King Of My Heart-Episode 17

“WHAT??? They all said…. “Mystic have you, Gone mad? mom shouted . “I can’t think about you let that woman into your living mystic what’s gotten into you have you forgotten.........

King Of My Heart-Episode 17

Episode 17

Priscilla’s p.o.v
It’s been three days now in view that I’ve moved in with Mystic and he's so rude towards me, normally he says nasty things to me like he doesn’t recognize how hurtful it is, I feel as if I was flash so I could just varnish. But how can I even though love him, after all he did he used me, I was definitely a bet amongst him and his friends, but why will he injure me that much? I couldn’t take it and that’s why I

Ragina was amazed when I told her Mystic was my ex that I ran away from years in the past , I explained to her how he tricked me into signing a contract with him for two years, but I sincerely don’t know why his performing like this, I recommend why is he hell bent on holding me here.? Maybe it’s excessive time I confront him about the past but what will show up if he admit he actually bet on me i’ve tried to get over it six years now, will I be able to take it if he says it to my face again??

We had arrived from Canada yesterday evening, and I saved my distance from him, I truely didn’t
want to be close to him cuz it reminds me how he had damage me. Right now am in my room, the room Mystic gave me though, I just freshing up Mystic isn’t home and I wonder the place he had been. My smartphone commenced ringing and I rushed to get it was my dad, I miss him so a lot . “Dad”I called . “Hello angel, how are you? He asked .
“Am extraordinary dad” I stated . “So did you discover out a job? He requested . 
Should I inform my dad I’ve seen Mystic again? I told my dad everything that Vanessa explained to me that day in the washroom, my dad was really upset …he said he did not knew
Mystic could go to that extent, but he was doubting a little that Mystic wouldn’t besides a doubt harm me .
Well I don’t ought to tell him cause he will freak out . “Ummm yeah dad…I did” I said. “So which place are you working? He
asked . “Umm right am working in a restaurant” I lied…. God I experience felt bad lying to him, am not used to it . “Are you being paid proper you know if it will emerge as even though for you, you could come once more to London….” He said.

“How I want I can, then again am being tied down right here if I make a move then Mystic will get me and I don’t want to anticipate of what he could do to me, he's already made me scared can’t take another heartful threat”… “Umm…no dad…am being paid well” I said “Okay angel if you say so I will go back to work now will speak to you later ” he said “Alright dad” I said. “Take care of your self and I love you don’t neglect about that ” he noted . “I love you too dad, bye” I smiled and the cell phone call end. Well I shock the area Jason has gone….

.Mystic’s p.o.v
Right now am at my dad and mother house having lunch with my family. Mom has invited me three days in the preceding to come for dinner and suited proper here I am. “So Mystic how is the company going? My dad asked… “It’s been pleasant day” I answered and suddenly remembered Priscilla I need to tell them about her, they need to know… “So tell us mystic are you planning on getting married at all? Maddie asked and I choked on my drink… They laughed “Maddie …I recommended you dont ask your brother that ” mom warned . “But why “Mystic needs to get married rapidly he's 24 he's already an old man” Maddie mentioned .

God! I love my teen sister alot, she’s just like my mom.”Well I think Maddie is appropriate Mystic when will you bring the lucky lady home? Dad asked… I viewed at them quietly…
*I can’t even love any other woman except Priscilla she’s the only woman I pick alternatively how will you guys react once you hear I’ve gotten her back, well* I mentioned in my mind.. 
“Mystic are you okay? Mom requested . “Umm….. there’s some factor I need to inform you guys” I referred to looking out at them. “Sure”dad said.. “Ummm…’s….” How do I put this that they won’t get mad . “Mystic is there a problem? Mom
asked… “Umm….the actuality is…. Priscilla is
back ” I unexpectedly said And my mom spoon fell from her hand my dad looked at me quietly while maddie gave me an angry face.. “Priscilla?… you mean Priscilla the one we know? Mom asked… I nodded.

“I am surprise why she got here back” Maddie mentioned angrily. “So where is she at the moment and how did you see her? My dad requested . Well I can’t tell them I met her in a club so I have to lie and I pick out to tell them she’s staying with me… “Umm…. I bumped into her at a grocery store” I lied . “And …..ummm….. “And what?.. don’t inform me you still love that female Mystic” Maddie said angrily. “Well she’s staying with me” I mentioned .

“WHAT??? They all said…. “Mystic have you, Gone mad? mom shouted . “I can’t think about you let that woman into your living mystic what’s gotten into you have you forgotten how you nearly died cause of her you should hate her and now not pity her” Maddie stated angrily..
“We are now not together Maddie, I just want to hear the reality from her” I said. Well I won’t inform them I made her sign a contract with me, they are already mad . “mystic I can’t belief after all she did, you barring troubles in many cases taking her back” mom said “Calm down Babianca let’s not blame Priscilla for something yet” my dad stated .

Mom gave him an aggravated look to be . “What do you advise Timmy, you know so appropriate how Mystic suffered cause of that girl he nearly died and you are pronouncing I shouldn’t blame her? Mom requested angrily. “Yes dad why shouldn’t we blame her she harm mystic and toy with his heart and except a doubt ran away and suddenly showed up after six years and you say it’s not adequate to Blame her? Maddie mentioned angrily too… Oh god, this was why I didn’t want to inform them, I knew mother and Maddie will get so livid about

“Mystic I choose her out of your mansion ” mother shouted . “Yes I agree ” Maddie said.. “Maddie? Dad warned . “Dad don’t inform me you support mystic to preserve that heartless girl with him” Maddie said.. “Maddie we pick out to hear Priscilla out first until now than we take this personal. we opt for to be conscious of what Really made her to go away if we blame her for all this then we ain't doing justice at all” dad said. Thank goodness at least dad is not
taking it seriously… “Have you requested her why she left years ago? Dad requested . “Not but dad am in fact then again mad at her..” I replied. “Well you pick out to ask her and tell her to depart shortly mystic ” my mom said with a challenging voice . 

Gosh! when my mother become irritated it really goes bad… “Babianca am amazed, our son knows what he's doing truely don’t let your anger push you too far” dad said. “I certainly can’t believe this” Maddie muttered. “I’ve lost my appetite” mother said and stood up angrily and walked out of the dinning room. “M_mo….. “Just let her be Mystic, she’s just upset I will talk to her later you know how your mom is as rapidly as she gets angry” dad said. I nodded . 

“Well.. I then once more don’t take shipping of her dad…she’s nothing on the other hand a heartless heart breaker…. I hate her for what she did to mystic if no longer for God, mystic would had been lifeless now. I can’t even agree with you to proceed to be with her after everything. this is so crazy am out of here” Maddie noted and angrily left………. I knew it now mom and Maddie are upset with me . Dad touched my arm and I looked up at him. “Just let them be mystic they are just girl they don’t understand how we guys time out as quickly as we are madly in love ….I understand you still have feelings for her am nice That’s why you saved her with you” Dad said.

“Dad I dont genuinely comprehend on the different hand seeing her as soon after all this year’s I still realize i love her regardless of the pain she precipitated me I just…. “mystic I apprehend you, agree with me,no ount of harm you received from the one you love dearly you will constantly love that person.” Dad referred to and I except a doubt looked at him . “Thanks dad…’ I said… “Mystic when will you ask her? He asked . “I don’t surely apprehend however dad what do you agree with I ought to do? I asked… “mystic… I will advice you to ask her. you guys desire to treat this issue,I have have faith you, you’re my son and I am aware of you learnt top from me so do what’s ideal son” dad said. “Thanks dad, I will do what you have requested me to” I said “No problem” he smiled at me .

Am so comfy dad at least supported me now I will have to confront priscilla about this and she better has a right explanation for leaving
me…. “Dad..,I’d go as quickly now. I no matter the truth that need to meet with Austin and my
friends” I said. “No trouble do they know about
Priscilla yet? He asked “No dad. I will inform them as shortly as I see them” I said.. “Alright son…” Dad stated and we both stood up and hugged and I left . I guess the time has come …. My dad’s suggestion is often right.

To be continued...............