High School Love- chapter 27

“There is a electric gadgets in andra pool”she said and I was shocked. “What!!!! “Chris said.

High School Love- chapter 27

????CHAPTER 27????

????ANDRA POV????
Competition day is here.
“I feel relieved”i shout.
“When you recognize you will be the queen soon”kelly stated in the back of me as he use hand to hold my shoulder.
“Nobody is aware of the winner for now”i said.
“But I do”he replied me.

????ELLIE POV????
Now we are at it.Andra be equipped for your downfall I make positive I plot the whole thing and the entirety is set, the electric powered device is inside her pool she get in and get eletrocuted….who cares….

????CARA POV????
I nevertheless can’t believe ellie is this wicked. But I have to do some thing about this quickly andra would possibly die.

????SMITH POV????
I watch as each person is talking about who will win the competition however deep inner me I recognize some thing is wrong.
“Hi”i heard from my lower back I turn to see a girl short with a blonde hair.
“Hi”i stated back.
“Am cara”she said. And who tell her I choose friendship.
“Okay”i replied her.
“Am not here to make buddies however simply prefer to inform you about some thing vital that contain andra’s life”she said and I rapidly turn to him I feel this because I feel some thing is incorrect somewhere and also my dream.
“What is that”i asked her.
“We can talk here due to the fact Ellie would possibly see me”she replied.
“Alright but I have to call one of my bro”i said.
“No problem”she replied me. I take my smartphone and call chris to know where he is, I and the lady touring him up and we subsequently see him,then we go to the college backyard to talk.

“Am sorry about this however I don’t prefer you guys to see me as a horrific friend due to the fact have promise Ellie I will not inform anybody,but this is beyond me it involve life”Cara said.
“Just inform us”chris replied him.
“There is a electric gadgets in andra pool”she said and I was shocked.
“What!!!! “Chris said
“Who plot this? ”i said.
“Ellie….i mean ellie and i”cara stated as she face down.
“Gosh”i said.
“How can we put off this”chris said.
“Only Ellie is aware of that”cara stated still looking  down.
“But why did you do this? ”i stated then she face up and to my surprise she is crying this shows she is sorry.
“It was jealousy”she said.
“But I can’t face this again”cara said.
“What are we going to do now the competition will begin in the subsequent 10 minutes”chris said.
“Let inform Micheal and Kelly”i said.
“We can’t inform andra she will be afraid”i said.
“Don’t let andra get into that pool please”cara said still crying.

????ELLIE POV????
I watch as cara and andra siblings get out of the swimming pool house.What is cara doing with them I have faith in her though, she can’t betray me maybe this is additionally phase of her plan so our plan will walk. I checked my wrist watch 9 minutes to the competition, I smile.

????SMITH POV????
We returned to the pool I assume I know how to put off the gadgets when you consider that I have the energy to but I just have to do it in a sort way. I TURN TO THE POOL.

????LEYA POV????
Gosh we that are in are now geared up in our swimming fabric I assume in the subsequent 5 minutes we will start.
“Are you nervous”andra said.
“Am not this not my first time though “I replied her.
“And you? ”i said.
“Kinda of”she stated as she stroll to my front and I put my two arms on her shoulders.
“You get nothing to fear about dear”i said as she nod.

????CARA POV ????
I watch as they line up to this pool. No we have not do away with it yet how will this happen….no I must do some thing. I flip to ellie as she smile to me and I smile back. Ellie why are you so wicked.
But I must not let andra enter this pool.
“SET”they all bend down equipped to dive…..gosh.
I run to Andra pool and dive in.
I can’t swim but I have to do this.
The recollections of I and my mom push into the pool with by her buddy come to my view.

????FLASH BACK ????
“Mommy don’t go away from me”i shout. I watch as my Mom drown into the pool.
Everything went blank.

????ANDRA POV????
why did Cara dive into the pool like that is this phase of there plans.

????ELLIE POV????
What the hell was that did cara want to die. Why will she betray me.

????CHRIS POV????
I watch as Cara dive into the pool earlier before Andra, did she favor to die? 

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