Blue maid

Blue Maid- Episode 40

I moved forward and noticed that the door to his room was down. I looked up and noticed my prince in bed with….. With Princess Gladys?

Blue Maid- Episode 39

Adrian! He’s kissing me. My eyes were nonetheless widened. His arms interlocked with mine and I didn’t understand when I closed my...

Blue Maid-Episode 38

What happened? Wait!  Was it the bracelet that glowed and disappeared ? Or am i I hallucinating?

Blue Maid- Episode 37

. I stood up to get it and without delay the door opened and Gladys walked in. This witch…. Oh no! Blue is gonna be back soon. Gladys...

Blue Maid-36

The thought of Blue being in Derek’s arm busted my brain. I imply Derek is a playboy and doesn’t deserve her, she’ll simply die of...

Blue Maid- Episode 35

Did Princess Gladys suppose that I was lifeless and threw me into the water to drown?

Blue Maid- Episode 34

But I was struck with a information that one of the maids has been missing since i left. I checked the castle’s notice board and I...

Blue Maid-Episode 33

your engagement celebration is in two weeks. Get prepared and make your plans together

Blue Maid-Episode 32

Jeez. This is unbelievable. He shouldn’t be doing this? I felt irritated and jealous But Why ought I be jealous of a maid who the...

Blue Maid-Episode 31

we’re getting married soon, why are you bringing down your popularity via going to your maids when I can give it to you even though...

Blue Maid- Episode 30

don’t just name my name, don’t just try it. Leave me on my own and go back to the place you came from, you’re not accepted right here.............

Blue Maid- Episode 29

I looked at her seductively. Yes I wanted her so badly. She moved nearer to me and hugged me.

Blue Maid- Episode 28

Just then Derek walked in. He was startled and stood nevertheless looking at us

Blue Maid- Episode 27

I’ve efficiently avoided the prince for three amazing weeks. There was a time when he came out and we maids were fortunate to see...

Blue Maid- Episode 26

Wow! She’s scared. But I’m not a monster. She tried standing up and I think I noticed colorings of tears in her eyes.

Blue Maid- Episode 25

I bade Audrey accurate bye with a tight long hug. The business enterprise had transferred me to the castle for real. I was completely...

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