Forever Love-Episode 2

I lie on my mattress staring at the old ceiling and the notion of the handsome guy i noticed at school in the track studio playing piano flash via my brain i smile a bit.....

Forever Love-Episode 2

Episode 2

It's ok mom, i comforted my mother who was already in tears. “i simply hope dad will return to real sense because i also prefer our personal family returned i desire us to be completely happy again,” i said in tears, my mom wipe away my tears and gave me a peck. “how was school? she requested while i smile a bit. “it was high-quality mom, i need to freshen up,” i stated then went to my room and stared at the room for a while, it so small, this was not the form of room i use to sleep in, my room at my dad’s house was huge, so huge painted with so many colors, my bed was huge, tender and beautiful, nicely questioning of these make tears flow from my eyes afterall am satisfied living right here and i want to analyze how to live a poor life and get use to it. What a life, from a massive mansion to a slum, we’ve grew to be they talked of the city each corner i go to. Dad will pay for doing this to mom. 

Suddenly my telephone rang and it was Milton, he video call  me.
“hey Milton,” i smile as i picked the name and saw him looking  so nice as always.
“i miss you Delphine, i miss you so very much, this school is rattling empty to me except you,” he stated with a whole lot emotion on his face.
“i miss you too Milton,” i smiled a bit.
is that your new school uniform? he asked me while i nod my head.
“am all on my own Milton, i desire you were here,” i said.
“sorry about what take place again, am still working on some thing however accept as true with me i will soon be with you over there, so what about my reply Delphine? he asked me while i felt a shocked. Milton was the first man to profess his emotions to me, he said he favor me to be his girlfriend however i don’t think am prepared for all these days and am not certain if i honestly love Milton, but no doubt i like him so an awful lot due to the fact he’s continually there for me, he’s so tremendous and a accurate person.
“i will come over to your place,” he said while i stared at him for a while. “okay then we’ll speak about that when you come,” i said, the look on his face was some thing i can’t explain.
“Delphine? he called out my title in a low tone while i answered i bet he’s harm and he badly miss me properly i also miss him so much. “how’s your new school? is any person disturbing you for nothing over their? he requested while i nodded my head. “no Milton, they’re all excellent to me, nicely we’ll discuss later am just coming from college i need some rest,” i said. “take care Delphine,” he smiled. “take care too,” i replied and he smiled a bit then hanged up. 

I drop my smartphone and heaved a heavy sighed. Milton is such a candy person am really confused if i have to accept his proposal or not, however first i want to talk to my mother about this cuz am just sixteen, but am not planing to inform her now because she’s in a terrible condition, she has not been herself ever due to the fact that dad has divorce her and sent her packing, i don’t favor to trouble her with anything. I shortly freshen up and modified into some thing simple, a top and black bum short, my hair was packed in a ponytail, i made dinner for myself, my mom and grandma.

We all settled at the eating desk to have dinner when my smartphone rang again, am glad to see the caller it was David my child bro i shortly picked up the video call and put it in a way he will be capable to see my mom, grandma and also me. “Delphine, mom, grandma i miss you so much,” he said.
“we miss you too,” i said with tears crammed up in my eyes.
“David, are you feeling comfy at home. What about Maria is she treating you bad? my mom quickly requested looking so worried.
“no mom, she’s not treating me bad, even though we are not even getting along and it looks she didn’t seem to be aware of me. I miss you mommy,” he said almost in tears.
“i miss my little David too,” my mom replied.
“mom i desire to come to your place, you recognize dad have continually been busy at least i will continually have you, grandma and Delphine by my side,” he said.
“no David you don’t need to come over here however becareful with Maria, be a true boy and don’t forget to tell me everything that is going on in that house,” my mom said.
“David my grandson,” my grandma call  out.
“please take care all of you,” he said then hanged up. 

I kept my cellphone apart and was about to eat but noticed my mother no longer prepared to eat. “mom,” i call  out. “am no longer hungry,” she rapidly said. “but you haven’t eat whatever since morning,” my grandma stated so difficulty while i seemed at my mom again, i stood up and went near to her i stood at the back of her and hug her. “mom you have to eat, cease thinking about dad please and as for David am sure he’s doing fine,” i said whilst i picked a spoon and a small bowl and put a little soup in it then feed my mom. 

After dinner i went to my room questioning about how day after today will be at school, no friends, no one to speak to, no one to share my secret or fears with, i simply hate that school. I rapidly sat up and opened my drawer, then picked up a novel title: *OUR LOVE*, it was my dad preferred novel and he told me the novel has helped him a lot in so many ways, it simply inspiring however he refused to permit me examine the book he said until i reach some certain age, i guess he wanted me to be eighteen first, nicely my dad is pretty strict at times. When he traveled to one of his commercial enterprise trip, i picked the novel from his drawer in is room am not even sure he notice the novel was missing. The novel was in reality about LOVE. About two lovers who went through lot of difficulties in their relationship, it additionally entails how to maintain a lengthy lasting relationship and falling in love with the proper person, it sincerely an inspiring novel about love though am nonetheless in page fifty out of two hundred and fifty pages, am a speedy reader just that the only time i have for the novel is at night. 

I lie on my mattress staring at the old ceiling and the notion of the handsome guy i noticed at school in the track studio playing piano flash via my brain i smile a bit, i guess dad will in no way permit me have a boyfriend now until am eighteen and am positive that was also what my mom is having in mind.

At Livvy’s room {Delphine’s mother}
Her mom Mrs. Lee came in and sat beside her. “mother,” Livvy hugged her mother passionately. “mom, for the past fourteen years that am married to Morgan i have by no means concept our marriage will ended up this way, i nevertheless love Morgan i absolutely can’t understand why Maria have to take him away from me,” Livvy cried the more. “i apprehend your pains my daughter, i tbought Morgan was the proper man for you. What was he thinking, you caught him cheating with your pleasant buddy alternatively for him to apologies he divorce you saying he don’t love you anymore,” Lee was so worried seeing her daughter in so much pains. “Livvy you don’t deserve to be hurt this way, you need to be strong, you have to, i’ve usually taught you to be sturdy and i have continually instructed you this marriage is for better for worse. Morgan will be remorseful about what he did someday..”.

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