Heart Doctor-Episode 1

I will go take a look out myself. You must go lower back to high school and study your English language well.” Deya said and turned to her dad. “Dad let’s go.”

Heart Doctor-Episode 1


“It’s here, it’s here.. Stop me here.” Amanda stated to the driver as she saw the house number.
“Ómó! Shey na house be this abi na President Villa?-is this a house or president villa?” The driver asked, amazed at the house in front of him. 
Amanda hissed. “Abeg provide me my change abi you no dey tire to talk.. Since way I enter your motor, you in no way close mouth” she said.
“Take am handy jareh. I no say na maid you dey go be. You no resemble character wey him household fit get this kinda house. Abeg take your change.” he sneered. 
Amanda stepped out of the car, snatched her 200 naira change from the man she should have murdered with her eyes if there was some thing like that.
The driver’s fingers went to the wheel and Amanda flared up.
“What is incorrect with this driver sef. You don forget say my luggage dey for your boot eh?”
He laughed. “I simply say make I tease you. If na wife you dey go be, no even dream say you go last one week.”
‘What?’ Amanda breathed angrily however she determined to pass by the man. She wouldn’t want her new boss to catch her changing words with a driver and again, she isn’t good at exchanging pointless words.
He came out, went over to the car boot, opened it and carried Amanda’s bags out.
“Na the luggage be this? I think say na something moist character match look.” he said, laughed and entered his car.

This man was proper at getting on people’s nerve.
“Get lost!” Amanda cursed and dragged her bags towards the house gate. A massive black gate. She knocked on the gate however she had to knock for five minutes before  the gate eventually opened and a blue and black uniformed man stand in front with a radio close to his ear. He seemed at her from toe to face, from face to toes and from toes to face again. Amanda felt irritated by means of that but she omitted it.
“I dey wait for you to talk who you be- I’m ready for you to say who you are.” I.K said.

He wondered, ‘If this is the new nanny, then there is trouble. She is very endowed and beautiful.’ Amanda concluded that this gateman is rude. She have to be welcomed first before keeping him in his place.

“I’m Chimamanda, the new nanny to the Okoye’s home.” She said.
“I talk am- I stated it.” I.K said.
“Excuse me?” Amanda asked.
“No, nothing. You are welcomed. Come in.” he said. 

Amanda tried carrying her bags but he stepped out and collected it from her. “No.. na my duty to elevate your luggage.” he grinned.

Amanda shrugged and walked in. She accompanied at the back of the gateman then she seemed back and noticed that the gate wasn’t locked.

“Excuse me, you didn’t lock the gate.” Amanda said.
“No worry, simply dey come.” I.K said, intoxicated with the aid of the splendor of the new nanny.

Amanda shrugged however nonetheless felt, he must go lower back and lock the gate.
“They no dey.” he said as he entered the residence and Amanda entered. The indoors of the residence seem more astonishingly beautiful than the outside.

“I no understand the place your room fit dey but you go continue to be here and wait for my oga and that his albino daughter.” 

then he rapidly got himself and clutched his hands to his mouth.

“I don overlook say CCTV digital camera full this house. Na so I wan take put myself for wahala wey I no go healthy comot from – I have forgotten that there are CCTV cameras around this house. Is this how I ought to have gotten myself into a hassle I won’t be able to get out from.” he muttered.

Amanda raised her brows and looked up, “Really? Where are they?” she asked.

“They cover am properly well,” he said then grinned. “Anyways, my name na Ikechuckwu however you can call me, I.K the number 1 specialized gateman in this complete estate. I sabi my work nicely properly and I robust wella ” he raised his fingers to show his muscles.

“Okay,” Amanda said, “but I suppose you go to the gate now, it’s nonetheless unlocked.” she added.

He smiled. “Ah, na true. But eh, you dey beautiful oh.” he said.

“Go now before oga comes again and finds his gate open. Do you wish to loose your job?” she said.

“No, I can’t, specifically no longer now when something exquisite don enter” he said and ran off.

Amanda seemed round the spacious and flawlessly furnished sitting room. “This is amazing. Money is good.” she said. She walked over to the photo frames on the wall and admired the little halfcaste female on the pics and the man.
‘He’s handsome’ she thought.
Just then she heard the gate pushed open. She walked over to the window and drew the curtains open. A black vary rover drove in. “They are back” she said, closed the curtains and walked to a sofa for a sit.

“Dad, didn’t you say two days in the past that my new nanny is gonna be here today?” Odeya asked Desmond as he pulled into the garage and about to turn off the automobile engine.

“Yes I did. I’m sure she’ll be right here before  it get dark.” Desmond said. He loose her seatbelt. “A minute, I’m coming to get you down.” he said and got down, got over to get Odeya down from the car.

“Oga welcome oh.” I.K hurried over.
“Thank you I.K.” Desmond stated and carried Deya down from the car.
“The nanny don come,” I.K said.
“She is here?” Desmond asked.
“Yes oga.”
“Really, how does she look?” Odeya asked.
“Ehn?” I.K said.
“Never mind, I don’t prefer solutions from you anyways, you’ll end up speaking sick english that I can’t grab. I will go take a look out myself. You must go lower back to high school and study your English language well.” Deya said and turned to her dad. “Dad let’s go.”

She hung her purse over her shoulder and walked in front. Desmond followed at the back.

‘Hia! See this small female oh. Which country oga say he carry am come from sef. Shey na Canada abi where sef. This albino no know wetin be respect. Which one be high school.’ He returned to his quarter. “This small woman go simply dey wreck man or woman temper – This little female usually destroy someone’s mood.” Then he grinned. “But that Amanda.. She come exceptional and the whole thing come dey well. I go tell her make she be my girlfriend.” he laughed.

Odeya and her dad walked into the sitting room to meet a brown skinned woman sitting on one of the couch. Amanda stood up right away she noticed them.
“Welcome sir.” She greeted with a little bending of her knee.

Desmond felt the splendor of the woman standing in the front of him however he has no business with girls anytime soon. Women are only ache on the neck and has no real feeling for her man. A sincere female is rare to find. Vanessa was the only woman he gave his whole heart to however she broke it into tiny pieces. Their divorce left him shattered for years. Considering how tons Females are essential and are stated in the united states, he had to sweat, go to so many courts before he was capable to get Odeya from her.

“You are-” Desmond was once about to welcome her but Odeya interfered.
“You are a little too dark.” she said.
Amanda raised her brows with astonishment.
“And your hair isn’t braided. Don’t make my foods besides protecting you hair.” She walked closer to Amanda who stood, amazed at this little halfcast.
“But you ain’t old looking like the preceding nanny. Tell me how lots you be aware of about the duties of a nanny, I wanna understand if you could talk English fluently.”
“What?” Amanda was baffled.

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