King Of My Heart-Episode 10

I guess she’s nevertheless startled from seeing me ….. I gently lay her on my king measurement bed and stood looking at her.

King Of My Heart-Episode 10

Episode 10

Mystic’s p.o.v
I introduced her out of my vehicle and took her into my notorious mansion in a bridal continue to be considering the fact that I guess she’s nevertheless startled from seeing me ….. I gently lay her on my king measurement bed and stood looking at her.

She appears so beautiful, i can’t consider Priscilla is right Infront of me, I knew she would come again to America one day however why did it take so long. Her hair is a good deal longer than before, she looks so stunning and fascinating I felt my heart skipped a beat as I watch her beautiful foam sleeping peacefully on my mattress . I gently bend down and Remove her shoe from her foot and region them down beside the bed, how do I get her out of this dress? Am certain if she wakes up she will finish me by way of cutting my head and feed it to the vultures….. I gently touched her face and cheek,her skin is so easy ,her lashes have been long and tick did she restoration it? Or its natural? Her lips is pink and inviting. I experience like kissing her right now . Why did she depart me? Did I do something to her? Or speak she end loving me, Priscilla you truly made a mistake running from me, you assume you will disguise for ever however you're incorrect ,now your lying on my mattress in my house, sleep Priscilla reason by the time you wake up, you won’t accept as true with Mystic is proper Infront of you, you must get Ready to faint again……… With that i smirked and went downstairs after overlaying her with the blanket, my maid julia she’s about 45 or so she’s just
like my second  mother . And I love her so much, however she’s not usually here she solely comes to go to me some instances and she does assist me cook since am a lazy cook dinner and busy individual when it comes to business.

“Mystic_boy how are you? She asked I smiled at her . “Good mother Julia ummm…can you go to my room and help me change Priscilla? I said…. Well if you're wondering how mom Julia knows about Priscilla I informed her the story when she commenced working for me, she gave me encouragement that I will see Priscilla again and here she is. She looked  taken aback or surprised as I referred to the name… “Which Priscilla the one you talked about or any other one? She asked and I Chuckled…. “My high college girlfriend” I stated and her mouth dropped open…... “You  later found her? she requested happily and I nodded . “Wow am so happy” she stated hugging me . “But mom Julia I want your help now that she’s back again… I desire to make positive I teach her a lesson” I said….. Yes I virtually favor to educate her a lesson,she simply put me in pain, if you're thinking about the pain I mean, let me inform you now ,after 5 days of Priscilla’s absent, I got drunk once more and in the spot I got into my car, I was so frustrated I simply needed to hear her voice, I simply desired her to inform me why she left, I called her however it always switched off, i got irritated and pieces my smartphone as I threw it out of the Window of my car And then I started driving, i was seeing double as I stored using to go back home then abruptly a car was in a excessive speed coming from the the front it was already late ,I strive to pull over but the vehicle looked as if it was three coming in a race, I got confused and didn’t aware of which way to take, I try to pull my breaks however to no avail as I try it wasnt stopping earlier before I should know what befell the lights went off and darkness came upon me .

I don’t know how it came about but when I woke up my household informed me i’ve been in a coma for 6months at first I wasn't breathing and they thought i died only for my heart display to beep once more indicating I was nonetheless alive…… I only was gratful I didn’t have a loss of memory, i could nonetheless have in mind all that happened, i was drunk and my car crushed with another…. Since then my family had been so mad at Priscilla specifically my sister Josephine, but my mother she nonetheless says we shouldn’t blame Priscilla but that she might have a reason why she left…..
Well back to present, at least am still alive am  not dead, I and Priscilla have UNFINISHED BUSINESS to talk about and now she’s right here let the race begin…… 
“So mom Julia what do you think? I requested her. “Mystic do what your heart says if you favor to punish her do it, if you desire her to inform you the reality this on the spot do it.. you will constantly make the right decisions my son” she said touching my cheek I smiled . “Alright i will go for the first I desire to punish her” I said. “okay” she said. “So please help me change her” I stated . “Sure? She said and left . 

I rapidly brought out my phone and called Clara my secretary. “Evening Mr Mystic” she said . “Hello Clara I need you to open your laptop right now I want to send some important points of some thing to you make it as a contract” I stated . “Sure sir am waiting to acquire it” she said . “Good as soon as I reach the office tomorrow hand it to me make positive you don’t make any mistakes” I said…. “You can believe me sir” she stated and I smirked “Good goodnight” I said. “Night to you too sir” she stated and I hanged up. I smiled to my self, a while later I sat at the bar stool of my house having a drink, I couldn’t assist however think Priscilla was up in my room at the moment, I’ve waited to see her for a very lengthy time, just why did she continue to be away for so long? I got up from the bar with the wine glass in my hand and head towards my portray room, where I had made an artwork work of her, I looked at the picture’s one after the other, I smiled she
really changed, she look’s extra stunning than before, her hair longer and more curly , then her shape? Damn , Priscilla appears so stunning than her teen-age time, I need to make a new art work of her present self. Walking out of the room i met Julia heading down the stairs. “Oh Mystic she’s so beautiful” she said and i smiled. “Yeah, more than before ” I smiled “She reminds me of when I was simply as little as her, I was the eye for each and every guy, now I know why you couldn’t let go off her, she’s a diamond ” Julia said touching my cheek . “But she gave up on us mother Julia , I was inclined to do something for her, I dealt with her as a diamond, however I bet i was nothing to her “I said unfortunately remembering what I’ve gone through.

“Son, human beings make mistakes, and am not everyone to decide but apart from your issues now , untill you locate her motive for leaving” she said . I rubbed my nape. “Yeah ” I took a deep breath ” thanks for changing her “I said and she smiled. “It’s not a problem, I must get going now and end ingesting too a good deal before you get drunk” she stated and i Chuckled, I kissed her cheek . 

After she left I went to my room and there lay my one and only beauty, I leaned on the door staring at her for how long before moving toward her, as soon as I reached the mattress i leaned down and touched her hair, then I kissed her forehead, God i miss her so rattling much, her scent is still the equal so intoxicating, I couldn’t help but muzzle her neck she sighed. I can’t consider am This soft towards her, where was the anger in me now? I was like as soon as I get a hold of her perhaps I’d choke her, yell at her or do some thing terrible, however now seeing made me weak, Priscilla constantly makes me weak……

I moved away from her , after freshing up and changing i looked  at her For the ultimate time before leaving the room… I need to sleep at the other room, it won’t be excellent if we share that bed due to our States, tomorrow we will have a talk.

To be continued.....................