All for Love-Episode 9

“Aaaarrrrhhh…” I groaned in pain moving back. He raised the belt up once more and was about unleashing the second lash when an earsplitting and deafening voice could be heard from a distance.

All for Love-Episode 9

Episode 9


“Take this cash and bring fifty naira change.” He provided preserving a 100 naira note.
“Sir, this is a hundred naira and the fee of what you send me is 900 naira all together.” I replied with a shaky voice.
“If they born you nicely don’t buy all those things I send you.” He roared loudly. I shivered in concern as sweat roll down from my head to my toes.

“What’re you nonetheless standing for? Get me what I sent you.” He barked.
“Leo, please stop screaming, it is harmful to your health.” The woman senior cautioned.
“Thank you my love, this idiot is really sickening me.” Senor Leo (the male senior name) replied with an ugly face.
“You too, go and get what he despatched you now, what are you nonetheless standing for?” The lady senior also concurred to Leo unpleasant assignment.
“Is higher you kill me than for me to…” I later voiced out after a moment of dumbstruck but unfinished.
“Then you will have to die.” Senior Leo barged in. Senior Leo moved nearer to me, he was wearing a depraved and mean face and he was unhooking his belt at a time. I didn’t cross an inch because I have made up my mind to take delivery of the punishment than to smash the faculty rule. Senior Leo succeeded in unhooking his belt and he nownhas the lengthy belt on his proper hand, he fold the belt into two and He moved an inch nearer to me. I stay at a spot motionlessly. He raised the belt up and he unleashed a lash on my head.
“Aaaarrrrhhh…” I groaned in pain moving back. He raised the belt up once more and was about unleashing the second lash when an earsplitting and deafening voice could be heard from a distance.
“Hey!” The voice screamed from a distance and I turned again to seem at my savior behold it was
“What’s going on there?” He requested courageously.
“Are you asking me?” Senior Leo asked serenely.
“What if am asking you? Beside I am not asking you, please, nice female (the female senior), why is he beating this innocent-looking guy?” Daniel asked facing the girl. But, the lady senior only stood up from the place she sat and moved closer to Daniel, she raised her hand up in the air and unleashed a thunderous slap on Daniel cheek. Daniel staggered backward, but trust me, Daniel never caary last. He hastily turn to the female senior and he unleashed four deafening and boisterous slaps on each her cheeks with his hands. The slaps sounded like the claps of loud thunders. I sluggishly turned to seem at the female senior and I could see her in tears, her face grew to be pink instead of yellow. Her beauty faded instantly. I don’t understand how I broke into laughter. Daniel looked at me and he also smile.
“You slapped her?” Senior Leo yelled loudly.
“If you go closer to me, I won’t hesitate to give you your own shares.” Daniel replied to Senior Leo obvious question.
“What nonsense!” Senior Leo screamed as he charged at Daniel. Daniel stood at a spot without blinking his eyes. He constant his gaze at Senior Leo. Senior Leo showed his fist and unleashed it in the air. Behold Daniel correctly dodged his aimed blow. Senior Leo fall on the ground as Daniel burst into laughter. Senior Leo was really embarrassed, he get back on his feet and strive his luck once more and Daniel succeeded in dodging his fist however this time Daniel unleashed his own blow which landed on his jaw. Daniel moved closer to him and unleashed another blow on his nostril and blood ought to be seen coming out from his pointed nose. ‘Next time, you won’t choose humans through their size. You’ll judge people with their strength.’
Daniel stated not that audible. Senior Leo as been defeated and he was sitting on the ground motionlessly with his female sitting subsequent to him. Daniel moved nearer to me and he helped me up.
“Let's go.” Daniel commanded dusting my material for me.
“Let me give him his money.” I retorted.
“Which cash is that?” Daniel requested serenely.
“The cash he used to send me a message.” I replied.
“Where is the money?” Daniel asked forcing a smile and I passed over the money to him without knowing his intention. Daniel griped my hand and he walked directly to the meals vendor.
“Daniel… no he owned the money.” I tried to plead to Daniel. But he flip deaf ear to all my nags.
We obtained to the meals supplier and Daniel order for fifty naira rice with twenty naira meat and a sachet of water and he was served by way of the food vendor.
“Won’t you eat?” Daniel requested looking at me with a mouthful of rice.
I sluggishly pick up a spoon and I sat down facing him. I dipped the spoon in the rice and I also eat from it. The rice was a scrumptious one and we ate the rice in a jiffy. We share the pure water and Daniel additionally used the last twenty naira to purchase backyard eggs and we ate as we are heading to the class.
“What absolutely take place between you and that idiot?” Daniel wondered consuming his personal garden egg.
I defined the whole thing to him and he was really angry. He wished he could go and get him one more time and teach him other lesson on his life.
“All this is because you’re too dull.” Daniel voiced out with an indignant seem to be on his face.
“But, he is my sen…” I tried to hold however he
barged in.
“Senior my foot, if any senior try any rubbish with me in this school, I won’t hesitate to spoil the school rule… we juniors can’t be cheat, all because they are our senior and they have extreme authority over us.” Daniel explained looking at the other direction.
“Thank you for coming to my rescue, if not for you perhaps he will nonetheless be beating me by way of now.” I appreciated jokingly and Daniel smile.
“Where are you going when you noticed me?” I
asked smiling.
“Actually, I was coming to meet you in the library.” He replied.
“Library? Why?” I requested in disbelief because Daniel has pledge not to come to the library. He already has a foe in the library on his first day in C.H.S.
“Can you agree with Princess and Cynthia fights each other because of you?” Daniel broke down the latest.
“What? But why?” I requested in disbelief.