King Of My Heart-Episode 5

I can’t accept as true with this… it was a bet he had a bet with his friends to make me fall for him… I couldn’t preserve the tears anymore . 

King Of My Heart-Episode 5

Episode 5


Woowwww, On the graduation  day all people look so happy, am very joyful . “Happy graduation’s day bestie” judit hugged me . “Happy graduation too judit” I stated happily. Miko met us “happy graduation Priscilla” he hugged me . “Happy graduation  too miko” I said
“I can’t believe high school  is in the end over, I have to get rocking girl” she stated happily Making me to giggle .

“Happy graduations day dear  ” someone stated from behind and I rapidly turn round to see Mystic he looks so good-looking he lifted me up and turn me around and I laughed . “You seem to be so beautiful baby” He said dropping me to my feet……. “Wow you seem handsome too” I said taking out his outfit he look so yummy . “I have something for you” he pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it there lay a very beautiful pear of jewelry shining so vibrant “Wow…it’s beautiful” I said.. “You're putting it on now common” he helped me wore them…. . “It’ suit your costume more” He stated kissing my head . “Awwwn your so romantic Mystic” I kissed his lips . “Common guys it’s time to party” judit saidas and we giggled.

Soon everyone was already called out and we have been worn our medals by our family, and everyone started out dancing, my dad came for the graduation  party even Mystic’s dad and mom they are so lovely, they wished us happy graduation, now I and Mystic is with my dad, his so completely satisfied for us .soon mystic said his going to meet his friends Blake and Ricko so am left with my dad now .

“Angel… I surely need to begin heading to the airport….I want to be there on time so I don’t miss out my flight” he said . “Dad…I would have cherished to escort you,I will without a doubt miss you dad” I stated lamentably . “It’s okay angel…. however make sure you inform Mystic I left already” He said kissing my head I smiled and hugged him. “Am so sorry I won’t be around to rejoice with you till the end, however don’t worry I will continually call you okay” he stated.
“Sure dad” I smiled “I love you” I said . “I love you too” he stated and left … I wiped a tear from my eyes…I will certainly miss my dad . 

Right now am looking for Mystic ,the crowd is too much everyone dancing and singing as I made my way thru them . Just then I bumped into a waiter and the drinks spilled on my
pink gown . “Am so sorry miss… He apologized “It’s ok ” I said and hurried into the washroom to clean it off.

I brought out my small towel from my bag and deepened it in the water to smooth my dress, finally I was done and about to turn when suddenly the school  bully Vanessa Clark’s and her two friends walked in . “So what is the Queen doing in here? Vanessa requested and I just eyed her . I took my bag and about to stroll out of the washroom but she pulled me back . 

“You didn’t hear me ask a question? She asked . I stare at her for a while, shes so full of herself . “What do you want? I aksed folding my hands across my chest . “Well I just prefer to talk to you about something” she stated . “And what is it? I asked . “Well how about I start from your boyfriend Mystic?….i frowned at her . “Well  I don’t know how you will take this however I want to tell you anyway” she said . I stay calm. “You better break up with Mystic cause he doesn’t love you at all have faith in me” she said . 

This lady so Making me irritated who the hell does she suppose she is . “His just using you and he will quickly dumb you trust me ” she said… “No… I don’t agree with you ” I replied. She looked back at her friends “Girls she stated she doesn’t Believe me how naive could you be Priscilla…? She asked. “Oh poor girl…his without a doubt a player you know… I know you have faith him a lot and you won’t be aware of him been deceiving you all along …it was  act and now that his succeeded making you fall for him its hard for you to see the truth, I understand we are enemies but enemies assist one another in times of bother right? Vanessa asked .

This woman is mad how dare she speak about my Mystic like that . “I have no hassle so I don’t want your assist ” I said back . “Wooooo” all of them said . “I assume you need my help woman …cause the guy you so a lot love is using you and you're blinded by using it, if you don’t consider it then take a look at this” she brought out some photographs from her bag and passed it to me .

I gently looked into the picture, Mystic and Vanessa were kissing my heart froze my palms started to shake and the other one of them smiling and hugging. am about to cry i shook my head this real …I threw the pix on the floor . “It’s a lie. this is simply a lie ….Mystic will in no way do this to me he loves me …and his demonstrated it adequate ” I cleaned a tear that drop down on my cheek . Vanessa stared at me and back to her friends.

“You dont believe me right ….okay then.. maybe I blow your idea ….I have another proof and I suppose you left me with no Choice however to show you ” she said. What is this lady doing what does she suggest . “Here” she handed me a digicam and played it and in the digicam Mystic ,,Blake and Ricko were talking…

*Video playing*.

“I just can’t consider the bet  worked” Ricko said. They all smiled . “Me too, I concept she wouldn’t accept really” Blake said . “I told you guys…. no female resist me am handsome and powerful, i told you all I will make her fall in love with me even barring  a bet  and now she’s head over hills in love with me “Mystic said and they all laughed. “Yeah dude you had been right, so terrible you won the bet, if you  have lost I would have been tagging her next” Ricko stated . “And now she look up to you as her God” Blake said. “You can say that again” mystic respond. And they laughed .

*Video stopped*

I can’t accept as true with this… it was a bet he had a bet with his friends to make me fall for him… I couldn’t preserve the tears anymore . 

Vanessa collected the camera, cause I dropped it due to my shaking palms . “Oh…! Shes crying so now you trust me don’t you, your treasured boyfriend had a bet on you to make you fall for him and his gained the bet all thanks to you being a idiot to think he cherished you am so sorry, however now you know the kind of person your so called boyfriend is ” Vanessa mocked .

I couldn’t reply …I was so speechless,i was simply crying, i push her away and ran out of the washroom… I ran out of the graduation  party ….I took a cab to my house… I quickly called my dad .

“Dad am coming to the airport, book my ticket ” I said and cling up . I rushed to my room and organized my cloths took my pet to one of our neighbors with a piece of paper and took a quick
cab to the airport .
“Angel what’s going on? Dad asked I hugged him so tight and could Mystic do this to me, he lied to me he solely desired to use me and he made me a bet among his friends, how could he do this to me .”Dad…” I sobbed. “Did you inform Mystic? He requested . “Dad… please I don’t favor to speak about that now …when we get there I will explain” I stated with a shaking voice . He nodded however I comprehend his so worried. Soon they called for passengers to come in and we head into the plane I sat down and same goes to my dad.

Finally the airplane took off into the air I looked  down via the window am leaving America am seriously leaving…. Why did you do this to me ,I was inclined to stay back for you, however I bet no longer anymore. you have damage me, our Love was all a bet  and that’s why you damage me even when you promised never too. But I will always love you….. You're  still the one I will constantly love.

Goodbye Adams Henry hensmith a.k.a ((Mystic))
And with that i closed my eyes as we left for London.:

To be continued...............