All for Love-Episode 15

“Jesus…” Daniel exclaimed surprisingly. The protest was turning into mad. The college students have been breaking the windscreens of the teacher’s motors with woods and irons.

All for Love-Episode 15

Episode 15


“Expel my foot…” A voice uttered loudly and the principal  opened his mouth in agape.
“Who’s that idiot?” Mr. Chorus barked loudly however not even a phrase could be heard from anyone.
“Are you deaf? I said who made such utterance?” Mr. Chorus barked angrily but we all adamant to be mute.
“All of you get on your knees.” Mr. Chorus paused and we obey his command.
“Where’s Mr. Anume?” Mr. Chorus barked at a female English trainer who was standing at the back of him.
“I don’t comprehend his whereabout, however he left the meeting shortly.” The lady English teacher spoke back looking non-challant.
“Since you can’t fetch out the individual that made the rude utterance, all of you will be punished.”
Mr. Chorus threatened however all the kneeling college students exclaimed and we remain adamant to keep mute.
“You, go and get your bag and go away from the school. You’re expelled!” Mr. Chorus concluded directing his statement to Daniel. Daniel obtained on his toes and looked at Mr. Chorus unhappily.
“What’re you still waiting for?” Mr. Chorus yelled at Daniel but unfinished.
“I will leave your school, however I simply want you to recognize that your son doom is near and his future is dim…” Daniel stated whispering but unfinished as Mr. Chorus landed a thunderous slap on his cheek.
“You can solely exercise and expel me from this school, but that doesn’t tamper with my future because it is certainly vibrant and gorgeous not like your dimed future son.” Daniel paused with sorrowful impact glowing on his face.
“What audacity do you have…?” Mr. Chorus barked but unfinished.
“Oh no… however this won’t cease me from doing the proper thing, it won’t quit me from dwelling the lifestyles I love, it won’t stop me from doing what is right, it won’t give up me from rebelling against injustice.” Daniel whispered standing before Mr. Chorus boldly.
“What nonsense, am I not old adequate to be your father?” He paused
“Surely, you’re old enough to be my father, but my father doesn’t behave as silly as you do.”
Daniel answered courageously and Daniel walked away from the assembly ground..
“And you are standing there looking like fools. Idiots (directing his statements to the instructors and prefects) what are you standing for? Won’t you get him?” He barked loudly and stridently.
“Daniel! Daniel!!” I called as I run after Daniel who was on foot towards the classroom.
“Ola, don’t worry, I am alright.” Daniel responded with swollen eyes.
“Daniel, please don’t go.” I pleaded with tears dropping from my eyes.
“Daniel!” Princess called loudly however dumbstruck.
“Princess!” Daniel also called barring  uttering some other word.
“Daniel!” Cynthia additionally called from behind.
“No you can’t expel him from school.” Behold a protest have started out on the assembly ground.
“Shut your mouths, prefects, where are you?” Mr. Chorus barked but the prefects were nowhere to be found.
“Daniel, don’t fear the whole lot will be alright… you won’t be expel from this school, my father will do some thing about it.” Princess certain with a sorrowful face.
“Your father? How can he be of help? Beside how does this concern him?” Cynthia requested puzzled.
“My father is the P.T.A chairman of this school…” Princess paused.
“And he is the C.E.O of Goldnet Groups of Company.” Princess concluded smiling.
“Goldnet Groups of Company?” Cynthia and I requested surprisingly.
“Yes, so Daniel, you got nothing to fear about.” Princess concluded smiling.
“Goldnet Groups of Company, isn’t that the biggest company in this state?” I requested doubtfully.
“Yes, it is…” Princess responded but unfinished.
“Jesus…” Daniel exclaimed surprisingly. The protest was turning into mad. The college students have been breaking the windscreens of the teacher’s motors with woods and irons. Car’s tyres went flats as if that was not enough the protesting students commenced throwing stones at the teachers. The instructors which includes the principals don’t recognize what to do again, they were simply stressed and befuddled, and they had no choice than to run for their dear life and beg their offices for hideouts and asylum.

“What’re we going to do now?” Mr. Chorus requested directing his statement to the Vice Principal of administrating.
“I am equally confused… and I told you to do some thing about this Leo of a boy, you see what he has caused?” Mrs. Benita; the V.P Admin voiced out softly.
“What can I do? He is my son and my only son for that matter.” Mr. Chorus answered sweating.
“You ought to have relocated him to abroad.” Mrs. Benita answered.
“I tried my first-rate to persuade him to go and finish his schooling overseas however he refused bluntly.” Mr. Chorus replied. “But you recognize he is wrong on this matter, why don’t you judge fairly?” Mrs. Benita requested furiously.
“Oh no, have you forgotten his conditions?” Mr. Chorus asked bemused.
“Oh, that’s proper and I recognize that is the motive why he is misbehaving. Haven’t he caught us having something together, I am positive today Wednesday won’t have be a land of commotion all because of that idiot.” mrs. Benita uttered sorrowfully.
“Hmmm…” Mr. Chorus sighted.