All for Love-Episode 8

I replied but unfinished. The senior raised his hand up excessive in the air as he landed a thunderous slap on my cheek......

All for Love-Episode 8

Episode 8


“I love this topic… so fascinating and understanding.” Daniel expressed happily.
“Please, can we be doing this kind of tutorial when we are much less busy?” Daniel pleaded smiling.
“Sure, I would also love that.” I responded affirmatively.
“Thank you so a lot Ola… I love you.” Cynthia stated smiling and sincerely.
“Love?” Daniel, Princess and I exclaimed in unison.

“Love? Did I say that?” Cynthia questioned in disbelief.
“I sense some thing o, make una dey play love love game o like that o, congrat my guy, Cynthia don talk her mind.” Daniel said jokingly.
“Hmm!” Princess sighs looking at Cynthia gloomily.
“What is ‘hmm’ for this matter? It worries you?” Daniel asked directing his declaration to Princess.
“I beg your pardon.” Princess shouted.
“We be aware of your type… omo booty for Government school.” Daniel concluded and hissed. All this whilst I opened my mouth in agape by way of Cynthia's statement, I was once just speechless and dumbstruck. It looks was talent washed but I regained lower back my consciousness when Daniel and Princess are exchanging phrases of abuses.
“Daniel, please quit this… you are too troublesome.” I suggested with a frown face.
“Na you sabi, that is how person go dey tell you, you too mild attempt to emulate me small.” Daniel answered in pidgin.

“Cynthia, what do you suggest through your statement?” I asked not that audible with a frown face.
“I don’t imply my statement, and I don’t imply anything, I was too excited with the aid of the subject matter you taught me, it used to be just a mistake.” Cynthia answered looking at another direction.
“Okay.” I concluded faking a smile. I packed my book internal my polythene bag and picked up my jotter and I left the class for the library.

On my way to the library, I ran into the senior that beat me on my first day in the school.
“Hey! You come here.” He barked from a distance. I appeared at his path and I noticed that he has his hand round the waist of the female sitting with him.
“This school is corrupt… seem at a prefect, some body that consider to be a role model to others, he was the one doing rubbish with a fellow student… a position model indeed.” I idea as I sluggishly stroll to their direction.
“Can you walk fast? You idiot!” He blasted from a distant and I improved my pace.
“Good morning seniors.” I greeted bending down as a signal of respect.
“Why are you strolling sluggishly before?” He asked going through me.
“I’m sorry sir… I have a pressure on my leg.” I lied.
“That is none of my business.” He rebutted and turned to the lady prefect.

I stood at a spot motionless; the senior used to be busy talking with his girl. And that idiot was also laughing to his boring talk.
“Sir, I am here.” I call to his word after standing for like 5 minutes with him giving me any
“Am I blind? You fool.” He paused.
“Stay there and don’t pass an inch else I will skin you alive.” He commanded smiling to his girl.
“Tonight have to be a thriller one; I promise I would go eight round on you.” The senior stated directing his assertion to his girl.
“Like seriously?” She requested with large smile all over her face.
“Eight rounds? Is he a sprinter? Beside the least sprint a sprinter can go is 500 metre and that’s 5 rounds… how is 800 metre possible? No…
no… he said tonight…” I idea looking at the ground.
“Sprinters don’t run at night, I sense his eight rounds mean some thing else.” I thought.
“I bet you won’t win this time around, you know you win the last time, however this time round I am triumphing all.” The girl senior boasted.
“Let wait and see.” The male senior concluded.
“Sir… is there a race in the college due to the fact I am also a runner.” I asked directing my declaration to the male senior.
“What do you mean?” He asked puzzled.
“You said eight rounds and…” I replied but unfinished. The senior raised his hand up excessive in the air as he landed a thunderous slap on my cheek (you recognize those sort of slap that will make you to be seeing stars when received).
“Aaaarrhhhh!” I groaned in ache maintaining the slapped cheek.
“See this idiot o, so you have been listening to our dialog all this while. So stupid of you, I will teach you a lesson this day but earlier than that let me send you a message. I am very hungry… hmmm…” He blasted and paused.
“Go to the food vendor; buy me rice 300 naira with meat 200 naira. Hmmm (thinking)… buy two nutri milk drink that is one hundred fifty naira each and two water melon, that consider to be 100.” He paused smiling at me.
“Sir, money … the cost is 900 naira all together.” I uttered conserving my cheek in pain.
“Take this cash and bring the change.” He supplied maintaining a one hundred naira note.
“Sir, this is a hundred naira and the cost of what you send me is 900 naira all together.” I answered with a shaky voice.
“If they born you properly don’t purchase all those matters I send you.” He roared loudly. I shivered in fear as sweat roll down from my head to my toes.