Heart Doctor-Episode 16

“Odeya I don’t think I can do that…” Amanda said.“Why? Because you like my daddy?” Odeya asked.

Heart Doctor-Episode 16


[Amanda’s decision] 

“Odeya I don’t think I can do that…” Amanda said.
“Why? Because you like my daddy?” Odeya asked.
“No.. How can I do that when I have no notion what happened between your dad and your mom.” Amanda said.
“I was three years old when it took place I got no thinking how it happened but my mom and dad got divorced. I don’t comprehend why.” Odeya said.
“Divorced” Amanda said.
She was right all this time.
What should have induced their divorce?
It’s been two years now.
“Parents who got divorced should get back together right?” Odeya asked.
Amanda inhaled. “It’s rare to see that but it happens though . Some get back collectively but it’s truly rare.” she said.
Odeya sighed. “I wanna have a whole parents.. I don’t want simply my dad nor simply my mom. I desire each of them seeing me grow up and taking Care of me. I don’t want another woman exchange my mom. I don’t favor some other mom.”
Amanda from that second want her feelings for Odeya’s dad would vanish totally.
Odeya can’t receive any other woman for her dad besides for her biological mom.
Amanda knew that Gold won’t stand Odeya. She would have to go away Desmond after being rejected by Odeya.
Amanda questioned how she would be capable to stop her feelings.
Maybe she ought to depart here. It feel like it’s the first-rate element for her to do.
Staying right here would make her fall even more for him and how would she be capable to fulfil odeya’s request.
It won’t be possible for her.
Odeya hugged her. “Please get my dad and mother lower back together. It feels like you are the solely one I can inform this to.”
Amanda exhaled and positioned her hand on Odeya’s curly hair. Caressing it, she thought of how to escape all these. After few minutes of thoughts, she stood up.
“Odeya, I have to go make you dinner. Do you wanna remain in your room?”
“I’ll continue to be here. I prefer noodles.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “I will make that for you..”
Amanda picked the Children’s Story Book on the table and gave to her. “Read this. I will be back soon.”
She left and didn’t be aware Odeya watch her till she did.
Odeya breathed out. “I must be excellent to her from onwards. That way, she would do what I requested for.” she said.

Amanda headed downstairs and her heart sank when she heard the laughter of Desmond and Gold.
She noticed them sitting on a couch, looking at a film and laughing out. They each held a glass of wine and a pack of snacks used to be on the table.
Amanda inhaled, making an attempt to manipulate her anger at the both of them…
How ought he snigger like that when his daughter is in her room, crying!
And what is she still doing here. Isn’t it time for her to depart to her house!!
Amanda felt like rushing to them and dealing with her however she couldn’t.
She in the end got down the staircase and was passing to the dinning when Desmond spoke and Amanda halted.
They couldn’t see her cos she was behind them.
“Baby, I have to take you home now, it’s getting to nine.” Desmond said.
Gold positioned her finger to his lips and winked at him.
Amanda didn’t see the wink however she noticed the index finger placed on Desmond’s lips.
“There’s no leaving tonight honey. Let’s share this night together. I promise you a magnificent night time together.” Gold said, her voice seductive and tempting.
Amanda tightened her fists and gritted her enamel in rage.
Desmond smiled and touched her cheek. “Come on babe, i’d desire that however my daughter’s gonna be mad if she finds out you spend the night time here.” Desmond said.
Gold rolled her eyes. “Come on honey.. Odeya is just a little girl. Don’t tell me you are being scared of your 5 years old daughter.”
“I’m not Baby…but my Odeya is a very touchy girl.” Desmond said.
Gold positioned her hand on his chest and gave him a seductive smile. “Look into my eyes honey.” she said.
Desmond looked into her eyes for a second and the subsequent thing, Gold kissed him then pulled away a bit. “I would climb the very best mountain and sail through the widest ocean simply to be with you honey. Don’t worry about Odeya, I would make her like me.” she stated and glue her lips on his back and they started out kissing.
Amanda couldn’t stand there anymore, the anger boiling interior her may could cook dinner a pot of meal. She left to the kitchen.
Gold pulled away from their kissing and smiled at Desmond. “I suppose I’m bored of watching this movie, why don’t we go upstairs and see a better film honey.” she said. Desmond had no say anymore in view that he’s been controlled.
He smiled at her. “Of course baby.”
They stood up and Gold was wise adequate to lift her bag. They headed upstairs.

When Amanda got to the kitchen, she noticed the entire sink and counter messed up.
“Wait, she didn’t even clean up the things she used in cooking whatever meal she cooked? Huh! I can’t stand her..” Amanda said angrily.
Amanda slammed the cabinet angrily, she shut the fridge and shouted at the water in the pot for taking time to boil.
She transferred the aggression to the matters in the kitchen consisting of the noodles and eggs.
She finally got herself when the noodle was nearly buring. She became off the cooker and exhaled.
“Is it right for me to be upset! What right do I have to be upset about this.. Get yourself Chimamanda. Get yourself.” she instructed herself.
She served Odeya’s meal and hers too and placed both of them in a tray. She introduced a bottle water and cups and came out from the kitchen.
She didn’t meet the duo anymore. They left the TV on. The wines have been nonetheless final in the glasses and the snacks too.
Amanda exhaled and headed upstairs. While passing Desmond’s room door, she tried hard not to let any soiled concept into her mind. She hurried pass by the door and entered Odeya’s room.
Odeya used to be nonetheless studying the book.
“Deya dear, I’m back. Did I take long?” Amanda asked.
“Uhm perhaps a little.” Deya said.
“I’m sorry. Here’s your meal. Eat up so you can take your bathe and go to bed.” Amanda said.
Odeya dropped the book.
“Are you eating noodles too?” Deya asked.
“Yes.. I am. If you don’t mind, let me devour right here with you.” Amanda said.
“Uh really? But I prefer you to feed me.” Odeya lied.
“Really? You instructed me you don’t like it.” Amanda said.
“I abruptly like it. I’m nonetheless a kid.” Odeya said.
“Oh I thought you weren’t anymore. But anyways, I would feed you” Amanda stated and took Odeya’s fork.
Odeya rolled her eyes and collected her fork back.. “That’s okay. I was just joking.”
Amanda smiled.
“Had she left?” Odeya asked.
Amanda raised her brows at her. “Huh who?”
Odeya stared at her…giving her a look of -acting-like-you-don’t-know-who-I’m-talking-about-
Amanda cleared her throat. “Oh.. She..she..”
“Never mind. She haven’t, I know. I’m gonna make positive she breaks up with my dad.”
“How can you do that? You…you are just a little girl.” Amanda said.
Odeya hit her fork on the tray. “Don’t say that.. I understand what I’m gonna do.”
“Can you inform me?” Amanda asked. She was curious and it felt like there’s some hope.
“I will inform you since I want your help.” Odeya said. “I will threaten him of going lower back to my mother if he doesn’t ruin up with her.”
“Just that?” Amanda asked.
“I don’t know.. I wasn’t looking forward to this. I’m so mad proper now. I gotta do something.” Odeya said.
Amanda felt like there’s nothing Odeya can do. At the sitting room, she saw how loopy Desmond is about the lady. She doesn’t assume some thing can give up them, inclusive of Odeya.
She simply have to discover her way out of her loopy feeling for him and discover the words to tell Odeya to take delivery of her dad’s girlfriend then leave after.
She have to suppose about it.
“I recognize you like my dad. Do you nonetheless like him?” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “Not anymore. Let’s devour before it gets cold.”
Odeya stared at her, attempting to locate if she’s pronouncing the fact or not.. however she couldn’t find any.
‘It would be right if she doesn’t. That way she can help me get my dad and mom together. I omit my mom.’ She stated within.

After their meal, Amanda bathe Odeya and she went to bed.
“Goodnight Deya. See you tomorrow.” Amanda said.
“Are you going to leave barring  telling me a folktale tonight?” Odeya asked.
Oh Amanda had forgotten her every night hobbies of telling Odeya folktales.
“Uhmm okay. I assume I have one.” Amanda stated and settled lower back on the chair.
She ought to see Odeya’s face lighten up.


Desmond and Gold cuddled one other after their love making.
Gold had something to tell Desmond… It had been on her thinking even before coming. She was going to ask Desmond for money and she was sure he wouldn’t hesitate to supply it to her due to the fact that she has him underneath her control.
Gold owns a large female underwears and face care boutique with plenty of personnel working for her. Gold can be said to be an unbiased lady, blissful though not from a rich family however her dad and mom are center class.
Gold is conveniently prosperous however understanding that Desmond had turn out to be her scape goat, she would request and she’s positive he wouldn’t hesitate.
“Honey” she called.
“Yes baby.” Desmond answered.
“I got something to inform you.” she said.
Desmond confronted her and they stared into any other’s eyes.
“What’s it?” Desmond asked.
“I want some money for my business..” she stated and watched his eyes.
She noticed that he didn’t get annoyed by that.
“How much will that be?” he asked.
She smiled. “Uhmm 1.6million naira.”
Desmond caressed her hair. “It’s okay. I’m gonna write you a check.” he said.
She kissed him. “Thank you baby.”
‘Wow I really have him.. Ha ha. Baba used to be right. Even if I request of 10million naira, I’m certain he wouldn’t oppose. My Gold you are so very smart. Ha ha ha.’ she laughed within.
“Anything for you sugar.” he stated and reciprocated the kiss.


Amanda ultimately left Odeya’s room after telling her the folktale..
As she carried the tray of empty plate and cups and obtained to Desmond’s room door, she had desired to hurry away but she saw herself halting and she felt like breaking via the door and throwing that woman out of this house and a ways away the place she wouldn’t be capable to see Desmond once more nor will Desmond see her.
But there used to be nothing she could do, but simply stand there staring at the door.
She got herself, shook her head and endured her walk downstairs.
‘I promised myself to drop this feeling.. Ignore whatever is taking place between them. It’s now not your business, Amanda it’s not your business’ Amanda told herself.
‘You’ve already determined to inform Odeya to receive her as her dad’s girlfriend, format each feeling you have for him from your heart then go away this residence after your are paid You can’t change your mind’
Yes I can’t change my mind. I can’t assist Odeya with her request neither can I let this feeling go on, I’m ending it and it starts offevolved now. Be robust Amanda. You know you cant fall for your boss. Do what is right by way of doing simply what you got here right here to do.”

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