Blue Maid-Episode 33

your engagement celebration is in two weeks. Get prepared and make your plans together

Blue Maid-Episode 33

Episode 33

I turned and began to walk away. I desperately desired to look again at him however I simply determined to let him be. Tonight was definitely enjoyable with him. He is so humorous and caring I don’t think I’ve had so plenty fun before. I kept smiling to myself as I walked to my room. I cherished it when he took me up. His arms felt protected and strong. And he looks youthful when he smiles. I smiled as I opened the door to my room

Cindy : Blue, where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you. You varnished immediately after dinner. Where did you go? Did you have an unfinished business in the Prince chambers so you had to get it done?

She moved closer to Blue who was already beside her bed

Blue : no. Sorry I suggest yes, I had unfinished enterprise with the Prince stuff

Cindy : quickly call Audrey, I wanna discuss to her now.

I sighed and brought out my phone. I also favor to talk to her but not thisday again. I brought  out my telephone and she collected it and bounced on her bed. I gently laid down on mine cos I was tired.

I closed my eyes but couldn’t sleep I kept listening to Adrian’s voice. I unexpectedly saw his face. I opened my eyes immediately. I looked sideways, Cindy was busy laughing on the cellphone with Audrey. It’s surprising how Audrey can cope with any one like her, knowing the type of person they both were. Though they have similarities.

I rolled and laid on my tummy. Placed each my fingers and head on my pillow which means my arms encircled my head on my bed. I closed my eyes again. I remembered when I thanked him for making the nighttime fun, he stated I made it awesome. Then when I stated desirable night time prince he stated properly night princess

Wow! Princess!  The solely man or woman who ever called me princess was mother. I abruptly desired to see him again. I couldn’t sleep. I rolled on the bed with my eyes closed and then I heard a thud and a striking ache on my entire side. I opened my eyes and it was simply as I knew. I had fallen down the bed

I entered my room and locked the door. My face was squeezed up and I slumped over to the cushion. Gladys speaks with so a good deal authority. She has something behind her. I should locate out and have it neutralised immediately. I stood up and walked to my bar, I saw the place Blue before had sat and was counting the variety of wines I had. I smiled

As we came back from the green house, I headed to the bar for a drink.

Me: Blue do you prefer something to drink from here?

She stood up and regarded then she shook her head and sat down.

Me : why

Blue : I don’t drink

Me: ohh, uhmm how about I get you a sparkling wine, non alcoholic sparkling wine.

She scratched her head

Blue : what’s that

I smiled

Me: come over

She slowly came and stood beside me.

Blue : wow

Me: what’s wow

I climbed down the bar stool and went to open where I stored my nonalcoholic drinks.

Blue : do you promote wine? Derek doesn’t even have all these

Me: which is why he continually comes right here broadly speaking for my wine, and humorous enough, I’m now not even half a drinker that he is.

I walked to her and poured her a glass. She looked at me and I smiled

Me: k take the bottle and see for yourself

She took it and ransacked the whole body. Then she returned it to me. In order to make her feel comfortable, I took a glass and poured myself some of the wine she was taking. Though she didn’t drink it yet. I lifted up my glass

Me: cheers…?

She smiled and lifted it up

Blue : cheers…

I took my glass to my lips and saw her do the same. She then looked over at the bar again and started to factor her index finger at each wine with solely her lips moving.

Me: are you counting them?

She didn’t reply, she just stored counting

Me: haha, stop

I tried to bring her hand down however she shifted back I stood up and pulled her away

Blue : ahhh, I was simply in number 13

Me: don’t count my wine.

Blue : why

Me: because….. If you count them, I’ll choose to extend their number so you’ll suppose they’re small while they are much greater than you think

Blue : huh, that’s loopy however I won’t be counting it anymore

I smiled to myself as the entirety that came about with Blue flowed back in. From the establishing to the end, nothing was left out. I smiled as I placed my face in my arms and brushed them up into my hair and back to my face.

She’s surely fantastic and active. And her chuckle is so special and light. Gosh these Blue eyes run me crazy. They sparkle in the mild and even if it’s dark, I see it sparkling And I’m so satisfied she’s free with me, I wouldn’t let her go again to being scared of me. No way

Me: Blue, I won’t let you see me as you did before. I’ll make positive you get nearer and friendlier with me, I sincerely don’t mind what Gladys or any other individual thinks.

Then my telephone vibrated. I checked it

A text message from Gladys. I frowned, It read:
“good night time my prince. From your loving princess”

I hastily deleted it

Me: the only loving princess I comprehend is Princess Blue, not you. I dropped the cellphone then I realized I didn’t have Blue’s number. 
I called as Derek however he wasn’t picking up
He’s possibly knocked out already. Then I texted him;
“hey buddy, Blue and I are getting closer. I’ll give you the full gist later but if you see this message, forward me her number” 

Then I left the bar and went to my room and crashed

He didn’t reply my message. What a prince
But we were okay then when I wasn’t his betrothed. He’ll always reply my messages and pick my calls. I thought he has hobby in me too. But why has he unexpectedly changed at the mention of marriage to me.

The solely way he can act that way is if he certainly hates me and can never bring himself to love me or there’s anyone else. He’s probable into a princess somewhere and it’s in reality a secretive relationship. Well that exceptionally princess is in for a heartbreaking news. Prince Adrian is mine and mine alone. 

It’s already morning. Time for breakfast. I went into the loo and took a shower then dressed up for breakfast. I went down and Adrian was there
I gently walked to them and bowed.

King: take a seat my child

I sat down beside Adrian who wasn’t speaking however simply eating. I didn’t discuss throughout even when the queen suggested that I get some royal maids assigned to the whole lot I do. I nodded and smiled. 

I stole a glance at the Prince. His face was expressionless. I looked back at my food. I looked at him again

Me: goodmorning prince

Prince: good morning

His parents looked at him

King: your engagement celebration is in two weeks. Get prepared and make your plans together.

Surprisingly Adrian didn’t talk

Me: I will like to return to Birmingham this week, I want some things. 

King: it’s okay

Soon breakfast was over and Adrian simply stood up and left. His mom looked concerned. No
She would possibly back him up. I can’t permit that. I ought to take care of this mother of his. 

To Be Continued...................