Blue Maid- Episode 27

I’ve efficiently avoided the prince for three amazing weeks. There was a time when he came out and we maids were fortunate to see him.

Blue Maid- Episode 27

Episode 27

I was so scared when I discovered out that the prince was there in his room. I was without a doubt scared. I suppose I startled the prince too. I don’t recognize why my first day of work is usually bad

At my first work place, I missed a step and fell down, I bruised my feet however healed it. At my second work place, I was going to serve drinks to an influential man on the day I resumed. I tripped over and fell down. The glasses chattered and the content material spilled. I felt so embarrassed however thank goodness it was only him in that section of the VIP room. I apologised and requested the janitor to assist in cleaning up the mess.

Now, I accidentally pushed open the door of the Prince and fell into his room. And to make things worse, he was sitting there on his cushion staring at me. I was even more scared when he stood up and walked closer to me. I tried to move but I was just not composed. I thought he was going to hurt or scold me. Instead he provided to assist me up. I didn’t want to provide him my hand. I concept he had plans of twisting my arm as a punishment or something else, But nevertheless, I gave him my hand, because I didn’t choose to disrespect him. He pulled me up and used his second hand to assist me. I stood straight however my legs were still shaky. I bowed my head and my hair blanketed my face.

The door had already closed by itself. I guess it was designed to do so. I felt him bringing his hand to my face and I jerked back immediately. He took back his hand. 

Prince: what is your call. I suggest actual call?

That was when I realized that I haven’t even thanked him

Me: my title is Blue sir. Thank you for helping me up sir. I promise never to bother you once more and I’m sorry for being a nuisance.

I curtseid

Me: I’ll leave now sir

I turned and moved to the door. I tried to open it however it wouldn't. I don’t recognize how it works. I heard the prince chuckle

Prince: why is your call Blue? Did you change your call to Blue when you heard that I love blue and everything about me is blue?

I turned round and looked at him. I didn’t even recognize that he favored blue color too. In my mind I was answering him : properly for your records sir, I was born with a blue tail, and blue eyes and I have a blue birthmark at my back. That’s why my title is Blue, okay?

I noticed the Prince’s jaw drop.

Jeez! What I said? Did I say it out loud? No
I’m sure I didn’t. But why is he staring at me that way as if I’m his lost daughter? What’s happening?

Did I just see something? Are these Blue eyes? She has blue eyes? I’m crazy about blue eyes Jeez! This is amazing. She has the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Now that I look at her, she’s truely pretty. That night time on my birthday, I didn’t look at her

Me: wow! 

That’s all I could say. She shifted uncomfortably.  Her arms moved ahead and she clasped them together, her fingers taking part nervously. I suppose I’m actually making her experience nervous. She looks so uneasy. 

Me: I…. I. I love your eyes

She smiled and lowered her face. She lifted it a little

Blue : thank you

I smiled and kept my arms akimbo

Me: so uhm, Blue are you hurt?

She checked herself momentarily and shook her head in the negative.

I smiled

Me: okay, be cautious subsequent time Blue.

Blue : ok sir

I moved ahead and she shifted. I got to the door and opened it. She bowed and moved outside.

Blue : thanks once more sir

I nodded and closed the door. I turned and faced the dwelling room with my fingers on my waist

Me: she’s not so bad

I moved to the chaise lounge and laid down with my hand aiding my head against the smooth chair. I stared at the television. What are they even showing? I had no interest in it. I moved over to my fridge. I brought  out a chilled drink, opened it up and gulped it down.

My telephone which was on the centre desk began to ring. I moved over and took it

I picked it

my prince
gladys…. Princess Gladys
hahaha, it’s a top aspect you brought  that princess. I thought you didn’t recognize who was surely calling
hahaha, I understand you princess
so how are you doing prince
I’m good but just bored
ohh, I desire I ought to come over and cheer you up. Have a desirable time together. I miss you

(ahhh, I didn’t like where this dialog was heading. I deliberately started to cough)

ohh prince sorry. Take some water
I’ll call you again later.
Then I hung up on her


The smartphone call was boring. That’s why I said I was bored. Why can’t she just see the reality that I’m not into her. She’s beautiful, royalty, mannered and all that but she’s not Adrian’s type. She maintains flirting with me at every possibility she gets. I just thank goodness I’m not like Derek.

My phone started to ring again
Gladys again…

I left my phone in the dwelling room and went to the balcony. I want fresh air

I’m out of there. Jeez!  What a life! I heaved a sigh of remedy and walked down the corridor out of his chambers I bumped into a maid. 

Me: oh sorry. I wasn’t thinking

Maid : sorry, be cautious subsequent time

I smiled

Me: okay

She walked away and I moved too.
I’m virtually clumsy today.  I went to my room and checked the menu. I was going to take care of the waters from the fountain with three other maids by 12 noon and it was some minutes after 11. I decided to find Cindy.

I checked her menu and she was to disinfect the pools in front of the castle. Not swimming pools I actually admire these pools. They were like ponds with ducks and geese swimming on it. Fishes were additionally inside. They were just like aquariums. I went to the front of the fort and noticed Cindy dancing and leaping around whilst working. She was additionally playing with the water

Me: Cindy

Cindy : Blue! Come see this duck it’s dancing

She pulled me along as usual. I looked at the duck

Me: hahahaha, it’s lifting up it’s feathers and splashing in the water

Cindy : yeah. I love it really definitely love it. You know it’s lovely working in the castle. You get to see lots of wonders. One time, I went to the aquarium and I thought I saw a shark glaring at me. I ran out thinking it was going to jump out and devour me.

We laughed

The other maids laughed too and we went over to assist them out. The work was fun. It was almost noon so I left them and went again to the Prince’s chambers. I looked around first, to see if he was out of his room. The coast was clear so I moved in. Only one Maid was there. She was getting the pipes and hose and the new water ready. I helped her and requested her questions about the fort and the prince

Me: does he come out pretty often

Isa :i haven’t seen him up to thrice before. The first time I saw him, was when he arrived from England. The second was when he was going out to the grand ballroom for his birthday party. We workers hardly ever see him. Except for the guards

Me: wow, does he have a secret passageway?

Isa: possibly he does. He’s so difficult to see. But he’s truly handsome

She smiled and I smiled too. Though I haven’t clearly seen that. I’m scared of him. The other maids came and we changed the water and cleaned the slippery parts of the fountain. It reminded me of the slime region, Ma’am Shell’s library. 

We finished and we went for lunch. I did other things and was so exhausted afterwards. I was really pleased I didn’t see Prince Adrian. I went inside my room and took out my phone. Audrey left messages for me. I answered them and we kept texting each other. I told her the whole lot and we laughed about it. She was actually happy that we found Cindy again. I promised to call her when Cindy is around so they may want to talk. I slept off thereafter.

I’ve efficiently avoided the prince for three amazing weeks. There was a time when he came out and we maids were fortunate to see him. The other maids were all ‘wows’ and ‘OMGs’. But I was hiding in the back of them and when he brought his eyes to our direction, I either looked back or bend down to lift something that by no means fell.

Last week Friday. I was to dust his door. I was so scared.
 First,  What if the door opened again?
Second, What if he opened the door and came out?
Just as I was about finishing up, the door creaked and opened. I rapidly ran away to the hallway close-by with my dust pan and feather dust in my hand. I recognize he noticed me but there’s no way he’ll recognize I was the one. I heaved a sigh of comfort when I saw him leaving. I checked my menu again for the 3rd time today.
Cleaning….. I thank goodness I have already done that. But some maids got here to call me that I was supposed to be a part of them in cleansing the Prince’s true chamber this week.
What! No way! This is not good! But I had no desire however to follow them. I’ll just keep away from him. That’s if he’s there. And I don’t suppose he’ll stay where we’re cleaning. He won’t even come near to us.

I took the vacuum cleaner and wore my gloves. The other maids were with mops, buckets, broom and brush. There was also some other vacuum cleaner with them. We went inside. I just love this residing room

Kay : Blue Maid, I’m certain you love her more than any of us

I smiled

Susan : of course  she does. I genuinely don’t comprehend why she’s so obsessed with the blue color

Bett : seriously? You can’t see her eyes? She’s a blue witch

We laughed and continued the funny story with each other as we were working. You’re thinking how they began calling me Blue Maid too? Cindy. 
I told Cindy about the call. And that was all

Bett: Blue Maid, why don’t you take care of the kitchen and sinks and all that. I’ll deal with the bar.

Me: okay

I moved to the kitchen and jeez, he was standing there. I tried to turn back at once but…

Prince: Blue Maid

I stopped and fearfully turned back to face him
I become scared again. I bowed

Me: good day prince

Prince: Blue, are you avoiding me???

To be continued.....................