business to me when I grew to become 22 am now 24 ,and everything is going easily at the enterprise as my dad entrusted everything to me . I walked into the enterprise and all my employers started greeting me I just nodded and head into my office and removed my swimsuit jacket and rolled my sleeve up I settled down on my seat and I got a knock on the door . “Come in” I said . My secretary Clara walked in.

“Good morning Mr Mystic ,here is your coffee ” she said and placed it down on my desk . “Yeah thanks….umm Clara do I have any business meetings this week? I asked . “Yes sir you have a assembly in Canada with Mr Kendrick patricks at four to 7 concerning the new merger of our organisation sir” She said . “Okay… umm what day is the meeting? I asked…. “You will have to be there the following day sir” She said . “Okay Clara, you may additionally leave” I said. “Yes sir” She left… I picked up my cellphone and called Alex my driver…. “Yes sir” He replied “I need you to ask John to get my personal jet ready, we are heading to Canada for a commercial enterprise meeting” I said . “Right on it sir” he said and I hanged up.

I got busy typing on my computer when all of sudden my door flung open and I looked up quickly to see the bastard who opened my door like that….. Ready to furnace the bastard and I came face to face with ..My fool brother and friends. Austin ,Blake and Ricko . “What…the..fuck…you bastards doing here? I shouted and they all Started laughing… God when ever they all come to my workplace this way….. My workplace turns UPSIDEDOWN.

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