King Of My Heart-Episode 11

Oh Priscilla ,you made a mistake running away from me, solely if you knew what I went through however time shall tell.

King Of My Heart-Episode 11

Episode 11

Priscilla’s p.o.v
Am I dreaming, was it Mystic I saw, what’s going on, perhaps it’s simply a dream let me simply wake up…. I gently opened one of my eyes and looked round the room. This is not my house, where am I ? And what am I doing here? my second eyes flew open. I shortly sat up, am so scared I hope the Mystic’s stuff was all a dream, Oh God my hallucination is playing hints on me again, I slap my cheek lightly, it can’t be Mystic, there’s no way I would had seen him, I took a deep breath and attempt to get out of the mattress however stopped when I saw who was by the door staring carefully at me……

Oh my God, it’s no longer a dream Mystic is leaning on the door staring at me, he was smirking at me, his fingers tucked in his pocket. No no no no, wake up, simply wake up this is a dream I mentally slap myself and blink one two three times no…it’s not a dream his nonetheless standing there, this is actual, oh my world. And now he's coming, he's coming closer to the mattress i moved back, as I clenched the mattress sheet tight, he's still coming, oh my! where do I run too, I looked round the room it’s just me and him, God why am I so scared? is it the effect of seeing him for the first time after 6 year’s? he sat on the mattress but his eyes still on me, i looked down fending off his eyes.

Oh however I couldn’t help but take a look at him, he looks so good-looking than before,he's so looking fresh, his broad-shouldered is so in general and did I say he appears hot? Well he is,however am amazed his eyes haven’t modified its nevertheless the same, the eyes I do seem to be at six years ago however his eyes held lies, how I desire I by no means see him once more but no his simply here how can my fate carry me face to face with him again? Am now not even ready…

“It’s a nice you're wakeful now baby” he said…

His voice is so deep and sexy, oh I truly miss him I experience like hugging him…. Just superb Priscilla, have you forgotten how he used you as a bet with his friends? my thinking screamed at me… No, i hate him, he can go to hell.

“Last-night was amazing…” He said and I rapidly looked up at him he was smirking. What does he imply by last-night was amazing?

He was staring at my body lustfully, I got the hint I quickly seemed at myself . My eyes shut out like electric powered Bob, am no longer carrying my gown am dressed in an over sized T.shirt, oh my god! This must be his, Calm down Priscilla you didn’t just loss your virginity did you? Oh my gosh! “W_w_what do you m_mean? I stammered. He smirked.” Am sure you know what I mean” he scan my body and licked his bottom lip… “last-night used to be exceptional cuz we did what two adults do” he said…. And my heart froze, no mystic didn’t. he's mendacity but am not in my dress, did we have sex?…oh my world! I shortly covered my mouth with my shaking hands. “Why do you look so scared is it that you're shock to see me again …or the truth that we had intercourse last-night? He Asked, a tone of mockery behind. I started crying silently as my heart broke, he took my virginity. “How dare you bastard” I screamed as i rushed him however he caught me….

Mystic ‘s p.o.v
I certainly lied to her about having sex with her, she appears so harmless she doesn’t even comprehend I didn’t sleep in this room last-night, possibly because she was inebriated and fainted she can’t consider all that befell. in my thinking am laughing out my ribcage. She rushed me however I seize her…. “Why did you do this to me you bastard” she shouted I held her both hands collectively so she won’t hit me as she struggled.

“Oh Priscilla, however you have been the one begging me last-night that you desired it…. I thought is your way of saying we meet once more Mystic” I mocked… She pushed me and got up shortly from the bed wiping her tears and started out looking around, I guess her dress, i couldn’t help however stare at her uncovered leg, damn she fuckin look’s sexy.  “If you’re looking for your dress then am sorry, it’s in the wash,I mean i threw it away” I lied. She looked at me shocked.

“So how am I gonna go home? She shouted . “Home? what home? the one you traveled to 6yrs ago or the one you ran away from 6yrs ago or have to I say 7?” I requested observing her intently….. “What else do you want haven’t you gotten what you desired already, we already had sex, let me go” she shouted. I got up from the bed and walked towards her she backed away every step I took ahead she took backward untill her body hit the wall I caged her to it and looked down at her she looked up at me trying to push me away however I pressed her on. the wall harder and she stopped. “Priscilla you certainly think you could run for ever right?…it looks after all this year’s you have been enjoying hide and seek with me ” I spoke calmly as I took one strad of her hair and twisted at the tip of my finger she looked at how I was taking part in with her hair and turned at me….

“It’s been a long time already, so you need to let me go now… I don’t want to see your face” she said….. I smirked. “prissy do you suppose am Willing to let you run away again? I aksed…. She looked irritated . “You did that before however now not anymore” I whispered and kissed her neck she attempt to get away from me and she shivered as my breathe fan her neck with my nose nuzzling her, I kissed her neck as I pulled her on me tight, she moaned as I suck on her neck, rattling I miss her so much… 

“Let…go…” she tries to push me away however i didn’t stop, I held her hand tight her respiration was turning into hard. “You’ve Really modified Priscilla” I kissed to her jaw and she moaned at least i understand my contact still has some effects on her..”you in reality modified you seem so beautiful now and you're glowing” I whispered in her ear and kissed it she moaned and i smirked

She remained calm when I looked Down at her her eyes had been tightly closed I stroke her hair gently and leand down to give her a light kiss on the lips she froze when I did it I smirked, then moved away from her.. “Priscilla” I called  and she shortly opened her eyes . “Go take your bath and costume into the outfit I will send to your room quickly ….” I said and was Heading out when she stopped me .

“I don’t prefer to stay here….I don’t need to take my bathtub here I simply prefer get out of here “she shouted, oh so now she vot the voice to shout when few Minutes in the past she was shaking. I turned again to her and looked at her from head to toe, she appeared funny with the way she stood with fist bawled like she. was getting prepared to punch me, I smirked, am I allowed to say she looks rattling humorous right now? Well she is….

“Sorry however no” I stated . “But you can’t keep me here” she yelled. “Oh sure I can Priscilla now go take your bath and do as I say and it was best seeing you again, and thanks for the.” I winked her, her face turned crimson getting me I opened the door and left the room….. “YOU BASTARD” she shouted I Chuckled “YOU'RE WELCOME” I yelled returned .

Oh Priscilla ,you made a mistake running away from me, solely if you knew what I went through however time shall tell.

To be continued.
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