All for Love-Episode 4

“Nothing (smile)… can I know you more?” She replied as she gave out a fantastic smile. “Okay… (clear throat), I am Olamilekan Jeff…” I paused unwillingly.

All for Love-Episode 4

Episode 4


“My first day in C.H.S was partly enjoyable and partly boring, the instructors only got here into the class to brought themselves and their subjects, the day was exciting because I was doing the answers to the teacher’s questions and that had made me greater famous and known by the teacher. The bell was rang for closing time, I picked up my polythene bag and hurried to the bus stop, I entered the bus solely to locate out that I was sitting subsequent to the give I mistakenly decanted her food previously that day… “Hello scholar.” She greeted smiling. “Hi.” I spoke back faking a smile. 
“Where are you heading to?” She asked as she
moved closer to me.
“Home, of course.” I spoke back feeling
“Oh, I am additionally going home. But where are you living?” She asked smiling.
“Starlab Road.” I answered smiling.
“Oh! I additionally stay there.” She spoke back surprisingly.
“Really?” I requested in disbelief.
“Yes..”She answered gladly.
“Make una pay your money, no change o, I tell
you before you enter o.” The conductor
announced with some sort of gruff and heavy
voice which I bet is due to smoking.
“Can I pay your transport fare?” I asked facing
“Sure, it’s your duty.” She replied jovially.
“My duty?” I asked confusingly.
“Just pay.” She replied as she hit me playfully
and I paid the transport fare of the each of us.
“Scholar, can I recognize you extra than this?” She
requested with a humorless impact showing
on her face.
“Sure.. but can I request for two matters from
you?” I wondered smiling.
“Okay, hope it is some thing I in shape give?” She
replied showing some form of puerile characters
and movements.
“Dirty mind.” I notion as I gave out a forcefully
“Can you please quit addressing me as
‘scholar’?” I requested dealing with her.
“No…” She responded laughing.
“But why? it is some thing you have and you can
grant me.” I riposted immediately.
“Because you are indeed a scholar, don’t you
know these women in the type are already eyeing
you?” She answered staring  eyes in eyes with me.
“Oh God!” I exclaimed unhappily.
“Your 2nd request?” She asked smiling.
“I’m sorry for what ha…” I tried to beg however she
restrained me from coming down with my
“Sssshhh… neglect that please.” She paused. I
could notice the change in her temper instantly.
“What’s wrong?” I asked astonishingly.
“Nothing (smile)… can I know you more?” She
replied as she gave out a fantastic smile.
“Okay… (clear throat), I am Olamilekan Jeff…” I
paused unwillingly.
“Oh, so you’re my father’s namesake.” She
“I am Jeff Cynthia.” She replied smiling.
“Oh! Nice knowing that.” I replied jollily.
“You welcome.” She paused.
“Less I forget, what about your friend? He is not
in the bus, or he is not living…” Cynthia
pragmatic but I barged into her statement.
“We live in the identical street; he is even my
neighbor…” I paused.
“But why is he not here?” Cynthia asked
“He has to branch at his mother’s shop, else, that ability there is no Lunch for him this afternoon. I consider to wait for him but he is a sort of a torpid guy, beside, he has a crush for a girl round that vicinity, I wager he is staying will have to continue to be with his mom until evening because of his crush.” I concluded and I could see that Cynthia is sincerely engrossed via my speech.
“Okay, that’s not bad; it is simply that I hate that guy at first sight.” She blasted showing some sort of disgusting face. “Then you have to hate me too.” I darned.
“No o… ok I will like him later.” She replied.
“This lady is humorous o, you will like any individual later.”
I answered smiling.
“What about your girlfriend or let me put it in
plural form, ‘your girlfriends’?” She asked

“Hmmm… hmmm.” A commuter mewed.
“Weldone o.” The commuter sitting subsequent to us
greeted in parable.
“Oga, una no tell me say person we don carry
two love chicken for this bus…” The Conductor
uttered jokingly.
“Audu, can you please shut that gutter you call a mouth, leave them alone. Don’t you understand that was how I met my spouse inside a bus, so some thing can take place they are now massive boy and girl.” The driver suggested Audu but the complete bus was rented with laughter at the concluding phase of the driver’s statement. I was speechless and dumbstruck, I seemed at Cynthia; our eyes collided, she smile and appear at any other direction.
“Driver, I am dropping at the closing bus-stop.” I
broadcasted loudly.
We got to the last bus-stop and we all alighted from the bus, I seem around the vicinity and it appears there is light.
“Cynthia, I have to go now, it looks there is
light.” I uttered dealing with Cynthia. 
“Okay, where is your house?” Cynthia questioned. “You can’t understand my house it is a bit a ways and it is surely hard to portray.” I spoke back faking a smile. “Okay, no problem, because you don’t choose me to comprehend your house.” Cynthia answered with a frown face.
“Not like that, it is simply that…” I tried to defend
but she barged in.
“Yeeee! I’m end today, my uncle.” She
expressed serenely.
“I seemed at the direction she was staring  and I saw a hefty man in armless and a three-quarter jean, he was strolling in the direction of us.
“Go!” Cynthia barked.
“No I’m not leaving, let me greet him?” I riposted
“No… just go, I recognize what I’m saying, please
leave.” She begged wailing.
“Cynthia!” I exclaimed highly when I saw
that she is in tears.
“Cynthia, what are you doing here?” Cynthia's uncle barked with a heavy and deep voice.
“G..oo..d a..f.f..f….” She stammered looking
“What are you doing here?” He roared. I staggered backward on listening to his loud gruffly
“Good afternoon sir.” I greeted kneeling down.
“How’re you?” Cynthia’s uncle responded
“I’m great sir.” I replied smiling.
“What’re you doing right here with her?” He asked facing me.
“Sir, she’s my classmate and we boarded a bus together, we simply alight from the bus and I was about taking my leave when she told me that you’re coming here…” I spoke back boldly and confidently.
“Thank you, Cynthia meet me at home.” Her uncle commanded and left.
“Okay sir.” Cynthia replied smiling.
“Ola… you actually save me today, I own you a lot, thanks, let me take my depart earlier than he exchange his mind.” Cynthia concluded and took to her heel eastwardly. 
Cynthia looks to be terrible at first sight however she is indeed a friend. She is funny, jovial, lively and vivacious. She is very lovely and pretty; the prettiest in my class, she is a gem, a rare gem of its kind. She is light in complexion, she has a rounded face and pointed nose, and her huge eyebrow is some thing to be talk about, they gave her face a beautiful and appealing look.
“Ola! Ola!!” A faint, velvet voice called from behind. I grew to become returned only to discover out the caller
was… Guess who!…