All for Love-Episode 13

“A secondary college undergraduate sleeping with a fellow mate and you name your self a function model…” Daniel uttered loudly and the whole witnesses exclaimed in disbelief.

All for Love-Episode 13

Episode 13


“Daniel, please let's go.” I begged Daniel and he looked at me dejectedly.
“Okay, my nigga don plead on behalf of you all, so let me simply depart you but… I won’t talk.” Daniel answered and he acquired on his feet. We left the class for the field, there we noticed Princess in her personalized activity wear. She was looking attractive and dazzling; she wore a jogger trouser and a lengthy sleeve shirt which her title was custom-made at the back of the shirt.
“Oh, my God… this female is so beautiful, I am falling for her.” A velvet voice uttered from behind.
“Ah!” Daniel and I exclaimed surprisingly. Behold it was Senior Leo.
“What is ‘hmmm’?” Senior Leo requested with some kind of husky voice.
“You’re falling for your junior, shame on you.” Daniel abused smiling.
“Will you shut your mouth?” Senior Leo barked with some class of husky voice.
“Shut my mouth for what? Is that not your antics?” Daniel riposted.
“Don’t push me! Don’t irritate my anger!” Senior Leo warned.
“You can do your worst for all I care.” Daniel riposted.
“Daniel, please stop.” I pleaded.

“Hi Ola.” Princess greeted with smile all over her face.
“Good morning Princess, how was your night?” I replied and questioned.
“Splendid, I was just dreaming about you all through.” She answered barring a second thought.
“Princess…” I called with my mouth opened in agape.
“Hmm… hmmm.” Senior Leo sighed.
“Princess, so I don’t deserve your greeting?” Daniel puzzled disappointedly.
“Good morning…” Princess greeted except looking  at Daniel.
“Hmmm… I go love o.” Daniel uttered jokingly.
“Silly you.” I answered and I hit Daniel playfully. Daniel whispered something into my ear and I accepted. Daniel and I left the discipline leaving Senior Leo and Princess on the field. We hide somewhere we can see the two. Princess may be seen smiling to Senior Leo talking.
“Ola, I think she is falling for him.” Daniel said to me.
“So how does that concern me?” I asked dealing with him.
“So you’re telling me that you don’t like that girl?” Daniel circuitously asked.
“I like her but…” I answered but unfinished.
“But what again? Since you love her, I can work things out for you.” Daniel riposted and assured.
“Daniel, I don’t suggest anything by saying, I like her, I solely like her as a classmate and buddy and that’s all.” I defended.
“Ola, look there.” Daniel called to my notice. Behold, Princess was keeping her left cheek from the thunderous slap she obtained from Senior Leo.
“Daniel, Senior Leo slapped her…” I replied but
“Senior Leo did what?” Daniel ask extraordinarily already on his feet.
“Daniel… wait, please don’t do whatever silly.” I tried to preserve on Daniel but he was already walking to the scene.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” Daniel requested looking at Senior Leo dejectedly.
Princess did not utter a word alternatively she pave  for greater tears from her eyes.
“He slapped her.” A junior pupil who witnessed the total incident pronounced to me.
“You slapped her?” Daniel requested surprisingly. He was absolutely enraged and hopping mad, his anger for Senior Leo aggravated and his power double-fold and activate. His eyes turned to pink and his anger ought to be observe on his face that is no more inviting. Daniel moved closer to Senior Leo who moved an inch backward. Daniel possibly difficult and niggling however he disliked fighting and he continually tried to avoid bother particularly fighting. Daniel was brave and courageous and he was recognised for that. He was equally outspoken and honest and he is open-minded particularly to me but he is equally secretive and enigmatic. Daniel hate seeing his love one punished unjustly and irrationally specifically ladies/girls. He will divert the whole issue on himself and he would deal with it professionally.


“I slapped her because her tongue run and she is too arrogant and disrespectful…” Senior Leo spoke back with a mean face.
“A senior scholar toasting his junior student, isn’t that ridiculous?” Daniel requested standing infront of Senior Leo courageously and audaciously.
“Ah!” The witnesses expressed surprisingly.
“What nonsense! If you don’t shut that gutter you call a mouth, I won’t hesitate to shut it for you.” Senior Leo threatened loudly.
“Then shut it for me.” Daniel barked loudly.
“Isn’t this nonsensical, witness?” Daniel said and paused.
“A secondary college undergraduate sleeping with a fellow mate and you name your self a function model…” Daniel uttered loudly and the whole witnesses exclaimed in disbelief.
“You fool!” Senior Leo barked angrily as he raised his hand up in the air and he landed a thunderous slap on Daniel cheek. Daniel staggered a bit, however have confidence me, Daniel gave him a befitting head-butt and blood could be seen coming out of Senior Leo’s nose. Some different senior college students intervene and they tried so hard to take care of Daniel but the SS1 and SS2 college students also intervene and it was an interesting battle in the faculty premises.
“What’s going on there?” Mr. Anume; the school disciplinarian barked from a distance walking closer to the scene and…