My secret angel

My Secret Angel-Episode 22

“Tyler Chadwick, do you take Kim Sertori as your lawfully wedded wife, in illness and in health, for better or worse till death do...

My Secret Angel-Episode 21

He pulled me closer and off my top revealing my black laced bra. He looked at me and smiled.. He off my clothes and off his then we...

My Secret Angel-Episode 20

“OMG what has Christina Perri the daughter of the minister of training done that made our Tyler arrest her” one of the reporter asked.

My Secret Angel-Episode 19

I watched with tears streaming down my cheeks as the train  left.

My Secret Angel-Episode 18

“OMG Tyler is leaving today” I yelled and positioned my hands on my head. My angel please wait for me.

My Secret Angel-Episode 17

“if you wanna remember your past then go to this address ” the message read and an address was at the bottom.

My Secret Angel-Episode 16

Kim just walked in. OMG it’s Kim and I’m standing here like a statue. I ran to her and hugged her tight with tears sliding down my...

My Secret Angel-Episode 15

My mouth dropped open when I noticed Kim walked up stage. OMG! is that…. Is that Kim? No no no it can’t be. She’s dead.

My Secret Angel-Episode 14

Somehow, I wanna remember my past coz I can’t sleep peacefully understanding that somewhere someone is looking out for me or perhaps...

My Secret Angel-Episode 13

It was Saturday and the law enforcement officials called us that they have some clue what could’ve occurred to her.

My Secret Angel-Episode 12

They brought me very close and I already comprehend what they wanted to do, they wanna push me off the cliff. “please let me go please...

My Secret Angel-Episode 11

How do I get to Kim now. Kim I’m certainly sorry please forgive me, I want you now.

My Secret Angel-Episode 10

Christina? That’s impossible. I know how Christina loves herself and she can not risk her life for anyone.

My Secret Angel-Episode 9

I am very sure Kim loves Tyler very much. If Tyler get to know she is the one who sang and also the one who donated her kidney for...

My Secret Angel-Episode 8

We finished the song and I couldn’t stop the tears that kept falling down my cheeks.

My Secret Angel-Episode 7

There were murmurings in the class and I was surprised also. But I am supposed to be the one.

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