Forever Love 2-Episode 21

“Clark! i yelled then held him, i couldn’t trust the bullet penetrated through  me, i felt a sharp pain in my belly as blood gush out from my mouth.

Forever Love 2-Episode 21


Clark’s POV
Why will Delphine walked out of me that way, why can’t she understand me. I hurriedly went to take a look on her outside but she wasn’t there i wonder why she has to go away in a hurry in this heavy rain.
“Del..phine..! i referred out however no one was answering, i was drenched in the rain and was so worried about Delphine, tears drop from my eyes. I used to be about to return to the house when i heard a tap on my shoulder, i was surprise to see two men putting on mask, they hit me so difficult and push me to the ground, i was so weak to combat back, they quickly dragged me into their automobile then zoomed off.

Delphine’s POV
I arrived Home that night and i Was soaking wet i quickly freshen up and went to my room thinking about Clark, i was so confused. My mom walked in and sat beside me. “so how is Clark doing with his mom? she asked me. “Clark is not doing fine, you had been proper because Clark is not happy,” i stated in tears. “i knew that, who will be pleased after dropping such a wonderful person like Jason. Jason was the solely one Clark has usually knew as a family, however am joyful Jamie came again for him after a very long time, he additionally want you, he want humans by way of his side,” mom stated while i just pretend a smile. “mom, i Was simply thinking… i don’t choose to get harm again and i don’t prefer Clark to be hurt, so i have to go away from him,” i said. “you did! Delphine that isn’t the right decision. Sometimes humans misuse the oppotunity given to them and they’ll solely recognise it when it too late. Clark want you, you additionally want him, i suggest you each need each other,” she said searching straight to my eyes. “mom, i’ll think through it, however i was just wondering if we may want to all go to grandma’s grave tomorrow,” i said to alternate the topic. “okay dear, i will inform Morgan and David about it,”she said then looked into my eyes as if looking for something “you nonetheless love Clark so go again to your love,” she said while i simply nodded.

The next day Was quiet annoying and bad for me because we visit grandma’s grave and that reminds me of everything which made me and mother cried. I laid on my mattress nonetheless thinking about what mother told me the day prior to this night time am certain if grandma is still alive she may inform me the same thing. I picked up my smartphone and called Amy. 
“Delphine, i Was looking ahead to you to tell me about you and Clark,” she stated while i kept quiet for while. “Amy i simply prefer to be on my own for the essential time, i don’t choose a whole lot pains again, i choose to rest my thought and neglect about everything,” i stated to her. “forget about everything! such as Clark? come on Del, he’s all yours now that Sarah isn’t right here to take him away form you, he want to be by using his side you comprehend he just misplaced his dad,” she said in a unhappy voice. “yeah, thanks Amy i will simply call you later,” i said then hanged. 

I got dressed and took a stroll down the street, i remembered these appropriate instances i shared with Clark and how he denote his blood for me when i nearly died at the hospital, he blood still runs via my vein, he gave me the electricity to cross on when am weak and i additionally want to be by his side, his dad has been a good deal useful to us, cos his dad saved the female i so a great deal cherish and that’s my mom. I recognize wherever Jason is, he genuinely desire to see his son happy. Am simply so scared of going lower back to him, he might stop and go back to Sarah again if she comes back and beside i just need some break, some time to kind things out. After the stroll i went returned Home and Was shock to see my mother making a smartphone call with the police she appeared so worried, David was additionally worried.
“anything wrong? i asked. “Clark is no place to be found,” Jamie said pacing up an down in tears. “i just hope he won’t committ sucide else where, am so scared,” Jamie cried. “Clark is missing? i said to myself. “I’ve haven’t seen him when you came that day gone by night  all through the heavy rainfall, however i have stated it to the police,” she said.
My heart used to be beating lots faster and my eyes had been stuffed with much tears. “where ought to Clark be? i asked myself as i went out. “i want to go in search of him, i hurried out with his picture, looking for him however all in vain, i surprise the place he would possibly go to. It used to be already getting dark and i have to go home on time but i felt so guility for the whole lot i need to do the whole thing to locate Clark. I walked down the road when a car stopped beside me, two hefty guys shortly hit me hard and carried me to their car.

Livvy’s POV
I don’t recognize what was going on, how can Clark be missing then Delphine, i used to be so worried and wonder what going on, i couldn’t help it but cried. “Livvy, you don’t need to cry, we gonna find Delphine and Clark,” Morgan comforted me. “mom, i suspect one person, it may want to be Milton,” David stated while whilst i stood up.
“Milton! he might be right.. however i still can’t agree with Milton will nevertheless come back to do evil, haven’t he seen what happen to Maria and Nicole. “Yes David, we gonna do something about it,” Morgan certain us.

Delphine’s POV
I slowly open my eyes and felt so weak, i located myself in a very small darkish room besides windows however the door is locked up, i mananged to stand up and Was shock to see Clark by my side, he was critically injured on his face, palms and legs. “Clark, wake up Clark,” i went to him holding his hands gently. “we need to get out of here,” i said when he slowly opened his eyes and held my hand as well. “Del..phine, how did you get in here,” he requested me in a vulnerable voice. I rapidly eliminated my smartphone from my jean pocket and i was happy they haven’t seen the phone.
“i don’t even understand the place we are so how can can they discover us,” i said so worried. “i comprehend this place, just inform the police to come to charelletown at the save house, i heard them pronouncing this,” Clark stated and i Was glad to understand that.
“who did this to you? i requested in tears but he was only coughing out blood from his mouth which make me scared. I shortly texted my mom about the place, then switched off my phone. “Clark..” i said in tears, he used to be badly injured. The door was open and i was shock to see Sarah and Milton walked in with some of their boys. 
“Sa..rah,” i stammered.. “don’t be shocked Delphine, you’ve handled me like trash when i went to beg for your forgiveness, and i can’t watch and to see you take away my Clark. My mom died in the process of me having Clark, i have to leave my ailing mother all to be with Clark at Mexico and i can’t lose Clark now not after losing my mom,” she yelled. “Sarah i by no means knew you should be this evil,” Clark managed to say. “beat him guys,” she ordered her guys as they held Clark and provide him many punches on his face, which make blood gushing out form his mouth and nose. “please don’t kill Clark, please Sarah. Clark is not mine,” i pleaded in tears. “sweetheart Delphine, now i can have you as my wife, you will be my wife and i won’t lose this opportunity,” Milton said shifting nearer to me as he fling my fingers away from Clark, he hit him then push him aside. “stop hurting him! i yelled at Milton. “I love you Delphine and you can only be mine if only this dude is dead,” he stated pointing at Clark who was respiration heavily. “Clark simply watch me, see how i fuck your babe proper in front of you,” he said which make me scared. “please.. Milton don’t do this to Del..phine,” Clark stammered then coughed out blood from his mouth. “Milton, you’ll by no means get away with this,” i stated in tears. “now undress yourself,” Milton yelled at me. “please Milton don’t do this, Sarah please,” i pleaded in tears. “after Clark is dead we’ll buried him and then you after Milton and his guys are completed with you we will take you lower back to your household to nurse the pains in between your legs,” she said which made me colour extra tears i nevertheless couldn’t accept as true with Sarah could be this heartless. “just do as i said, dispose of your cloth! Milton yelled which make me startled.
“please Clark,” i cried. “okay then you’ll watch how am gonna shoot your Clark to death. Guys, beat him again,” he ordered his guys to beat Clark. “do you want to kill him, please Milton spare his life, beat me instead,” i said in tears. “i don’t wanna harm you until am finished with you, now undress yourself,” Milton yelled. “okay then as a ways as nothing will show up to Clark, am inclined to do anything,” i stated in tears, Clark held my hands. “don’t Delphine, please don’t,” he said as tears drop from his eyes. “they will kill you if i don’t,” i whisper to him.

“Sa..rah,” i stated in tears however she used to be solely smiling, i marvel Sarah will be completely satisfied to see me being raped. I closed my eyes in tears as i slowly waste time in unbuttoning my top. “don’t do it,” that’s what i could hear Clark announcing however if i don’t they might beat him to death. Milton moved closer to me and kissed me hungrily. “you’re wasting time in getting rid of your top, you’ve now not even remove your jeans trouser,” he yelled at me then tore my top and kissed me forcefully. Clark was in a position to come rescue me however he Was straight away held by means of some of Milton’s guys. “don’t do this Delphine,” he yelled again. “Mil.. please don’t force your self on me,” i cried but he didn’t listen. “just removed your trouser, stupid girl,” he yelled attempting to unzip my jeans trouser when the door went open and the police guys came in. “drop your weapon,” they yelled and i could see Sarah and Milton used to be taken aback to see the police men.
“so you’ve involve the police in this right,” Milton yelled at me as he flip to Clark and pulled the trigger off at him quickly. “Clark! i yelled then held him, i couldn’t trust the bullet penetrated through  me, i felt a sharp pain in my belly as blood gush out from my mouth. The police shortly handcuff Sarah, Milton and their boys. “Clark..” i stammered then touched his cheeks. “please don’t leave me,” he said in tears. “i desire i can, but the pain is to an awful lot for me to bear. Goodbye… Clark,” I stated then my eyes closed and everywhere used to be dark. “Delphine! Clark,” Livvy and Jamie rushed in and used to be startled to see Delphine who has already been shot and Clark who was badly injured and could infrequently walked. “Delphine, wake up,” Livvy cried as she touched her but she wasn’t shifting an inch, seems she’s dead.

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