All for Love-Episode 12

“I am truely tired and I have to rest… please proceed dressing so that I can be looking at live porn.” Daniel responded sitting on his seat.

All for Love-Episode 12

Episode 12


“See you guys tomorrow.” Princess said and she walked away. She could be seen strolling toward a Venza. We couldn’t consider our eyes till the driver opened the back door for her and she entered the Venza 2016 model. She waved at us as the auto sped off.

“I stated it… that female was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, that is why she was swollen withnpride.” Daniel broke the uninvited silent.
“No surprise she is self-important.” Cynthia concluded.
“Please, it is getting late, let go into the bus.” I called to the observe of Cynthia and Daniel as we shamble into an unfilled bus.

We got into a bus and the bus sped off. Some minutes later, we came down from the bus at the bus-stop and we all headed to our different destinations. I got home with a rumbling stomach, Mama wasn’t at home however she left my food in the kitchen.
“Wow, my favorite!” I exclaimed happily with smile all over my face. Behold, it was potatoes porridge.
I meshed the delicious porridge there inside the kitchen and I drank a cup full of water and I heaved a heavy sigh of relief. The worms in my belly have stopped their protests and remonstrations. I put on my two years old jersey and ran out of the residence heading to the field. I stepped out only to discover Anita standing infront of our house.

“Ola, please I choose to see you.” Anita called from behind. She has been ready for me all this while.
“Oh Anita, how’re you?” I asked in a hurry.
“I’m great and you?” She requested.
“Fine…” I answered however unfinished.
“Olami (as she used to name me), please I am very sorry for what took place yesterday…” She pleaded however unfinished.
“It’s okay Anita, my mother also understand everything, so forget that, how’s school today?” I asked smiling.
“Fine, but irritating…” She responded looking  at me.
“Why?” I barged into her statement.
“An idiot informed me this day that he loves me and he would like us to be dating.” She responded laughing.
“So what’s your response?” I requested with smile all over my face.
“I instructed him I am not interested , that he need to discover his lover elsewhere.” Anita answered with demonstrations.
“Okay…” I replied.
“So, where are you heading to? Field I guess.” Anita responded smiling.
“Sure, I am going to the field.” I answered smiling.
“Okay, see you later Olami.” She answered and I waved her off.

(SAME DAY – 6:44PM) 
I got here back from the field, tired and hungry. I greeted Mama and she responded earnestly.
“Go and shower then come for your food.” Mama cautioned and I fetched myself a bucket of water from the drum and I took my bath. After eating, I went to bed tiredly and jadedly barring  checking my books.

(NEXT DAY – 7:23pm) 

I got to the college very early until now the subsequent day and the assembly hasn’t commenced, it was Wednesday and that was the sport day. Students came to school formerly and they are all in their sports activities wears. I was in my school uniform and I could see many students staring at me. I was heading to the classroom when a voice called from behind.
“You idiot, why are you in your school uniform?” Behold it was Senior Leo, he was retaining a lengthy rubber cane and he was additionally in his video games wear.
“Senior suitable morning…” I greeted boldly besides minding the cane he was holding.
“I don’t ask for your greeting, why are you in your school uniform rather of your recreation wears or jersey?” Senior Leo barked.
“I have my jersey here with me.” I replied and I show him the Real Madrid jersey internal my polythene bag.
“Oh… okay, you can go however you and your friend can’t get away from my wrath.” Senior Leo boasted.
“Thank you senior.” I answered and I walked without delay to the class room.

I got to the study room solely to locate some female college students in the classroom. They had been changing their dresses, I was about turning back so as to provide them privacy when Daniel held me via my arms.
“Where’re you going to?” Daniel requested disappointedly.
“Hmm… I was going to the relief station.” I lied.
“I understand… but let go into the class first.” Daniel answered smiling.
“Daniel, there are some ladies in the class and they are changing…” I tried to shield however unfinished.
“And so?” Daniel requested disappointedly.
“Let go jhor.” Daniel concluded and he dragged me into the class.

“Weldon o.” Daniel greeted the girls.
“Ah! Ah!!” The girls exclaimed surprisingly.
“Daniel, what’re you doing in the class?” A female asked.
“Are you asking me?” Daniel asked smiling.
“Don’t you see that we are changing?”Another
girl riposted.
“And so?” Daniel asked smiling.
“Please can you go away from the class for us? Let
finish with our dressing bef…” Another blasted loudly.
“I am truely tired and I have to rest… please proceed dressing so that I can be looking at live porn.” Daniel responded sitting on his seat.
“Daniel, please let's go.” I begged Daniel and he seemed at me dejectedly.
“Okay, my nigga don plead on behalf of you all, so let me simply depart you but… I won’t talk.” Daniel responded and he got on his feet. We left the class for the area there I noticed Princess in her designed activity wear. She was looking  gorgeous and dazzling; she was in a lengthy trouser and a long sleeve shirt which her name was custom-made at the back of the shirt.
“Oh, my God… this female is so beautiful, I am falling for her… (GUESS THE SPEAKER)