Blue Maid-episode 1

Blue Maid-episode 1

Episode 1

(5 years after)

Blue: 5…6…7…8…9……10! Ready or not, right here I come!
Blue started to swim round the sea rocks, dashing through sea weeds and searching at places a mermaid may want to possibly be hiding.

Blue: Rainbow, where are you?

Right then she heard a squeak at the back of her at the back of some tall water plants.
She slowly swam toward them and peeped through. She saw a glowing tail fin with rainbow colors.
She rapidly and unexpectedly pulled the vegetation apart and yelled. 

Blue: gotcha!!

Rainbow : ahhhhh! You scared me. 

Blue : did you suppose I wouldn’t find you? The squeaking toy mother gave you is in your hand and it squeaked, so I located you. 

Rainbow : ohh why didn’t I drop it at home. 

Blue: hahaha, my turn. Close your eyes. 

Rainbow closed her eyes and started conting and Blue tried to conceal however just then, Kyl commenced to call Rainbow.
Ma’am Kyl: Rainbow, it’s time for your lessons. Come out right here now. 

Rainbow : oh no! Mother’s calling me already, I have to go now Blue. We’ll play later.

Then she began to swim away. 

Blue: wait for me, let’s go home together. 

Then she started out to swim faster, trying to seize up with Rainbow
Blue and Rainbow have born on the equal day, but Blue was born first. Rainbow additionally obtained her identify from the colour of her tail.
Right from when they had been toddlers, they had been high-quality pals simply like their mothers were. Always playing and working together. They both received the characteristis of their mothers, lively, hardworking, stubborn and cheerful.

Rainbow is by some means stupid, in fact virtually silly in a humorous way. She always brings silly ideas, performed way too plenty and was most at instances too cheerful.

Blue on the different hand is bold, witty and cheerful too.
When it comes to bringing of ideas, she continually did it but when it comes to playing stupid pranks on other mer-beings, Rainbow took the lead.
Together they had been a fantastic team. 

(10 years after)

Blue and Rainbow are now teenagers and had grown into stunning mer-maids. They have nevertheless very hardworking and cheerful as they had been when they were kids. Nothing definitely changed about their characters.

(Neptune castle)

All the mer-teens are gathered at the King’s castle. He had summoned all of them for a extraordinary orientation. King Neptune didn’t arrive straight away and so there is noise all over the ballroom. Suddenly three purple octopuses showcased and started to beat a speaking drum signifying the need for decorum. King Neptune got here using in a magical carriage managed by using magical sea horses.

Right hand man : attention y’all! Youths of Neptune City, behold your king!
Then all the youths gave a mild bow whilst the king cleared his throat.

Neptune : welcome the future of the sea. Today I have called on you all for your orientation. You will be given different training after which you’ll be officially inaugurated as middle class participants of the town of Neptune.

Then he paused slightly, leaving an awkward silence around the ballroom due to the fact it was solely his voice that is echoing through the silent room.

Neptune : now! There comes a time when each and every childhood in this kingdom will be trained up to be a respectful and responsible citizen of Neptune. You all will be divided into sections  and would be skilled in these sections  for complete 2 months.

Rainbow : (in dim whispers) I’m tired…..

Blue : (whispers too) shussh…….. Listen to the king.

Rainbow : however he’s taking too much time talking. 

Blue : rainbow shush or you’re gonna put us in trouble. 

A merman observes them speaking and slowing swims over to them.

Jace : (whispering) what are you ladies speaking about? You’re distracted already. Now listen….

Rainbow : W..w..wo..ww…

Rainbow had lost herself at the sight of Jace. She couldn’t accept as true they were standing collectively and he simply spoke to her.
Jace was her crush. She definitely appreciated him however only Blue knew about it. He is cute and well built with orange tail which matched his truthful skin. His hair is barely long, it reached his ears and it is dark. His muscular tissues had been simply firm and he had the coolest voice.
Rainbow kept staring at these points and getting lost in her creativeness until Blue snapped her out of it.

Blue: Rainbow concentrate. 

Then she stood erect and centered on the king, she didn’t desire to create a wrong first effect with Jace. To her depression, he turned and swam again to his preliminary position.

Neptune : the royal servants are going to hand over to you a bar. The shade of your bar signifies your class.

Then the servants started to distribute the bars of blue, pink, green, pink and yellow.
Rainbow sighted Jace with the blue bar while she is with yellow. Her eyes saddened and Blue observed it and traced her gaze to Jace’s hand.

Blue: take mine. The servant purposely gave me blue cos of my eyes and tail.

Rainbow : really… Thanks Blue however I desire us to be in the same classification as well. 

Blue: wait right here

Then she collected her yellow bar and swam to a group of friends.

Blue: hello! girls. 

Girls: hey! 

Blue : (turns to Mania) please Mania let’s trade bars, the blue bar matches my eyes and tail.

Livia : yeah it does. And I’m the only one with yellow here. Mania alternate it with her, let’s be in the identical class. 

Mania: oh okay! Here you go Blue

Blue: awwn.. Thanks a lot. Bye bye

Girls: bye

Blue: I received my blue bar

Rainbow : yay!

Blue : now let’s get going

A royal servant swims by and they ask him where the blue bar students are to remain and he pointed to one of the rooms.
They thanked him and he left.

Rainbow : last mermaid there is a rotten fish. 

Blue: what! You recognize you’re faster than I when it comes to swimming. Let’s not swim that…..

Before she may want to complete her sentence, Rainbow was already halfway there.

Blue: oh geez! Why is she that fast?

Jace: I may be quicker than her

She turns back to see Jace conserving his blue bar.

Blue: I don’t assume so. She’s the quickest mermaid I’ve seen so far. 

Jace: why don’t I understand her

Blue: it’s cos we’re the low existence mer-beings. And you guys are the noble ones, our lives are different. So you infrequently hear about us, but we recognize a whole lot about you guys.

Jace: oh I see. Well let’s get going to class. Last one there is a….

Blue: no no no no no…. Let’s no longer do that please

Jace: hahaha, OK. 

They each swim on to the classroom and Jace goes to meet someone.
Rainbow grabs Blue’s arm and pulls her to a corner. 

Blue: ouch. Your fingers

Rainbow : forget about about the fingers. What have u and Jace speaking about?

Blue: nothing serious. We were just speaking about fast mer-beings.

Rainbow : yess…

Blue: and I said it was you

Rainbow : then?

Blue: then he said he may be quicker than you but I instructed him you have the fastest

Rainbow : is that all?

Blue : yes

Just then Blue heard her name at the counter and she slipped out of Rainbow’s grip to answer it. But Rainbow was nonetheless there. 

Jace: hey

She turned back to see who it was. Her heart started to omit beats. She didn’t recognize what to do, she become stupid at that point.

Rainbow : uhmm, hello Jace

She managed to say after 30 secs of being stupid.

Jace: you be aware of my name?

Rainbow : yeah! Who doesn’t?

Jace: wow! Never knew a pretty mermaid knew my name and I didn't know hers. Will she tell me?

Rainbow blushed and bowed her head to cover her pink cheeks. Her hair fell over her face and she shoved it to the lower back of her ear and looked up. 

Jace: wait, let me guess. Your name is Rainbow

Rainbow : wow, how did you know

Jace: well I overheard somebody calling your friend Blue and I think it’s because of her tail and yours is rainbow-like, so you have to be Rainbow

Rainbow : hahaha. Yeah

Jace: let’s see each other regularly in class. I could use a pal in the common villa. Never been there before and I heard its in reality stunning with nature and plenty of other sea creatures and rocks.

Rainbow : yes it’s genuinely beautiful. Especially in the fish forest, Blue and I go there all the time. 

Jace: wow. So we’re friends?

Rainbow : yes

Rainbow was so happy, she felt like that day is the happiest day in her life. It was a dream coming true. 

To Be Continued.......... 
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