The Clumsy Maid

The Clumsy Maid-(Final Episode 12)

Brandon placed me on the bed. “So this is what it feels like being the love of a billionaire?” I asked.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 11

I was about going when a big mascular body held my mouth tight and started out ripping my clothes of my body.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 10

As I walked down the stairs their eyes drifted to me and they were drolling mouth open even Brandon.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 9

“Ohh wonderful. Amanda the chief racer” Peter said and they commenced laughing. Wait! How did they see me?

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 8

This is a actually werid night, how can three human beings be in love with me, I’m surely confused.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 7

OMG! So soft. I desire it was a actual kiss. Thank God i had water in my mouth if not i would have kissed him back and be bursted.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 6

Wait! He have to be embarrassed. What I noticed was so god-damned huge! Damnit! What am I thinking?!

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 5

I stood up and splashed the cup of water on his face. He jerked up simply like his brother. “No no no. Not you again.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 4

“What!? You’re a maid and you employed another maid?” Anderson asked in a high tone.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 3

“Arrgh!” I heard Anderson scream and I rushed to his bathroom. He was fighting with the water. “I can’t see” he screamed more.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 2

They stumped their foot on the floor and tried to stroll faster. They fell down the second time due to the water I sprinkled earlier.

The Clumsy Maid-Episode 1

I went to the address Mrs. Richard gave me, this house is like paradise. I in no way knew they were this rich...........

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