All for Love-Episode 14

“Sir, he is lying, he toasted me and I abused him that he has no shame and he landed a thunderous slap on my cheek.” Princess suggested with tears in her eyes.

All for Love-Episode 14

Episode 14


“You fool!” Senior Leo barked angrily as he raised his hand up in the air and he landed a thunderous slap on Daniel cheek. Daniel staggered a bit, but have confidence in me, Daniel gave him a befitting head-butt and blood ought to be considered coming out of Senior Leo’s nose. Some male senior students intervene and they tried to rough deal with Daniel but the SS1 and SS2 college students additionally intervene and it was an interesting battle in the school premises.
“What’s going on there?” Mr. Anume; the school disciplinarian barked from a distance walking towards the scene and the college field was as abandoned as a graveyard leaving only Senior Leo, Princess, Daniel and I behind.
“What’s going on here?” Mr. Anume asked withnsome sort of husky voice.
“Sir…” Senior Leo tried to talk however he was restrained from doing so through Mr. Anume.
“Follow me to the staffroom.” Mr. Anume commanded as he led the way to the personnel room and we stroll at the back of him.
“I will instruct you a lesson today.” Senior Leo whispered into Daniel’s hear.

We acquired to the staffroom and Senior Leo requested us to kneel down and we did as instructed.
“Bring me a chair.” Mr. Anume commanded a junior pupil who was roaming about.
“Here is it sir.” The junior student got here returned with a chair and he tried to use his face handkerchief to clean the chair for Mr. Anume.
“Stop been a fool, get a rag and use it to smooth the chair for me and don’t use your handkerchief.” Mr. Anume commanded and cautioned the junior student.
“I’m sorry sir.” The junior begged shivering as he headed to the personnel room to get a rag and he cleaned the chair for Mr. Anume and he left for the field.
“Ehn… ehn… am all hears.” Mr. Anume said directing his announcement to Senior Leo.
“Sir, I assigned this woman to carry out a venture however she failed the assignment.” Senior Leo began.
“Assignment? What type of undertaking is that?” Mr. Anume asked puzzled.
“Sir, he…” Daniel tried to talk but he was restrained with the aid of Mr. Anume.
Did I ask you to speak street fighter?” Mr. Anume said as he adjusted his medicated glass.
“Sir, ehmm, the assignment….” Senior Leo stammered not  knowing what to say.
“Stop beating around the bush, and go straight to the point.” Mr. Anume recommended sensing some thing fishy.
“Ehmmm, I requested her to fetch a bucket of water the day gone by and she bluntly refused and she ran away.” Senior Leo lied and we all exclaimed loudly.
“You despatched her on an errand not  an assignment.” Mr. Anume corrected.
“Sir…” Daniel tried to talk again however he was more restrained by way of Mr. Anume.
“I said shut up.” Mr. Anume barked at Daniel who was becoming impatient with Senior Leo’s lies.
“What’s your name?” Mr. Anume requested pointing his index finger at Princess.
“Afolabi Princess Sir” Princess replied.
“Is it proper that your senior sent you a message and you refused to execute his message?” Mr. Anume asked going through Princess.
“Sir, he is lying, he toasted me and I abused him that he has no shame and he landed a thunderous slap on my cheek.” Princess suggested with tears in her eyes.
“Toast? Hmmm, I understand.” Mr. Anume expressed smiling.
“What about this boy?” Mr. Anume paused.
“What’s his function in this matter?” Mr. Anume requested dealing with Princess.
“He got here to my rescue and that lead to a fight.” Princess explained sorrowfully.
“What about him?” Mr. Anume asked pointing to me.
“He is Daniel’s friend (pointing to me) and he is also my class captain.” Princess replied.
“What do you have to say?” Mr. Anume requested directing his statement to Daniel.
“Sir, this fool (referring to Senior Leo)…” He barked loudly.
“Will you shut up or I shut it for you? You’re addressing your senior as an idiot, what nonsense.” Mr. Anume yelled loudly. “I’m sorry sir…” Daniel begged.
“What’s going on here?” Behold it was Mr. Chorus; the Principal. He wore a Nigeria Jersey for adults and also a white sport shoe.
“Good morning sir.” Mr. Anume greeted on his feet.
“Ah! Ah!! Leo what are you doing on your knees?”
Mr. Chorus asked in disbelief.
“Sir, I was attempting to get something earlier than you came… there was a battle in the college beforehand this morning and right here are the most important casts of the fight.” Mr. Anume reported to the principal.
“What? Leo involved himself in a fight?” Mr. Chorus asked in disbelief.
“Leo informed me that he despatched this girl (princess) on an errand and she refuse to go and she ran away, he said that he noticed her this day and that made him to slap her in view that her mouth was watering of abuses.” Mr. Anume paused.
“And this girl also defended that Leo toasted her and she abused him that he got no shame and that made Leo to slap her.” Mr. Anume explained.
“This younger man (pointing to Daniel) started up a fight with Leo and he brutally injured Leo.” Mr. Anume defined literarily.
“What of this boy? Are you not the boy that scored 321 in your entrance exam?” Mr. Chorus asked directing his announcement to me.
“Yes sir, I am the one.” I responded looking down.
“So, you’re also amongst the fighters, right?” Mr. Chorus requested as he adjusted his medicated glass.
“No sir, he is a buddy to this boy (pointing to Daniel) and he is equally the class rep of his class.” Mr. Anume explained.
“Leo pronounced to me the day gone by that she sent this girl a message but she did not go.” Mr. Chorus paused.
“I instructed him to punish the lady each time he saw her.” He elucidated.
“Sir…” Mr. Anume tried to speak but Mr. Chorus continued.
“So, you have the audacity to combat with your senior, the senior prefect for that matter and you are even bold ample to rebellion in opposition to my sanction.” Mr. Chorus summarized smiling.
“Don’t you understand Leo is my biological son?” Mr. Chorus paused.
“Ehn!” Daniel and I exclaimed surprisingly.
“Please call the assembly, this boy has to be expelled from my school.” Mr. Chorus finalized and the timekeeper was commanded to ring the bell for the meeting and the assembly floor was stuffed with students.
“Good morning my students.” Mr. Chorus began.
“Good morning sir.” We all answered in chorus. Mr. Chorus explained how the complete incident took place false-fully but this doesn’t leave any student. Many college students has fall victim of Leo and his comrades, the girls have been sexually harassed and the boys were bullied and asked to do matters towards their wishes. Leo is the solely son of Mr. Chorus among his eight children. He showered him with love and care and he never let him lack anything he desired. He equally supports him in the entirety he wished and he worked his post as the senior prefect of the school because he was not that bright and wonderful for the post. What a father of a child!
“This fool went against the school policies and and he is consequently expelled from this college and he is no longer a scholar of this incredible school.” Mr. Chorus concluded and a faint and velvet voice could be heard in the midst of the students.
“Expel my foot…” A voice uttered loudly and the main opened his mouth in agape.