Forever Love-Episode 3

“who are these adorable guys over there ? Amy asked pointing at the three guys who were seated on a white stunning bench in the back gisting and laughing.

Forever Love-Episode 3

Episode 3

David was still thinking about his household and thinking of going to them most particularly his mom, he shortly stood up and went to his dad who  was standing by himself at the balcony lost in his own thoughts. “daddy,” Morgan rapidly flip and noticed David standing behind him. “it already late David you need to go and sleep,” he said. “dad, why did you divorce mom? David requested looking so sad. “who told you that? Morgan asked. “Delphine informed me everything, when will mommy come back? David hold asking. “i will inform you that however until the next day you need to sleep,” Morgan held his little hand and took him to his room, he sat proper beside his mattress and kissed his forehead. “goodnight son,” he stated as he stood to leave. “goodnight daddy,” David replied. 

Morgan left the room and heaved a heavy sighed of alleviation he walked to his giant bed room and meet Maria nonetheless awake. “dear aren’t you sleeping? he asked as he gave her a peck. “am nonetheless feeling uncomfortable in this residence with that David,” she said looking so angry. “i hope you’re waiting for me to chase him out of my house, he’s my son i additionally want Delphine can come back. Look Maria i love my kids so a good deal just that i don’t love Livvy again so i see no sense in what you’re talking about. David is nevertheless my son and i will also do the entirety to bring back Delphine to this house,” he said. “well the most vital thing is that you don’t love that Livvy anymore,” she said whilst Morgan flip and face her.

“I bet i made the incorrect preference in loving Livvy, their are instances i thought i was nonetheless in love with her however till i meet you Maria i recognise it wasn’t real love i have for Livvy. But now is you i favor and is you i love,” he smiled. “and i pray this love last forever,” Maria smiled then kissed him passionately.
The next morning Delphine took her bath and was already in her uniform, she packed her hair in ponytail and shortly went to be part of her mom and grandma Lee for breakfast. After breakfast she picked up her bag, peck her mother then grandma. “please mom cheer up and take care of yourself,” she said. “have a satisfactory day at school,” stated her grandma. “thank you grandma Lee,” Delphine responded then hurriedly left.

Lee looked at Livvy not knowing what to say. “why are you staring at me mom? Livvy asked. “i nevertheless find it difficult to consider that you and Morgan are no more together,” she said whilst Livvy sighed. “i don’t prefer to have in mind this mom, i simply choose to get over this even though i nonetheless love my husband i just have to take delivery of the fact that he’s married to Maria,” Livvy stated as she stood up and went to her room. Lee additionally stood up and thought of what else to do, she quickly left the house.

Delphine arrived to the college and smile to herself she prayed silently in her heart to have new right friends. She walked straight to her class and was arranging her books in her locker when a person tapped her from behind.

“Hi,” she said as she flip and noticed a new face, at first she idea it was Nicole but it was a stunning female with short hair, putting on glasses standing in front of her. “humm.. am new right here i just came today and i was directed to this place,” the girl said as she gave Delphine a piece of paper to study what was written on. “sure, this your new class, am additionally new over here well am Delphine and you? “Amy,” “nice meeting you, there are two extra empty lockers left, you can go for L18,” stated Delphine. “thanks,” Amy smiled.

“Amy,” someone shouted her name in excitement as she ran to the class and hug her. “i thought you’ll not gonna come to this school, i miss you so much,” the lady stated so excited. “am so comfortable at least i’ve got someone to hold my company,” Amy smiled as she flip to Delphine. “Delphine meet my buddy Sarah, we’ve been friends ever considering that we had been kids,” Amy introduce whilst Delphine and Sarah shook hands and smiled at each other. “you ladies are new right here i will exhibit you locations around,” said Sarah while Delphine smiled she felt so top notch having two friends at a spot and they appears to be nice, at least she will have who to mingle with.

AT Morgan’s big mansion

Lee was already waiting for him at the massive and beautiful sitting room she despatched for one of the guards to call Morgan. Lee has been waiting for about thirty minutes when David got down to her location downstairs. “grandma,” David said in pleasure as he hugged her. “what about mother and Delphine? he asked. “they’re all doing good,” she smiled. “Grandma you need to have informed me you’re coming over here,” stated David. 

Morgan walked down from the stairs and was irritated when he noticed Lee with David. “David go to your room,” he stated to him. ” grandma once you’re through speaking with dad inform me so we can spent a good deal time together,” he said then went upstairs to his room. “so have you come to plead with me to take your daughter back? he asked rudely while Lee looked at him in the eye she couldn’t agree with this was her son in law talking this way to her.

“Livvy did nothing to deserve this hurt, this pains and shame from you, how ought to you do this to her what about your kids? Lee asked so worried and angry. “David is doing fantastic right here with me and i will do the whole thing to bring Delphine home,” he said. “Delphine will only come back to you if you accept Livvy back,” “and that will by no means happen. I love Maria am a whole lot in love with my new spouse than your daughter. Please Mrs. Lee you can go away if you have nothing to say am already runing late for work,” he said as he walked to the door and stood. 

Lee stood up and went up to him. “you’ll be remorseful about this Morgan, you’ll be apologetic about ever divorcing my daughter simply due to the fact of her shameless friend,” Lee blurted out so angry and left. Morgan heaved a sigh of relief when she left and hurried to work barring  giving a second thinking about what she said.

Sarah showed Delphine and Amy so many places in the school they walked down to the college huge faculty library. “here is our library no need to go in we need to do this fast cos we have lessons in the subsequent thirty minutes,” Sarah suggested. They went down to the recreation field which was great and having the entire amenities and courts. Sarah took them to the school garden, on their way going Delphine was satisfied to see Nicole passing by. “Delphine, great seeing you today,” said Nicole smiling. “thanks Nicole,” “seems you guys are… “we need to be fast about this,” Sarah cut in looking at Delphine. “see you later i have to go,” Nicole said as she eyed Sarah then left. “are you two fighting? Delphine asked Sarah. “no, i don’t simply like the girl. She’s of no precise use,” said Sarah. “why? but she seems so high-quality to me! said Delphine. “then you must be careful i bet you don’t know of who Nicole is in this school, she only get friendly with human beings solely when she want some thing from them so beware,” Sarah warned.

“who are these adorable guys over there ? Amy asked pointing at the three guys who were seated on a white stunning bench in the back gisting and laughing. “the one in the middle is more handsome, my secret crush,” stated Sarah smiling. “huh.. so sweet, the one in the center was the one i meet playing piano at the tune studio,” stated Delphine. “that’s Clark, the most handsome and richest guy in the entire school, but not as prosperous as you are,” stated Sarah looking at Delphine. “meaning what? Delphine asked. “cos you’re Miss. Murphy. Your dad is rattling rich, popular, who don’t understand Mr. Morgan Murphy your dad is richer than Clark dad and mom you know,”

“Sarah we are not talking about who gat richer dad and mom afterall the whole thing is over cos am now.. she desired to say something however rapidly stopped. “cos you’re now what? Amy asked. “just neglect it,” Delphine shortly said. “well the two guys beside Clark are his high-quality buddies, Eric and Jeff,” stated Sarah smiling. “you appears to have understand a lot about him? Delphine asked. “yes, however lamentably i did everything to make sure Clark notice me but it failed. That bitch gained his sweet love,” stated Sarah looking so sad.

“who’s the bitch? Amy asked. “Nicole, she’s his lady friend after a lot struggles and battle with the others girls, Clark subsequently choose her and it appears he like her so much,” said Sarah. Delphine constant her gaze at Clark and his friends from afar, they appeared to be so happy. “Nicole was quality to me the first day we meet, why did you hate her? or it is because she ended up being Clark’s girlfriend? Delphine requested Sarah. “you will get to understand the real her as long as you’re in this school,” said Sarah…

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