King Of My Heart-Episode 3

King Of My Heart-Episode 3

Episode 3

I woke up early the next morning,and didn’t locate Mystic on the mattress anymore, i turned unhappy at least wouldn’t he had said he was leaving? As I turned to get up I saw a notice on my mattress side stand i took it and opened it up. It says.

* Baby, am sorry I have to leave without  telling you ,I simply didn’t prefer to wake you up ,but yeah! I didn’t forget to kiss your lips, you were deep asleep so I just gave a easy one, I left early purpose I don’t want your dad to come soar on me for sleeping in his daughters room “lolz” I love you baby, see you later .
Your love*

I laughed where he wrote *don’t want your father to soar on me* . I shortly got out of mattress and went to freshing up soon I was prepared for school. I went down dad was already putting breakfast on the desk .
“Morning dad” I kissed his cheek .
“Morning angel how was your night?
Dad asked.
I smiled questioning about Mystic . “It was extraordinary dad” I replied. “Common I made breakfast, seat and have some before  you guys go ” dad stated . I looked at him with burdened eyes what does he imply *you guys*. “Dad” I called  and looking at him. “Why isn’t Mystic down but ,is he nevertheless sleeping? Dad asked
Oh ! My ! World! My eyes have been large in shock, dad saw Mystic?

“Common devour up angel” he said. I gently took a seat however I can’t let go off the Matter . “Umm…dad….did you see Mystic? I aksed to confirm. “Oh angel….are you forgotten I was as young as like you? Dad requested ingesting from his pancake and germ syrup. “But dad… how did you understand he was right here last-night? I asked to confirm. “Alright angel I will inform you ….I noticed mystic climbing the ladder to your balcony via the window ” he replied. And my mouth fell agap,oh my world so dad noticed him ouch this is so embarrassing proper ?

“Dad…you're so unbelievable… so you weren’t sleeping? I requested in awe. “Not truly ….” He chuckled.,I glared at him ” frequent angel devour your meal it will get cold “dad stated taking a chew of his pancake. My dad looks to like Mystic alot isn’t that wonderful? at least i have no hassle being with mystic for the rest of my life .
“Dad…you actually like Mystic don’t you? I requested touching his hand on the table.

My dad stare at me for a while and smiled. “Priscilla…I like Mystic very a lot … absolutely virtually a good deal ” he replied. “It’s nothing honey ,am very certain of your relationship with him.. Mystic is a very proper boy, and I am aware of his seriousness about your relationship, the first time I met him I knew he really is a good boy …I have no hassle with you each together but you must know one element Priscilla , don’t let human beings blind you towards your love for him,so be very careful” he said” dad said and I smiled . I will be ,I love mystic so a good deal . 

Graduation is simply 4days from now . Oh wow ..I guess you ought to be questioning why am so completely happy leaving high school frequent. one desires to grow right?
Right now am Heading to my class when all of sudden I hear someone screaming my name.”prissy” It was judit and miko coming, my two bestfriends in this school.

“What’s wrong guys the total college could hear your scream ” I stated rolling my eyes . “Girl…you won’t consider it, judit already has a boyfriend” miko said taking me by surprise. “Really judit.. you already had a boyfriend its fine … sooner or later you let the shell out ” I stated and they laughed…. 

“His such a cute man prisy and he loves me so plenty he confessed his love to me reading a poem so Romantic” judit said giggling. “Awwwnnnn.., that’s romantic” I said pleased for her . “It’s not fair girls ” miko all at once stated . We each looked at him he was frowning. “What? We both asked . “Why is it that …all the girls I design on asking out Always get a boyfriend….first I challenging a crush on you Priscilla and then Mystic over stepped and took you …I know I wouldn’t be in a position to do anything when it comes to you and Mystic purpose my lifestyles will be ruined…then I started crushing on judit and now she has a boyfriend…and I don’t desire to get beating up …am I actually that bad that all the female run away from me? He aksed pouting.

I and judit started out laughing miko is so dramatic and he behaves like a woman alot perhaps I need to put it as butch . “Seriously guys” he eyes us. “If you wanted us then why didn’t you tell us…why now? Judit requested . “Well…but I’ve told you guys…so?…one of you may want to simply be given me right? Miko asked . We looked at him with large eyes . “Oh my gosh ..Miko”we each said….. He chuckled. “Common can’t I pull your legs again? He asked
We rolled our eyes “Umm Prissy I assume you're needed” miko said and I frowned. I don’t recognize what his saying,his the using his eyes to gesture me to look behind equal goes to judit who was already giggling. “What? I aksed them both . Just then I felt an individual wrapping an arm round my waist, jesus my heart jumped,“Catcha” that was Mystic’s voice miko and judit laughed . I turned to face him and he nearly kissed me I covered my Palm to his mouth as we stare at each other .

Mystic…you shouldn’t do that we are in school remember? I said… But he was just looking at my eyes and my Palm nonetheless covering his mouth I Chuckled.n“We will leave you too love birds now enjoy …” Miko stated and they left . I laughed then I looked at Mystic am nonetheless overlaying his mouth I rapidly took my hand away from his mouth. “Hhahahhahaha…. am sorry ….” I said . He simply smiled and take hold of my hand .

“Mystic where are we going? I aksed him as he pulled me towards the school stairs to the next ground of course our school has about 4 floors . “Am taking you to the roof pinnacle ” he replied.nMy eyes widen , “No Mystic …we can’t go there its against the school precept do you want us to get caught? I requested in awe . He saved pulling me with him climbing the stairs. “Don’t worry baby, am a son to a multi_ billionaire who’s orders all people follows ” he stated proudly. I rolled my eyes . “Mystic you're simply a wealthy boy ,but the school authority has its personal order ” I said . We stopped at the pinnacle of the stairs and he looked  at me. “ father is not Just wealthy ,he has power over the school, and so many different schools infact have you ever askednyourself why the school can’t say a factor about our relationship? He asked . Well I honestly don’t comprehend though. I shook my head saying *No*“Good …that’s because,my dad is the founder of this school” he said and I gasp… “And he gave strict orders about our relationship,anyone who intrude will have him to deal with “he stated proudly again . Oh my this college was build by means of the hensmith family, I can’t consider his so rich, no wonder why people are so jealous of me …am certainly a lucky girl. “So infant ..there’s nothing to be scared of ,let’s go” I smiled and nodded and we went to the roof top. There was a mat on the floor with covered plates bet that’s a lot of meals i looked at Mystic with extensive eyes . “mystic …are we making a feast party today..isn’t this too much ? I requested . “NoP” he stated popping the *P* “We won’t be capable to finish it” I said . “Then we throw it away” he said like it didn’t bother him to waste cash . “mystic ? I aksed looked  at him.

“Common baby. ..let’s seat ” he pulled me and we went to seat, he opened the plate and specific ingredients have been in the three of them . Especially mash potatoes I love them so much . “This is yummy ” I pout like a five years ancient kid he chuckled. “I know… common lets devour ” he stated and feed me I feed him too and we both commenced talking. “Umm..Mystic? I called  “Yes baby” he answered. “Umm…do you ever have a pet? I aksed . He shook his head .
“Nop…I don’t preserve pets why? he asked . Well I truly love pets and I would love to have one, but i don’t recognize how to ask him. “Baby do you favor a pet? He asked . I stare at him for a whilst deliberating if I must tell him or no . “Ummm… actually….” I attempt to say . “Dammit Prissy …why do you constantly look scared asking me for something?…we’ve been courting for four months now and you're nonetheless not courageous adequate to tell me you favor something from me? He requested angrily. I stare at him, he was upset ,and I know…I honestly don’t ask him for matters and he does gets mad alot .

“Ummm…no Mystic…it’s not that …I was just asking…I truly don’t assume I need to have a pet” I lied. “Prisy …..”he called frivolously taking my face in his hands….” I love you so plenty ok? and I will give you some thing you want, just inform me and I will get it at as soon as ” he stated significantly and I smiled. 

God! Am so plenty inlove with this handsome boy.. “So inform me, which pet do you want ? He aksed . “I favor a canine a little cute dog a white one, the furry type, the female ones “I said happily. “It’s done” he said . And I hugged him. “Thank you” i said… “No Priscilla thank you for being my girlfriend” he stated and kissed my forehead. then he took my hand.. “Where are we going? I asked .n“We are going to dance baby …do me the honor my love”he stated looking into my eyes . I blushed “Of course” i said and he put on a track in his telephone I laughed and he drew me near to him by means of my waist and we danced near our bodies Touching each other . Here is that song:

Love me tender, love me sweet
Never let me go
You have made my lifestyles complete
And I love you so
Love me tender, love me true
All my goals fulfilled
For my darlin’, I love you
And I usually will
Love me tender, love me long
Take me to your heart
For it’s there that I belong
And we’ll never part
Love me tender, love me true
All my goals fulfilled
For my darlin’, I love you
And I always will
Love me tender, love me dear
Tell me you are mine
I’ll be yours thru all the years
Till the quit of time
Love me tender, love me true
All my desires fulfilled
For my darlin’, I love you
And I continually will…. 

“I love you Priscilla Methuselah” he whispered.
“I love you too Mystic” I said . “For ever ” he stated . “And ever “I replied and he leaned down and kissed my lips I answered and we kissed each other under the daylight .

To be continued................