Mad In Love

Mad In Love-Episode 21 (FINALE)

as I had wished her words have been not true, I found the grave marked with my son’s names. I fall down there weeping like a Child.

Mad In Love-Episode 20

Sitting in the couch as l tried to find some thing to watch I went to Muvi TV channel, just to locate some talk about marriages and...

Mad In Love-Episode 19

Seeing Clara in handcuffs being led away in a police van, I would agree gave me a good experience of peace. Although I had hoped she...

Mad In Love-Episode 18

Soon enough your partitions will fall and like you said, we will see who will chuckle last” I smiled leaving her as she shouted for...

Mad In Love-Episode 17

In three weeks I stayed inner I had lost so much weight, all my curves had been gone. My shaggy hair which was unkept now seemed more...

Mad In Love-Episode 16

“Come on mother let’s take you to the hospital” I panicked making an attempt to make her stay wakeful as her eyes seemed susceptible...

Mad In Love-Episode 15

She nearly made me sleep with her she kept staring at me and I could experience my inside warn me to stay away from her but my outside...

Mad In Love-Episode 14

Remove your garments and get equipped to give me the sexual satisfaction I need” l smiled lustifuly pulling him toward the bed as...

Mad In Love-Episode 13

lf you are a man enough, you must have known how to put an end to the drama you have with your wife man.

Mad In Love-Episode 12

For a second I thinking I was going to loose my senses as he kept carresing my touchy parts and not breaking from the kisses.

Mad In Love-Episode 11

” Don’t lie to me Jen, I noticed the way that man was looking at you and the way you kept looking at him. Besides what is he doing...

Mad In Love-Episode 10

” Well, it’s not like am asking you out or something I simply favor us to be friends” he insisted.

Mad In Love-Episode 9

” Can I remain here today?” He asked sitting up. ” I can’t can’t go again to that house. I can’t get myself to sleep at night time...

Mad In Love-Episode 8

” Oh my God assist me” I whispered sitting backyard on the veranda feeling my head cracking.

Mad In Love-Episode 7

I closed the door to my house and shut my eyes allowing the tears to flow out freely. ” What was I thinking?” I sniffed.

Mad In Love-Episode 6

The dream scared me and I had no other idea but Call the priest.  I doubted he would answer at that hour.......

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