Forever Love-Episode 1

My mother has been shattered ever considering the fact that dad divorce her, she was badly harm because she nonetheless love him and it also hurt to see her husband married to her best friend

Forever Love-Episode 1

Episode 1

It was my first day in my new college Stars high school, i really miss my former college most mainly my friends. I felt so sad been in this school due to the fact i don’t recognize anybody over here, i walked so lonely checking out the beautiful surroundings when i heard a melodious voice singing, playing a piano, i slowly observed the tone till i reach to a music studio.
“wow, i bet am gonna like this school, due to the fact i do love music, i stopped and peeped via  window and noticed a good-looking guy playing the piano, he appears incredible handsome, his fingers were so superb on the piano as he played it, and his voice was some thing i can’t even say, it so sweet, he should be a suitable singer, he seems to play the piano flawlessly and i like that. I saved on staring at him from afar and enjoying the tone till when i heard a tapped on my shoulder, my heart beat faster, i simply hope it not a teacher, i rapidly turn and noticed a lovely tall female with lengthy curly hair staring at me.

“uhmm… i try to search for any word to say. “hello,” i subsequently said feeling so nervous. “in this college solely thieves peep via the window, why now not go inside, this studio is made for all of us most particularly those in music class,” she said while i nodded my head. “thanks, just that am a new college students over here,” i shortly said. “who’s that? i heard a male voice requested and i turn to see the handsome guy who was playing the piano, he stood proper beside the lovely woman and his fingers had been wrapped round her waist. I guess he’s her boyfriend.

“i just meet her here, she’s a new students,” the female stated to him whilst i smile a bit. “okay thanks, am Delphine,” i stated letting out a smile. “Delphine? you’re Miss. Murphy? the guy asked me whilst i nodded my head. “sorry about what take place to your family,” the female stated while i said nothing, my eyes were already clouded up with tears. “well am Nicole,” she stated and i smile a bit and quickly left them due to the fact tears have been already streaming down my cheeks and i don’t desire them to notice that, all and sundry has acknowledged what take place to my family, it has already been posted in a newspaper: my dad divorce my mother and chase her out of his house for no right reason.

I walked around and the college itself is like its personal little neighborhood with entire and critical amenities, tons of green space which make it certainly appealing. As i walked to my new class, all eyes have been on me and some were whispering. “isn’t she Miss. Murphy, too terrible for her dad to divorce her mom and chase them out,” i heard some students whispering that, i just ignored them and entered the class, i settled in one of the empty seats and a teacher got here in which was a alleviation to me at least the class will be so quiet now, i introduce myself as a new college students and after my lessons for the day i felt so sad. School wan’t that good today. 
“hey Miss. Murphy,” someone address me that way whilst i flip to see Nicole. “hey Nicole, how did your day went on? i requested whilst she smiled. “it was good,” she said. “i need to go home now,” i said and she wave goodbye to me, she appears to be so nice, i walked to the college gate and get a cab to go home. Never in my total existence have i ever concept of residing a poor life, ever when you consider that my dad divorce my mom we’ve been struggling to survived however thank goodness my grandma welcome us to her small condominium which we stayed over there, the three of us. My dad Morgan Murphy is a billionaire, a very wealthy and successful, he works with one of the richest business enterprise in the country, he also occurs to be the president of a specific company, he’s properly revered and so famous due to the fact he was so beneficiant giving out help to the alms, properly i and her kid brother David by no means lack proper when we had been kids, he provide us with all we needed, the fine cars, clothes, toys, laptop, phones and being in the high-quality college ever, substances matters were not a trouble to us, i so a whole lot loved wondering am having the exceptional dad in the entire world. My mom was also an formidable and profession woman but my dad insisted she quit her job for some reasons, after much arguments about the issue she later quit her job and the whole thing was still going on nicely till they day my mom founds out that dad have been cbeatin on her with her excellent pal Maria. She couldn’t believe that Maria her high-quality pal ought to do that to her. 

Now i apprehend why dad always have this tight schedule, now not spending tons time with us his family, faking business trip and why Maria have been traveling my mother every time dad was around. They’ve been in a secret relationship for about three years based totally on what my dad said without shame. He divorce my mother and despatched her packing, no excellent toddler will ever see her mom in this pains, my dad pleaded with me to stay back however i refuse, i can’t remain with him and watch my mom’s nice pal taking the rightful location of my mom while my mom is out their suffering, i have to go with her to her mom’s place while David my child bro is still with my dad. My dad got married to Maria because she was already pregnant for him and she was the one that insisted and pressured him to chase my mother out.

This was publish in a newspaper and other media that’s why i hate being a daughter of a famous person due to the fact my dad was damn popular. I have to seat for a scholarship exams again and their i acquired scholarship in hills high school, it additionally one of the luxurious and best school. My mother has been shattered ever considering the fact that dad divorce her, she was badly harm because she nonetheless love him and it also hurt to see her husband married to her best friend, i also can’t accept as true with dad could to this to us.

The cab stopped at the junction and i rapidly came out of the automobile and paid the cab man, i have by no means been in a cab before, so i ask the man how much is the cost. “this is Miss. Murphy,” i heard one of them whisper. I recognize people have been surprise to see me for the first time in a public car. I paid them and hurriedly treck home and meet my mother still on her mattress crying. “mom am back,” i opened the door vast and sat beside her. “where’s grandma? i asked her but she overlooked my question and sat up facing me. “how was college Delphine? she requested wiping away her tears then faking a smile for positive i knew when my mother is happy, i moved nearer and hugged her so close to me, not understanding when tears were flowing down my cheeks.


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