Forever Love 2-Episode 24 (Final Episode)

Everyone Was happy by That, Clark stood up and walked up to Delphine then kissed her, it was such a best night time and everyone wish them a blisful married life.

Forever Love 2-Episode 24 (Final Episode)


We had a dinner night together after my birthday party and proceed with the celebration, it Was such a terrific day for me and everyone.

Our wedding preparations used to be nonetheless going, i and Clark has already talked with our event planner and invited, friends, business accomplice and properly wishers as well, i know Milton have to have heard of my wedding ceremony with Clark at the prison, well it serves him right.

Happy day!!! i heard Amy shouting in excitment i slowly open my eyes and noticed her with my mom, David, Celyn and some of my friends protecting ballons as good day stood besidemy bed. “today is your wedding ceremony day,” Amy said smiling. “uhh! i sat down. “am gonna miss all of you, thank you so much,” i said smiling. “you need to get prepared Delphine we don’t desire to hold people waiting, my mother stated whilst i simply smile. In a short whilst i was done with bathing, Amy and one of her pal help in dressing me up and also the make up. I felt so pleased and can’t wait to see my Clark.
“you appeared like an angel,” my mother stated hugging me. “am gonna miss you mom,” i stated with teary eyes. “dear, this day is your day and beside i will continually come visit and i recognize you’ll additionally come to visit us,” she stated whilst i smile and preserve back the tears from my eyes. “are you equipped for this? dad requested me while smile. “yes daddy, i love Clark and desire to spent the rest of my lifestyles with him,” i said whilst he hug me. “look Delphine let me supply you recommendations on marriage, lengthy lasting marriage you have to be sensible and stay away from bad friends. You understand i wasn’t careful adequate with my marriage at first, i just trusted anyone. Maria used to be the one that first destroyed my marriage with your dad, i don’t favor you to go through what take place to me due to the fact it would possibly cease up affecting even your young children simply the way you have been affected with what show up to me. I desire you be sturdy enough to construct your domestic and love your husband for relaxation of your lives,” she said while i hug her passionately.
“i love you mom, you’re the fine i will do exaclty as you stated and if i determined some thing hard for me to deal with i will let you know,” i stated smiling. “am so fortunate to have you all,” i said whilst David walked in dressing so cute, he appear more handsome in his suit, he will be the one to walk me to the isle.

In a large stunning embellished church every person was seated ready for the bride to come, Delphine walked in dressed in a sheath column one-shoulder ground length white robe with her tanzanite heels which was included through the gown, she appears more lovely like an angel, this time she felt so happy when she noticed Clark already waiting for her his whole body smile. Her eyes have been filled with tears and she admire God at ultimate she’s getting married to the one she love most, all eyes have been on her as she walked in with David maintaining her palms they went up the isle and he hand her over to Clark whilst he went down to have his seat, Delphine stood beside Clark smiling.
The officating minister took over and there Was exchange of vows and rings.
“remove the veil so we can see the lady who is about to turn out to be a woman”, the priest said, as Clark did and gave her a deep long kiss. The church was filled with joyous noise.

”Delphine i promise to forever be a true husdand, a friend, a partner, a top father to our kids, i won’t go away you even if i have a heaps reasons to do that i will nevertheless hold on to one reason and that due to the fact i love you, and you’ll usually section of me.”, he smiled then hugged her passionately.

“to fall in love with you is the greatest Romance, searching for you is the greatest adventure, to have you as my husband is the biggest achievemnet, i love you extra Clark, i promise to be by your side, to grow old with you, to be a appropriate spouse to you and a accurate mom to our children in the future. I’ll usually side with you and stand by  you due to the fact i love you”, Delphine answered with tears in her eyes. 

There was a hunderous clap once more as Clark hug her tight then kiss her, it's truly a dream come true for them.

The reception used to be a very grand one, at the wedding ceremony hall vontour. People from a long way and close to came, Delphine’s friends, Clark’s business associate, friends, families, well wishers also got here over to share in their joy. Their wedding used to be the discuss of the town. Delphine danced herself to the full with Clark it was certainly a day in no way to forget.

Later in the evening, which was their dinner night, Delphine has changed into a glamorous noticeably yellow gown, her hair was loosen and packed to one side of her shoulder. It used to be a ideal dinner night which Delphine sang and Clark 
played the piano himself for his wife.

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Delphine sang so sweetly from the depth of her heart.
“IT’S CRAZY THAT WE’RE STANDING SIDE BY SIDE…. AND WHO’S GONNA TELL US NOW THAT WE CAN’T FLY,” Clark said in a low tone then smile. Everyone Was happy by That, Clark stood up and walked up to Delphine then kissed her, it was such a best night time and everyone wish them a blisful married life.

Morgan has sponsored their honeymoon at Dubai for three weeks, which Delphine and Clark were so grateful for that.
….They arrived to Dubai, which they were so completely satisfied to be there all by way of themselves. They went to their new giant house. “wow, daddy have to buy this big residence just for our honeymoon which is simply three weeks,” stated Delphine as she looked around and smiled.n“this the perfect place,” Clark smiled as he held Delphine palms and they walked internal the house. They were surprise to see the residence beautiful adorned and their preferred snacks was stored on the massive eating table they walked to their large bedroom and used to be shock by way of what they saw. There have been colored bulb in the rooms and the pink one used to be constant in the bedroom, red flowers have been arranged on the floor and their bed, the pink vegetation were used to embellish the room, then a pink candle used to be lit accompanied by means of a Romantic fragance launched in the room. “oh this seem so sweet,” Delphine stated smiling.b“so what else are we waitng for,” Clark said smiling. “like what? “let take a shower together,” he stated then wink at Delphine who was shock to hear that. “together? she asked again. “sure, you’re now my spouse Delphine. Am all yours and you're all mine,” he said while Delphine smiled. “okay hubby,” she smiled then took off her garments and tied a towel round her chest. “what's that towel for,” Clark asked as he moved towards her then untied the towel and carried her in a bridal fashion to the bathroom. They had bathe together and after that, Delphine used to be dressed in her sexy obvious night time gown. 

“you desire some snacks? Clark requested smiling.
“sure,” Delphine smiled the sat down beside him on the bed. “you seem remarkable beautiful wifey,”
“and you seem so adorable hubby,” Delphine spoke back smiling. “you know i just take into account this day when you had been too hard to get, but now you’re all mine,” Clark said smiling. “oh really,” Delphine smiled then hit him barely with a pillow and they started a pillow combat which used to be so tons exciting for them. Delphine fell on pinnacle of Clark and they spent a while staring at each other.

“i love you Wifey,” Clark whipser so Romantic to her ears then kissed her passionately, he tuck her hair at the lower back of her ear and kissed her again, Delphine looks so enjoy every bit of his touch…. They get to understand one another better and deeper, they loved and understood themselves so well. It Was a ride they both did now not choose to end.

The next morning Clark walked in with a tray ande on it a bread, fired egg and two cups of tea, he saved it on a desk beside Delphine who used to be asleep.
“good morning Wifey,” he stated then kissed her until she was completely awake.n“hey, you’ve made breakfast already? Delphine requested then rapidly jump out from bed. “i need to be the one to do this, to take care of my husband,” Delphine said. “no dear, enable me do that,” he stated then sat her down to the bed. “how was the day gone by night, i hope you’re not hurt that much? Clark asked. “Not really, am fine,” Delphine spoke back smiling when she remembered they had intercourse the day before today night. “let me clean up this,” she stated selecting up the pillow on the floor. “just have your breakfast,” Clark insisted, then feed her himself. 

After breakfast they had shower together and Clark tucked her to mattress like a little infant and arranged the room in order. “i will love you for the rest of my life wifey,” Clark whisper to her ears then laid beside her and wrapped his fingers around her waist.

They spent time there collectively visitng a lot of stunning places in Dubai which was so much fun. Later in the night they arrived home collectively and had shower together as usual. “so this night will gonna be a confession night, tell me the first you first fall in love with me? Delphine asked while Clark hold her hands then smile. “right the very first day i meet at you at school, when you peep at me via the window however then i confirm these emotions to be genuine when i finally get to comprehend you higher comprehend you better, ever considering the fact that then i usually felt hurt seeing you with Milton,” he stated while Delphine smiled.
“that's so candy of you Hubby, properly i fell in love with you at some stage in our last night at Singapore, you have been so Romantic then, i couldn’t withstand these handsome face of yours, however then i strive so tough to disguise these feelings because of our parents,” she said while Clark temper modified immediately.
“why the sad face? Delphine requested touching his cheeks. “i simply remembered my dad, i desire he's here,” he said. “come on Hubby, i understand that and i also miss him however at any place he is he favor to see you happy, he nevertheless favor to see his Clark so happy,” she said while Clark seemed at her then smile a bit.
“whenever you feel so sad, just look at me, preserve my fingers then looked deep into my eyes, stare at my lovely horny lips, later kiss me hard,” she stated while Clark burst out laughing and held her so near to him. “you’re so funny Wifey,” Clark smiled and carried her in his hands to their bedroom.

It now three weeks, Delphine and Clark felt a great deal happy and have been additionally planing to return home to their family, they in reality enjoyed their honeymoon which ended up well.

Delphine’s family and Clark’s mother welcome them at the airport, they were all satisfied to see one anothet. It used to be a very cold night they arrived home and had dinner collectively and chatted for a lengthy time which was so a lot fun, later on they all left the two couples {Clark and Delphine} and that night time Was a continuation of their inn life….


I and my hubby had been at the park playing with our kids, we are blessed with twins, a boy and a female named Steve and Stephanie. Well they don’t appear so alike, Steve appear more like me while Stephanie like her father Clark. Stephanie is gentle and calm while Steve is a little bit difficult well i do love my children so plenty and my husband too, it Was such a completely satisfied family.

One of the extraordinary day has eventually came, it's David and Celyn wedding, properly Steve act as the little groom while Stephanie as the little bride, they acted so properly and the wedding ceremony went on well. I am so joyful to see David smiling all day and that remind me of my wedding ceremony with Clark six years back. I guess my mother and father have been the happiness humans to see their adolescents happily married.

After the wedding ceremony reception which Was held in grand hall. “uncle David is getting married, we gonna miss him mommy,” stated Stephanie as she moved closer to me while i smile. “we can continually go and go to him anytime my little girl,” i stated smiling then turn to Steve who used to be simply smiling.

It was a ideal evening, Dad and mommy has made preparations and we had dinner at the renz garden. It Was a get together gathering with all our household and friends. That was simply a very ideal bloodless evening, the atmosphere was calm and full of peace. Am also satisfied Amy came to share in our joy, David and his wife Celyn additionally came.
“Delphine sweet, i felt so happy, seeing my children fortunately married at last,” mommy stated in tearys eyes whilst i hug her. “i love you mom, am glad my marriage is nonetheless working out exact and Clark love for me grew every day, he loves me so much mom,” i stated while my mom hug me back.n“mommy, grandma! Steve and Stephanie moved toward us. “mommy, can we continue to be with grandpa and grandpa for some time? Stephanie asked whilst i simply smiled and wipe away the tears in my eyes. “sure, she’s your grandma,” i said smiling whilst my mother carried both of them in her arms. “mom, are you sturdy sufficient to elevate them, they’re so heavy,” i said.
“i want my grandchildren to revel in me so much and beside they are just 5 now not to heavy,” she stated whilst i smiled. We later return back to be part of the others. David choose up a guitar whilst we sang a song ordinarily for our parents. “this track is committed to my mother Mrs. Livvy and my dad Mr. Morgan, they’ve been a very top notch mother and father to us,” i said smiling. David performed the guitar while i sang. Everyone appears so emotional, my eyes had been stuffed with tears as i saw my mom already in tears and my dad who walked up to us then hug each of us.
“am so proud to have you as my children, i assume am the exceptional daddy in the world to have you,” dad said while i smiled then appear at mother who was wiping away her tears. “hey Clark be part of us here,” i said then pulled him to us and hug him. My teens also came. It used to be the excellent gathering of my lifestyles ever, we took loads of photographs together, it was a day by no means to forget, a second always to be mindful and keep on to. A time well spent is a time to remember.

Today has been so tremendous as we arrived home with Clark and they kids. “am gonna take you to your grandma tomorrow,” i said while they smiled, my head Was honestly aching me i guess it becausse i was too excited. I took my bath and went to take a look at on the kids who have been already asleep. “I just tuck them to bed, by means of singing for them, they stated they pass over your bedtime stories,” Clark said whilst i smiled. 

“i comprehend they loved your music, most in particular Steve, he’s genuinely fascinated in learnig how to play the piano,” i said smiling, Clark carried me in his palms and took me to our giant bedroom. He laid me on the bed and kissed me passionately, he undress me but i wasn’t saying whatever cos i don’t favor to deprive him of what is his, but am just so worn-out and need to sleep. When Clark seem at me he smiled then modify lower back my night time gown and pulled me closer to him.
“why did you stop? i requested him. “seems you’re worn-out and i comprehend you want some rest,” he stated then kissed my forehead, he wrapped his arms around my waist and i slept so peacefully on his chest. I usually thank God for the loving and perception Hubby i have, only him undersatnd my in and out, it's as if he can study my mind, i so much love my Hubby.


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