High School Love- chapter 26

“We are done”that was andra voice. I flip to see her in the cloth….geez pink color shot tross and a top that did not cover her stomach finish those hips. This is hot.

High School Love- chapter 26

????CHAPTER 26????

????ANDRA POV ????

Getting to school today Ellie greeting was kinda too pleasant. Why did she greet me like that maybe she did not know that have registered for the swimming competition or what.
“What are you thinking”kelly stated as he lean on my locker.
“It is about ellie”i said.
“What's wrong”he replied .
“The way she greet me this morning is very good”i said.
“Then you need to be joyful she is making an attempt to make new friends”he said.
“Kelly,am certain she did not understand have register for the competition”i said.
“No andra whenever each person register for the competition  after the master ellie will be the second character to be aware, so am certain she have recognize about it”kelly said.
“Hmm…. But the greetings was kinda too much”i said.
“Like I stated until now don’t assume about it she is just making an attempt to be cool with you”he replied  me.
“Hmmmm”i said
“babe just end bothering yourself about it”he stated as he use his two good-looking to cup my check.
“Stop that am not a baby”i said.
“To others, to me you are a baby”he replied  me. What a humorous guy I have got.

????KELLY POV????
Ellie is up to some thing I have to watch her how I just said that the entirety is ok because I don’t desire andra to suppose too much.

????ELLIE POV????
Poor andra.

????LEYA POV ????
Everybody is preparing for the competition including me andra stated I simply have to do my fine but this is what have been attempting before she come to lil high school I can’t win ellie however I simply have to take part too.
A junior pupil enter our class and come to the front
“Good afternoon seniors the swimming master stated I should inform you that the competition  day have been pasted on the notice board”he stated with a bow and go to the door.
“Wait”that was Kelly voice unknown he can’t bully the small boy how because of andra he have change so much.
“When are they doing the competition”he said.
“On Thursday”the boy replied  as he stood still.
“Alright you can go”He stated as he stand up to andra ‘s locker I additionally get up to meet up.
“That is next tomorrow”Micheal said.
“That so fast”Andra said.
“We simply have to be prepared”I said.
“Leya are you practicing”Andra said.
“Yes”i replied .
“Maybe I should just come over to your house to practice with you”she said.
“Just tell me you choose to watch me”I said
“We comprehend you don’t want the practice “I said in a whisper.
“Leya just come over to our residence so Andra can train you more moves”Chris said.
“That a great idea”i said.
“Then am coming too”Kelly said.
We determine to go to andra residence after school.

Getting home,  I put on a black singlet and a short gilt trouser then put on a cardigan. I simply put on that due to the fact leya is coming over.
“Let her feel my packs”I stated as I wink at the mirror.
Then I heard a horn that will be leya due to the fact Kelly is here already the fool did not go home. I run down the stairs to the living room and see Leya there already she put on a blue flew skirt then a crop white pinnacle gosh crop top so hot that I can’t take my eyes off.
“I am surprise what a person will turn to if she eventually change to swimming cloth”Smith started and I quickly put my eyes off leya due to the fact I understand smith is talking to me.
“Who”leya said.
“They know themselves am off to the pool “Smith stated as he get out of the living room.
“Let go and change Leya”andra said.
“Alright”leya replied  as she carry her small pass bag.
“You seem to be beautiful baby”i said.
“Thanks”Leya replied  as she rush upstairs with andra however not without a blush chick.What a blusher I have get I taught as we all go to the pool.

waiting in the pool for andra and leya I simply can’t wait to see how andra will be in the swimming cloth.
“We are done”that was andra voice. I flip to see her in the cloth….geez pink color shot tross and a top that did not cover her stomach finish those hips. This is hot.
“Leya you go first”she said.
“Alright”Leya stated as she dive into the pool she swimnto the quit and come back.
“You are fast”Chris said.
“Not as quick as ellie”leya replied  with a sad face.
“Leya you have the cross simply make positive you don’t stive your body when swimming free your bones and you will be quick greater than that”Andra said.
“Ohhhhhh”leya said with a surprise face.
“Just like this”andra stated as she dive into the pool simply like a flash she is back.
“What the hell”leya shout.
“You are simply too quick andra”i said.
“She is not she is not in her actual form though ”chris said.
“Andra why don’t you show us your actual form please”Leya said.
“Ohh no no no”andra said shaking her head.
“I could love to see too”i stated with a plead face.
“Alright after the practice”She said.
Andra educate leya slot until she is quicker than earlier.
“Time for the show”smith shout.As Andra walk to Micheal stretch her hand and Michael cast off her hand bead.
“What is that”leya requested identical time.
“If she off it and water pour on her she will change”chris said.
“Wow”i replied .
Andra stroll to the pool then dive into it. But I could not see her once more like after two minutes she show up at the middle of the pool with a toss up and she get again inside.
“Wow”leya shout”
“This is wonderful”i additionally said.

????LEYA POV ????
Andra come out of the pool and sit down however her legs or I say her fish leg is nevertheless internal the pool but we can comprehend see it green in colour but have like this dizzling light in it.
“Never viewed this before”I said.
“Are you serious”andra replied  and I nod.
“Can I touch”i said though I was a little afraid.
“Yes it can’t hurt”she said and I touch it so smooth.
“Kelly can’t you touch me? ”andra said.
“Uhn….am afraid”kelly said in a kid voice.
“I don’t hurt”andra said.
“But am nevertheless afraid”kelly replied  as we all snigger out.

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