Heart Doctor

Heart Doctor-Episode 19

“What do you suppose this is?” Gold whispered in a very low tone. “..If you love yourself, continue to be calm and don’t make me unfastened...

Heart Doctor-Episode 18

“ Am happy Chelsea no disappoint me last night…  I for cry.” Peter said. “Eh.. I know say dem go beat Man united…See ehn, make we...

Heart Doctor-Episode 17

Gold’s mouth dropped open. “What!..did you just say that to me?” “I’m gonna say more if you don’t get your unpleasant looking self...

Heart Doctor-Episode 16

“Odeya I don’t think I can do that…” Amanda said.“Why? Because you like my daddy?” Odeya asked.

Heart Doctor-Episode 15

“Whatever dad! I don’t favor her here.. She gotta leave.” Odeya said. “..and about dinner, my nanny would make it for me.” Deya said.

Heart Doctor-Episode 14

“I will be back. ” Amanda said and hurried out. “Odeya..” Jeremy called. “Hi Jeremy. It’s a relief that you are wide awake now.” Odeya...

Heart Doctor-Episode 13

“Well I’m telling you not to.. I’m gonna make my dad and my mom come back together. I won’t let him date anyone.

Heart Doctor-Episode 12

Once they stepped in, Gold grabbed Desmond and pushed her lips to his. Nothing should hold Desmond back seeing that all he could assume...

Heart Doctor-Episode 11

“I desire to see your stunning face Gold. You are the solely one I wanna be with right now.” Gold smiled triumphantly. ‘Yes he ate...

Heart Doctor-Episode 10

“Ahh what’s wrong with me…. I guess my mother caused this! She shouldn’t have brought up the difficulty of marriage and all she stated...

Heart Doctor-Episode 9

Reaching Odeya’s door, he  heard Amanda telling Odeya a story. The way she was telling it made him wonder if she was without a doubt...

Heart Doctor-Episode 8

Woah.. I love here but not more than I love the owner.” she stated and cat walked over to one of the guest seat and sat down. 

Heart Doctor-Episode 7

“Na so. If he see my front and my back finish, he go change him mind quickly.” Chioma laughed.

Heart Doctor-Episode 6

“I don die.. Oga don come back.” he stated as he dropped the tray of meals and hurried to the gate with a beating heart.

Heart Doctor-Episode 5

“See ehn..” he paused and scratched his head. “See ehn Amanda, I like you.” he said. “I like you very well. I go favor make we dey...

Heart Doctor-Episode 4

“Dad why are you staring at her ass?” Odeya asked. Desmond looked at his daughter and was speechless on what to say. Wait, did he...

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