King Of My Heart-Episode 14

He looked into the file and his smile widened. “Very happy Priscilla…. welcome to 2years contract working for me” he said.

King Of My Heart-Episode 14

Episode 14

Mystic’s p.o.v
I caged her to my office wall as I held her each arms above her head she looked at me with vast eyes the anger in my eyes was surly visible. “L _let g_go of m_me” she shrugged. “Not untill you quit acting like a youngster and work for me” i stated sternly. “I won’t work for you never” she shouted. I smirked at her.

“Priscilla you recognize I could to break you with just a snap of my finger if you refuse to work for me, I will make sure you never get hire in any other organisation you got aware am very effective and I could to turned you to dust so are you nevertheless gonna argue with me?. I asked. Moving my face very closer to her, rattling, I experience like kissing those sexy lips of hers, our nose nearly touching. “I hate you Mystic….I hate you” she struggled but I didn’t let go of her . “No you don’t. child, you can by no means hate me even if you try.” I stated . And with that i smashed my lips with hers tasting her for all the long lost years we in no way saw each other, for all the years she ran away from me she broke my heart, she refused to open up for me so I pressed into her making her gasp and I kiss her possessively, my needs for her was  simply too strong. But how can I nonetheless love her, seeing her once more made me realise i simply love her so much. And I’ve not stopped loving her.

She refused to respond so I squeezed her waist and she gasped and I had get right of entry to thrust my tongue into her mouth ,I kissed her like my life depended on it and sonner she gave in kissing me passionately just the way I want it. Only if she knew how I nearly died cuz she left me , and I won’t ask her why she left me yet however I will do what I have to. I pulled away from her and let go off her.. She looks like she was  going to cry every time soon, I touched her hair gently and she looked away from me, I signed and move back.

“Priscilla just do what i ask you to do and besides I know you clearly need a job overlook I was your ex and work for me “I stated attempting to calm the excessive pitch of my voice , she looked up at me. “Why do you pick me? you could always get all people you want to work for you. You’re behaving like you owned me” she yelled “If that’s what you name it” I said and picked up the file from my desk . “Take this and sign it ” I ordered she looked at me and to the file and back to me once more .

“What’s this and why should I sign it? ” she asked . “Your settlement that you will turn out to be my P.A” I said and she refused to gather it . “I won’t sign anything” she says searching away . “Priscilla it seems you have forgotten I could break your complete life with just a snap of my finger, do what I ask you to do if you work for me for a week and you don’t like the job then you're free to go ” I said…. I was lying, i just desire her to sign the paper.

Priscilla’s p.o.v
“If you work for me for a week and you don’t like the job then you're free to go” he said . I looked at him… need I accept this job at least once the week is over I will run away for good right?. “Priscilla I will pay you …I’ve been looking for a P.A given that however couldn’t discover a higher character appropriate for the job that’s why am picking you” he said . But why me, he could discover anybody else right?? “But why me, couldn’t you find anybody else? I asked… “I could however I comprehend you will be proper for this job, have you forgotten we attended the same highschool, I was aware of you too properly Priscilla” he said.

I looked at him angrily, he's reminding me of my past how dare him… I so desire to confront him for having a bet with his friends on me but I won’t, except he doesn’t even care I left because he would had ask me why I left right? Am positive he even knew why I left ….. “Okay” I stated and he smiled . “But I won’t sign the file” i stated and his smile varnished.

“Why? you have to, it will exhibit to me that you won’t run away before a week” he said. “I won’t run to anywhere. I wiil by no means run away however I won’t sign it” I said. “All my employers sign before they work for me, so you have no choice but too” he stated sternly. I rolled my eyes and grasp the file from him and I opened to study it, just a week and I will get away from this asshole…. “Why are you reading it? He requested . I looked at him confused. “Am supposed to examine it” I said… “I need to read what am signing” I added… “There’s no need to study it Priscilla…just sign on it, or are you scared? He asked..

I gave him a very difficult disturbing look he was smirking. “Why would I be scared? I requested him . “I don’t comprehend it indicates me you're scared” he replied. Am not scared of him or am I possibly due to the fact he threatened me if I don’t work for him he won’t let me have a job in other places and his so effective he could to do it “Am not scared of you” I lied….. “If you're not scared then show it sign the file ” he said. I looked at him angrily and walked to his desk snatch a pen and quickly signed on it . I faced him and threw the file on him but he caught it . “Happy now? I yelled .He smirked.

He looked into the file and his smile widened. “Very happy Priscilla…. welcome to 2years contract working for me” he said. And my eyes popped open my mouth hanged open and my respiration stopped. Mystic had tricked me. 

To be continued..........