King Of My Heart-Episode 26

Then marry me, if you don’t marry me who will? I asked and he began to cough as I Chuckled…. “Priscilla are you proposing to me too? He asked . 

King Of My Heart-Episode 26

Episode 26

Priscilla’s p.o.v
I read the words over and over again like am lost in a dream, I turned to face Mystic only to see him on one knee holding a box with a ring in it, a beautiful looking 24karat diamond ring. “Priscilla “he slowly called as I look into his eyes.

“All my life I’ve loved you, I did not know how it all began , however I knew you were the one for me, so many things has occurred between us, both good and bad however  here we are this day together, when you left me six years ago I thought I was going to get over you however I was lying to myself, even when I was lying down in that medical center bed dying, all my wish was too see you Priscilla.. I never knew my heart will be broken million times before it comes back together again however I just guess all this circumstances that came up was to test our love and to show we were really Destined to be together it’s been six years Priscilla however you're still the one my heart beat for six years and my love has not changed, Priscilla if you don’t marry me now then who will???

I Chuckled at that point as I let the tears of happiness flow down my cheek. “Please.., I don’t think all this talking is  important ”he said and I Chuckled again. “I mean I love you and you love me, so let’s marry…” He said again . And this time I laughed as he chuckled. “Mystic you're so romantic… I can’t believe you practice this in the mirror for so long I mean I thought you were going to ask will you marry me? I laughed saying that…. 

He chuckled. “prissy believe me am still kneeling and I want your answer even if you laugh at me from today to tomorrow as long as I’ve not heard your response we ain't moving from here ” he said and I Chuckled. God Mystic is so funny… “so then, I have something to say too ” I said and he frowned.

So I knelt Infront of him making us kneeling face to face now. “Umm.,Mystic… you know, I was a fool six years ago by running away …I just did not let my brain work that moment cuz I thought you hurt me. after I saw you again in that club, I was really taken aback and…… “You fainted” Mystic replied and we both chuckle. “Yeah fainted, however after I woke up and you told me, … “I did not have sex with you, it’s all part of my plan, I was only trying to get you upset” Mystic said winking me…. My mouth hanged open, so it was a lie all along that means am still a Virgin? “Mystic.. I can’t even …..
“Shhh….” he placed his finger on my lips “continue your sayings” he said and I laughed. “Ok….so I actually was wondering why you were keeping me hostage at a point I was planning to…. “Run away…. I know…. “Mystic…..”I yelled and he chuckled.

I gave him a fake furious look. “I can’t believe you this man” I muttered. “Of course, if I did not make that contract and threatened you am sure you must have plan to run away again…. so I tied you down at Least I deserve the credit…” he said grinning from ear to ear as he smirked at me…. “Okay.. you're right ….well….Mystic….I love you and you love me right? I asked . “Yes? He answered more like a question. “Then marry me, if you don’t marry me who will? I asked and he began to cough as I Chuckled…. “Priscilla are you proposing to me too? He asked . 

“Yes, and if you don’t answer me, we aint moving from here today ” I said and glared at him. “Hmmmm okay however I asked first and besides you don’t even have a ring with you….’ he said . “Ahhhh… yes however I could get the ring later okay..” I said and Mystic smiled . “Priscilla you know we both can’t keep kneeling like this stop putting me under…… “If I don’t marry you who will? I asked and he chuckled. “That’s a yes then” I Chuckled. And he slide the beautiful 24karat ring on my engagement finger , I looked at it and smiled…. “I love you so much Priscilla Methuselah ” he said . “I love you too Adams Henry ((MYSTIC)) hensmith” I said . And he grabbed my face and he kissed my lips deeply… 

Suddenly I started hearing claps…All the light turned on and my eyes widen EVERYBODY Is here. They all shouted congratulations,… I and Mystic stood up as they all came to hug me one after the other . Soon Mystic father popped a bottle of champagne and everyone cheered .. They all got glasses and poured inside “To MYSTIC and PRISCILLA forever ” Mystic’s father said raising his glass in the air everyone did too.. “To Mystic and Priscilla forever” they all shouted together and began clicking their glasses with one another in a toast as everyone began drinking…. Then I saw Ragina blushing, what’s making her blush I turned and saw Austin winked her and she blushed more . “Oh my god! I said. “What’s wrong baby? Mystic asked . “Austin and Ragina? I asked… Mystic just smirked.

To be continued....................
Am blushing too, are you?